Top 9 Crazy Hitman 2 Kills

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 10 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Hitman 2 is a assassin's dream when it comes to crazy ways to kill your targets. Here are 9 of our favorites.
Hitman 2 Review:ਵੀਡੀਓ-bSTf8M4Q35Q.html
The First 17 Minutes of Hitman 2:ਵੀਡੀਓ-McUzuKk3F9A.html
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  • I like when i see someone dead..... it's cool

  • Man that's weird my Maelstrom always looks completely different from this guy

  • 7:25 why does that technician sound like Morty Smith

  • Oh just hit the black dude in the face with a human brick. 🤦🏽‍♂️


  • 7:24 agent beach lasania kill TSiries target

  • very lame, old feeling totally lost

  • well now i dont need to play this game

  • Being Pakistani, I could understand what the Indian guys were saying and it made the kills so much funnier-

  • Where is the flying bref case

  • Freaking awesome

  • I know u don’t want me, but u know I want cha.

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  • 2:29 killed the mascot and some other innocent guy, not cool.

  • You think by now people would be suspicious of men with bar codes on there neck after all the people he has killed.

  • 5:20 fun fact hippos kill more people than sharks every year

  • No quisiera ser amigo de ese calvo

  • The large concrete pipe and train assassination in Mumbai should be in this list.

  • 5:25 What a nice pet ;)

  • If you haven't already watched it:ਵੀਡੀਓ-JqrTUpp7DVM.html

  • Spoiler alert!!

  • 2:27 POSTAL 2

  • I miss how the original you could go to the church and see all the weapons you’ve acquired

  • 5:25 psychopath of the century

  • 7:27 LOL

  • Bald barber shaving customer with a Chef's knife? Must look out of place.

  • I’m pretty sure hitman is a robot cus he bald and he got a barcode on the back of his head

  • For Isle of Sgail you couldn't have chosen the Iron Maiden or Blood Money kills? I think either of those two are better than the fire ceremony.

  • 6:50 he is acting like a sim from sims 4

  • HUSO

  • When Hitman Plays Hitman

  • Hitman 2 may be the best game I’ve ever played. The replayability is through the roof. Love the humor!

  • In Hitman 1, the most brutal one was weeding the garden with Silvio’s body right after he looked at his mother’s grave.

  • when i played this game i feel so satisfied by these kills

  • 😤

  • agent 47 is a pro drummer tho he should consider changing careers low risk, high reward

  • Why not top 10

  • Oh... IGN

  • 9:05 lol where blod

  • The last one is confusing me. She said light it up.. she wanted to die?

    • That was part of a "ritual". The woman was going to stand inside a giant phoenix and there would be only a small fire around it, but because hitman messed with the gas pressure underneath the statue, the "accident" happened.

  • The game is meh. The physics of ppl dying could be 10 times better. Thats what the whole game is about isnt it? It isnt satisfying to watch or anything

  • The most suspicious thing is that he's the only one who's bald


  • The old Hitman games were WAY BETTER.

  • top 9. such a random number

  • Why did you not put the derailed train double kill here? It's probably the most epic kill in the game!

  • the red and yellow flag on the left around 2:23 the wind keeps making it go in itself and the corner popping through the middle

  • Dawood was the worst hitman villian in history. Indian Lame-ooooo. Most indians are like Dawood.

  •ਵੀਡੀਓ-Fgd3ftv-CPw.html HITMAN 2 2018 Funny/ Brutal Kills COD player tries hitman

  • that man had a iron beard and cannot be shaved.

  • the last one is sadistic af :(

  • I need context for that last one.

  • Why not Top 10?

  • 5:16 that punch was so unexpected, I started laughing

  • Thanks! This helped!

  • at 4:51 he just slaps him 😂 😂 😂

  • *C U T D O W N O N Y O U R P R O T I E N*

  • He looks like Zidane

    • True 😂

  • 2:33 that must be some very interesting news right there. I wonder what he read, make him forget everything

  • *5:40** T-series recording a new video*

  • 2:27 "Unnoticed kill"

  • Did that hippo laugh?

  • I like how calm they are when someone got killed brutally

  • 9:07 oooo, Sweeney Todd would be impressed

  • Cheese... what a trash. I wonder what can be an excuse to make such a garbage game in 2k18, seriously, after being able to make much better games almost decades ago. AI is non-existent, facial animation too, boring missions, obsolete graphics.

  • Thy they are not moving lips while talking?

  • Lesson learnt:I'll never get my beard shaved from a bald guy ever.

  • Boring game af

  • India 😋😎

  • 10:53 The rise of the wicker man.

  • Almost fell asleep watching these 4min kills

  • that shaving part is so satisfying wtffff

  • Agent 47 assassinating Stan Lee in a Pair of Shorts and Turning him to a Cocaine Brick ..., u hired the right Guy DC.. now I've seen everything.. EVERYTHING!!!

  • Okay I seriously have to buy this game now!

  • Game is crap.

  • Come on guys... Maybe she just ate a batch of bad Pakoras... Seriously?? I'm the only one who gets it on account of being Asian!! LOL!!

  • I don't feel like a pre-determined solution should be in compilations. To me, the crazy ones are where even the devs never planned for that to happen.

  • Never done your shave with a baldy with a barcode barber !!!

  • The new hitman games have great killing methods and large areas but they lack the old dark feeling of contracts or the epic feeling of silent assassin and blood money

  • I heard Karen bowman from wildlands :)

  • This game looks like early 2010s pc games . Nothing new but still i will play this

  • Looking at this game I can't help but think RDR2 irreversibly messed up a lot of hard work done and still to be done by other game developers.

  • Seems like this game really holds your hand. This video illustrates that the developers clearly went for very straightforward cinematic kills, instead of encouraging the player to explore the map and be creative like the older games.

    • You still can. Just disable the guided "story missions" feature.

  • Can I do

  • How to download that games on android phone

  • Have y’all seen the rake kills?

  • Never trust a bald barber

    • My barber is bald, last month I walk in as he had blood all over him, he had a bad nose bleed.

    • I don't trust anyone bald ever since agent 47.

    • P k people call him... *BALDBER*

    • +Phantomschmerz whoa that's deep._.

    • i know a barber who is bald. But it's not his choice to be bald u know.

  • just need a new Hitman Blood Money

  • Better than Hitman Absolution. There are so many tricks and ways in killing enemies.

  • Real talk, why he wearing a hairnet?

  • Lol 😂 that use of Hindi/Urdu dialogue was a masterstroke 👏 Kudos to the team of creatives at hitman !!

  • No. 10 Rake

  • This one with the hippo was brutal asf

  • you know this game like assasin's creed

  • Still.. Blood money is the best..

  • Why would the hippo do that?!

    • They’re extremely territorial and aggressive

  • Is this for the PS2?

  • Why everything in India & Mexico is shown yellow?

  • 7:25 assassination of the CEO of T-Series

  • Look at this game guysਵੀਡੀਓ-WP1HNXB0M-o.html Its Amazing