ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 28 ਸਤੰਬਰ 2018
You laugh you lose try not to laugh challenge meme edition
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  • ピューディパイサイコー

  • Вы тоже видите эту надпись на толстовке?

  • Its because the first captain marvel was called Mar Vel

  • I lost.

  • Captain marvel was the name of the DC super hero Shazam until in the 1970 or so marvel suede DC for use of the name, won and marvel decided to use that name for a new super hero

  • ITS 2019 GO COLLAB

  • Kizuna ai muito kawaii 😍😍😍 eu assisto ela

  • まだ見てる人✋🏽

  • Kok judulnya bahasa indonesia

  • PewDiePIe, guess what, i am playing your game called PewDiePie tuber simulator and its super fun, i play it 1-4 hours a day, i like the puggle game on it, its too much fun

  • Just some info... Captain Marvel was made before Marvel, hence the name

  • If u wanna sound like Anomaly just end every sentence af if you were asking a question

  • I aint

  • I tried so hard to find a hate comment to dislike but I found nothing we're doing it bois pewdiepie has won

  • Dr.Felix saving lives

  • Why people look youre chanel?

  • for fellow peoples who just came for Kizuna: 7:01

  • 3:26 EPIC!!!

  • *Irish green person* ;-; I'm Irish...

  • Because she wanted a similar name to captain marveal

  • we have found out the secret the government was hiding from us, Donald J. Trump is secretly a FRICKING CAT

  • Go to 2:49 😂😂

  • 9:25

  • 1:23 Ngambil duit kalian banyak, karna saya rakus kaya lutung. Njirr awokkwokokokwok

  • キズナアイでてるの面白い☺

  • Sawed Kizune AI I clicked Wait I have a phone tho....

  • Anime÷life =outbreak company Cupid chocolates Attack on titan

  • I watched the ending like 10 times and I can’t stop.

  • Ini asli apa ga sih, kok judulnya bahasanya indo human

  • I have a cousin named Marvel!Don`t insult my cousin again!

  • 4:45

  • I never expected Kizuna AI

  • Marvel is a word meaning marvelous also known as incredible

  • Dreams come true: you love anime and now anime loves you back. Забавная толстовка, за это даже немного забывается старый стёб над русскими чудаками. Трамп всегда творит какую-то ебанину, это уже даже не смешно

  • Ha ha ha

  • Because they need more female charecters

  • Why... Has it never clicked in my head that DC and Marvel both have a Captain Marvel before now? I didn't realise I was that slow. I disappoint myself

  • She wasn't looking for the bus stop...she was gonna try to rob the joint.

  • What does ur hoodie say?

  • Your a meme

  • Dear pewdiepie atta halilintar is king youtube in indonesian but you really king of youtube

  • Elon Musk created Kizuna AI

  • Captain marvel was origanaly dcs

  • i love your channel pewdiepie

  • Wow Serbia xD English: Try not to laugh Serbia: Pokusaj da se ne nasmejes

  • Wering headphone was a bad idea

  • I lost at 00:01 lmao.

  • Is this not the same pewdiepie from his latest dr.phil video with goose Wayne wth

  • I lost it at 3:22. Lol 😂

  • make dont laugh you loose

  • 3:32 what game is that?

  • Pewds, here's a new show for you: TNTL, that means Try not to laugh. It's completely original from your other shows😂

  • I miss the days he end his videos like this

  • F

  • Everyone needs to screenshot 8:51 and send it to the sub reddit

  • Kizuna is just to precious for this world! We don't deserve someone so nice.

  • Please be my dad

  • 2019

  • I LOVE Mr.PewDiePie

  • Wow

  • The intro has a kaching bcos YLYL videos are dem moneymakers. *if monetized*

  • New hair !?!?!?!?!?!?

