Try not to SAD CRINGE challenge /r/SadCringe/ #24 [REDDIT REVIEW]

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 4 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Reddit top voted /r/sad cringe
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  • 8:47 😂😂😂😂 AHhahAhHah

  • Ken is alive ?

  • 5:05 *One person found this helpful*

  • Ken!!!

  • Bitch

  • I meant bich not vich

  • Here’s a sad cringe Me:hai My friend : hallo Me:do u think I will get a good mark in the exam My stoopid friend :OHH HILL NAWH -I start crying- My friend : why u cryin vich Me:ha ... ha..ha pranked u BOOTIFUL CRINGE ha.. ha,,ha

  • Go to 0:00 and pause

  • Я одна здесь русская?

  • 🙌

  • The bitter Birthday boy sounds like me.

  • Man a lot of crap

  • Its weird to see pewdiepie to have friends...


  • hey pewdiepie and ken. i know this is an old video and you're probably not gonna read this, but, i'm dealing with depression right now and a few minutes ago i legit just thought about ending my life. i was in tears, and there's nobody around me that i can go to immediately for help. i decided to watch your videos and see if it'll take my mind off suicide for a little bit, and boy, did it do the trick... i laughed out loud when the tears on my cheeks hadn't even dried yet. i haven't gotten that good a laugh these last few months. thanks a lot pewds and ken. even though it may not seem like much this means a lot to me.

  • вместе с Пьюдсом плакала половина маршрутки

  • Say what you want about bing but i always find what I'm looking for. Not sure what the whole fuss is about.

  • I missed Ken on your channel, he kinda makes you more likable...ahahaaha

  • Haha 101

  • 10:34

  • I completely forgot CinnamonToastKen existed

  • im becomming an artist now LET THE MONEY FLOOD IN

  • There is no difference between cartoon and you💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • oh yeah I forgot about the broken podcast .. HOÏ ! felix where is the next broken podcast?

  • Hey pewds, when will the next broken podcast be?

  • The guy's reveiw on Amazon genuinely made me sad

  • I love them together

  • Subtitulado en *Hindi* y no en *ESPAÑOL* ?????????????? >:U

  • No reply

  • Oof 😂😂😂😂😂

  • play game again with ken

  • Eng subs are a trip

  • I use bing to search for hentai

  • My pen-is broken. ahahaha


  • 3:50 was fucking hilarious

  • 8:14

  • Aaaah... damn, youtube is too hard for me 🥺 That first fidget spinner think fucked me right up. I feel so bad for that dude, 6000 at probably 4.50? 5bucks a pop 😓 that’s more money then I have.. These guys laugh so easily at it 😅 I guess they can’t see how desperate his sitch is

  • Who's that Ken nobody? Oh that's right, someone will can just fucking die right now and no one will ever notice.

  • *BRASIL*


  • *BR*

  • More videos with Ken please!!!

  • Finishes video- Ken: I feel horrible Pewdiepie: I feel good! XD

  • Me recordo a las miniaturas de dallasreview

  • I really like this format for them because they kind of comedically bounce off of each other and it’s goddamn hilarious.

  • 3:20 Wife: this... why


  • PewbiePie I bought your chair :>


  • *haHaHaAhAahaHa*

  • Ahahahahahahahaha😂🤣

  • I loved the subtitles 😂

  • Meme COOOOOUUUUUCCCCHHH...!! WITH buffpro and BroKen

  • They make the best duo with pewds....!! and not to mention the Red and Green Pewdiepie.

  • These fucking captions had me in tears 10/10

  • Lol I missed Ken and Pewds videos.

  • Estimated time until: the video has to end and I half to go into my room and go back to sleep

  • Hahaha

  • Pls more Ken! So great show together!!!!

  • What is pewdiepie drinking

  • This is so lame to watch..

  • I love the videos you make with Ken!


  • Je tady někdo z Česka?

  • American pewdiepie

  • I missed Ken ://

    • now we need Cry :(

  • Loved this. I was laughing all the way through!! :D :D

  • JK

  • Happy birthday Pewds and ToastKen😆😆😏😏🎂🎂🎂

  • Pewds and Ken....such a beautiful duo

  • Wow! Loved this :) I love Ken

  • 8:43

  • collabs with ken are the best

  • K

  • Awww I missed Ken hangin around; this is so cool lmao, would be great if you did more collabs with him

  • The Green Bottle

  • 8:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg


  • Check it out please guys

  • oh that was aweful

  • Okay, this is EPIC!!!!!!!!!

  • Yay!!! CinnamonToastKen!!

  • 3:00

  • T-series? It stands for Trash series

  • LOL I am a furry artist, Charge about 80 dollars to 100 and Takes me like 4 days xD

  • *hahahaaaa*

  • Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait!

  • Lmao at the coconut oil story 😂🤣😂

  • I missed ken omg 😩

  • *its been so long since ive seen them both in the same vid, i think the last one was the one where Pewds deleted Ken*

  • Do more of this PLEASEEEEE 😂😂😂 I've never laughed so hard

  • This wasn’t any different than YLYL

  • *"Every room becomes an escape room with him."*

  • hahaha

  • Hmm can you guess the similarity between these two?

  • I missed thier collabs

  • More PewDiePie and cinnamontoastken videos please

  • WHAT

  • The ad level is over 9000. Such a proud moment.