Twitter Factory of BJP: Caught Red Handed! | Dhruv Rathee and Pratik Sinha

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 10 ਮਾਰਚ 2019
With the Elections 2019 just around the corner, let us look into how people's minds are being brainwashed by Twitter Factories. Pratik Sinha from Alt News caught the Twitter Factory of BJP red handed recently. We all know how Andh Bhakts blindly forward messages on WhatsApp but this is the first time that there is undeniable proof that IT cell workers and Andh Bhakts do the same thing on Twitter. They copy paste their tweets blindly from a document prepared by their research team. Pratik Sinha got hold of their Trend Alert document, edited the tweets like Rancho from 3 idiots and the fun began!
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  • Dhruv Sir, I really love your research videos, I want you to make one video with respect to the present issues in our state of Jammu and Kasmir and the facts and history of how these situations developed. Please also point different ways which have been tried to curb the situation and the solutions if any available for peace between the two countries. This is because the Indian media as well as the informations available on the internet are very misguiding. Thank you😊

  • This isn't Dhruv Rathee's Channel. It's Congress's/Pappu's running this Channel under the name of Dhruv Rathee. 👌👌👏👏

  • Tu apni maa ki najayaj aulad h bhopadi ke Ja ke kuch kaam krr Lodu

  • Iss baar modiji kah ke le rahe h tum jaise liberjhandu ki

  • Aur baki partyo ki scams bhi expose kriye....

  • PM modi ji ka successful works ko lekar bhi ak video banaiye... So that hum logoko successful side bhi pata chale unki

  • Hi Dhruv ,What is good video maker - I tried Animoto and Biteable .But feel there must be something better to make video as the on you make

  • Adaani par Kiya tweet Lyon vaaps liyaa hero

  • Ye to wahi fake news wala banda h bc

  • Dhruv rathee a young version of kejriwal

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  • Dhruv brother you are doing right thing.... What we should do if some bhakt ask us counter questions that is not prior to debate u know what i am asking☺️

  • Beta jo margi karle. You will never success in your life. Gussa aya. Anna b chahiyea. Becoz hum BJP ko ji vote denge.

  • He is so exposed. Besharm Rathee gang.

  • To BJP supporters, Don't vote for BJP if you want to kill/hate Muslims and other religious minorities Don't vote for BJP if you want to throw trash on roads Don't vote for BJP if you want to be corrupt Don't vote for BJP if you hate other cast people Don't vote for BJP if you want to destroy public properties Don't vote for BJP if you don't respect all the women's in this country Don't vote for BJP if you are not ready for hard work Don't vote for BJP if you scam tourist and scam other nationalities over call Don't vote for BJP if you urinate/spit in public Don't vote for BJP if you don't follow traffic rules Don't vote for BJP if you are taking money for voting Don't vote for BJP if you travel without tickets on train Don't vote for BJP if you don't want a girl child Don't vote for BJP if you are trying to kill other person because of his food choices Don't vote for BJP if you are not doing your job with honesty Don't vote for BJP if you waste water and food in this country Don't vote for BJP if you destroy the historic places and Heritage of India Don't vote for BJP if you spread fake news without verifying the authenticity From, True Indian

  • Tu kya kaam karta he Ungli?

  • Please make a video V. Ramalingam murder case

  • Sri dhurv rathi ke hisab se dekha jaye to India me sirf bjp government kam nhi krti inke me kafi video dekh Chuka hu bas ek party ki burai suni hai

  • Anpadho ki party or Kar bhi Kya sakti h

  • Hi dhruv please make a video on world happiness index

  • This video show why BJP used the wrong Hashtags.... THANKS Druv.... You really helped spread the news that BJP's Google sheet was hacked

  • rathee ji plzz the frustrated Indian channel ku dekhe wo aPke upar galat aarup laga rahe hai

  • Hi Dhruv Please make a video on Mamta Banerjee.

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  • Sir why all news channel are supporting modiji...what are the benefits they get?

  • Hiiii sir..thankyou for sharing your knowledge...sir we should also use this strategy to expose modiji...coz I think the lot of people are not aware of this...all can response this

  • Bol toh aise rha h jese BjP ki cabinet meeting mein isse pucha jata ho ki kya kb kaise krna hai... Tune kisi aur party k bare mein nhi search kia is topic pe toh its not our fault.. (Dusro ko btane se pehle khud k basics clear kr lia kr). Now for those people who are trusting him blindly. This man has been paid for spreading fake news. He has the same IQ level as Rahul gandhi's

  • मैंने सोचा था कि ये भाई किसी के पक्ष में नही है लेकिन भाई आपके हर विडियो केवल बीजेपी के ही खिलाफ है जो बताता है कि आप कांग्रेस के 100% एजेंट है जो एग्री है लाइक करे, जो नहीं वो डिस्लाइक करे- 👇 👇

  • Is it true... You got exposed for being AAP paid bitch and Adani group caught u lying on Twitter..... U should make video on ur defence.... or we don't trust....

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  • @dhruv . It would be great if you could make a analysis video that where most plastic bag and other things are used, which country has best for the regulations for plastic ban and use.

  • In a democracy ruling party is questioned not opposition.Moodyji anointed Himself as Sewak now acts as Dictator somebody with backbone and strength needs to question His moves, here it is Dhruv. Moodyji is answerable for Phulwama death of 40 Jawans?He is not answering.Moodyji is responsible for all fiddling in reports of Growth and CBI.Look at Mudra loans, all dead, Nationalized banks are moving towards bankruptcy, Moodyji only plays blame game.Moodyji inform what you did in last five years.

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    • Exactly they don't even apologize of spreading the fake information

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