  • :-*:'(:-\:-*:-\:-*:-\:-*:-\:-*:-\:-*:-\:-*:-\:-*:-*:-*:-*:-\:-\:-*:-!;-):-!;-):-|;-)(TT);-):'(;-):-D:'(:-D:-!:-D:-!:-\;-);-)(TT)=_=:-P:-!:O:-!:O:-\:-P:-P:-\:-D:-D:-D:-!:🍏🍒🍐🍓🍖🥖🍕🥨🍖🍕🥨🍖🥖🥨🍖🥨🍖🥨🍖🥨🍖🥨🌭🥦🍕🥦🍕🥨🌰🌭🥖🌭🥐🍕🥖🧀🥨🥜🍔🌰🥦🥦🍕🥨🍕🥨🧀🥨🥒🧀🧀🥨🧀🥖🧀🥨🧀🍕🥖🍕🥖🧀🥨🧀🥨🍕🍕🥨🍕🥨🧀🥨🧀🥨🧀🥨🧀🥨🧀🥨🥜🥨🥜🥦🍖🥒🍖🥖🍖🥖🍖🥖🍖🍖🥖🥖🍖🍖🥖🌭🥦🌭🥨🍕🥦🍕🥦🍕🥨🥦🌭🌭🥦🌭🥨🍕🥖🍕🥖🍕🥨🍕🥨🍕🥨🍕🥨🍕🥖🍕🍕🥖🍕🥖🍕🥖🍕🍕🥖🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🚰🎼;-)=_=;-);-);-);-);-);-)=_=;-)=_=;-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT);-)(TT):-*(TT):-*(TT):-*(TT):-*(TT):-*(TT):-*(TT):-*(TT):-*(TT):-*:-\:-*:-\:-*:-\:-*:-\:-*🎷🔕🎶🔕🎶🔕🎷🎷🔔🎷🔔🎙️🔮🎰🔮🎰🔮🔮🎰🔮🕹️🎾🏈🎾🏈🎳🏈🏈🥋🥊🏈🏏🏈🏑🏏🎰🔮🎲🔮🎋🎏🎋🎏🎋🎏🎋🎏🎋🎏🎋🎫🎋🎫🎫🎍🎍🎫🌊🕦🔔🎰🎰🥊🎰🥊🥋🎰🥋🥊🎲🙂😉😍😉😍😙🤗😙😍😉😍😉😉😍😍😊😎😚😚😎😊🙂😂🙂😁😄😁😅😆😍😉😚🤗🙂😚😊😉😍😐🙄😐😪🤤😥🤤😮😒😣🤒🤓🤮🤕😡😠😳🤓😳🤓😸😸😿😼😺👾😸👾☠️👾💀🤡🤡😿😸👾👻👾👻👾😸👾👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸😸👾😸👾😸👾😸😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸😸👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾😼😾👾😾👾😾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾😼😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😾😼😾😼😾😼😾😾👾😾👾😾👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸👾😸😸👾😸😼🤡👻👻👩‍⚕️🙊👧👩‍⚕️👩👧👩‍⚕️🧓👩‍🔧👵👩‍🌾👧🧓👵🙊🧓👩‍⚕️👵👩‍🌾👧🧓🙊👧👩‍⚕️👩👩‍🔧👩‍🌾👵👩‍🌾👩‍⚕️🙊👩‍🏭👩‍⚖️👩‍🏭👩‍🌾👵👩👩‍🎓👩👰🧔🤴🧔👩‍🚀👩‍💻👸🕵️👰👰🧕🤵🧔🤴💂👸👩‍💻👸👩‍💻👸👩‍🎤👸👩‍🎤💂🤴🤴💂🤴💂👸💂👸💂👸💂👸👸👸🕵️👸🕵️👸🕵️🤴🧕👰🧕👰🧕👰🧝🙎🤷🧝🤷🤷🧝🤷💁🤦🧝🤷👩👩‍🏭👩👩👩‍🏭👩‍🏭👩👩‍🏭👩👾😿👾😿👾😿😽😿😽😾😾👽🙈😹👾☠️🤡👻👾👻👻👻👿👻👿👻👻🤡🤡😸👹😸👹😸👺☠️🤡☠️🤡😸👾👾😺😺👾☠️👾☠️🤖😿👾😿😸👾☠️🤡😾👾👻😹👩‍🔧🧓👵🧓👾🤒🤮🤮🤒🤮🤒😡🤒😠😳🤬😇🤠🤓🤥🤓🤫🤓🧐🤕🤮🤕🤮😳😠🤬😷🤓🤥🤓🤥🤧🤒😸👾😾😾👾😿👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👾😾👩‍🚀👩‍🚀🕵️👩‍💻👩‍🚒👰🕵️👸🧔👸🧔👰💂🧔👰🧔👰🧔👰👰💂🧘🗣️🗣️🧘🗣️🧘🗣️🗣️🧘🗣️🛀🗣️🛀

  • Can you do an iPhone giveaway

  • Lol this vid was posted on my bday and I missed it

  • 0:53 i clicked that skip ad button thinking this was my ad

  • Nenene momoko nenene momomo4

  • Pewds do a collab with anomaly

  • pewdiepie and fat pewdiepie should make a collab


  • She's called Captain Marvel after her mentor Captain Mar-Vell who died to save her. She used to be called Ms. Marvel, you know, after the adjective. Marvel: One that evokes astonishment, surprise, admiration or wonder. Just like someone would say "Im marvelling in the fact that PewDiePie is posting today."

  • "If your new to this channel" let's be honest. Everyone on the planet has seen one of his videos.

  • Me: mom where's the bus stop? Mom: THE CEILING

  • 8:35 open english punto com v:

  • Kiuna's English is perfect))

  • subscribe to awesome alexfc

  • I have found a Landryry name fuck I spet that wrong BUT a nice name for the new avenger is sksksksks

  • Pewdiepay

  • She’s named Captain Marvel after her lover Mar-vell who died in a space war lmaooo

  • Is this the bus stop 🤔🕵️‍♀️

  • I think the same about capitan Marvel!

  • 👏Kizuna👏AI👏Collab

  • ANOMALY!!!!

  • Kizuna AI for 👏Meme 👏Review!! This is the way to beat T-series.

  • Я один ищю русские комментарии

  • I’ve been telling muh buddies, “come on guys, just subscribe already, he’s a totes new guy with a totes new show” but nobody wood listen :( verr sad. Plz brad 1 or 2. Help mi message get out for the sake of my villag- pewds followers. Wold be ver nice

  • Hahahahahaha

  • Transgender series

  • Go pewdie

  • I looked up shaggy Scooby-Doo live action and the first pic was pewds

  • Why does it have to be on Friday man cm do it just one time on Thursday at 6 o'clock for the biggest fan of yours

  • At least Captain Marvel isnt Squirel Girl

  • just turn the subtitle on

  • 왜 한국자막은 없지ㅠㅠ

  • Air pods

  • I didn’t laugh at the videos. I laughed at Pewds buss stop in the ceiling comment.

  • 5:57 becouse she was given her powers from kree soldier named Mar-Vell and he was a Captain

  • ШакДоналдс


  • scooby got waves