Top 9 Crazy Hitman 2 Kills

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 10 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Hitman 2 is a assassin's dream when it comes to crazy ways to kill your targets. Here are 9 of our favorites.
Hitman 2 Review:ਵੀਡੀਓ-bSTf8M4Q35Q.html
The First 17 Minutes of Hitman 2:ਵੀਡੀਓ-McUzuKk3F9A.html
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  • 5:16 that punch was so unexpected, I started laughing

  • Thanks! This helped!

  • at 4:51 he just slaps him 😂 😂 😂

  • *C U T D O W N O N Y O U R P R O T I E N*

  • He looks like Zidane

    • True 😂

  • 2:33 that must be some very interesting news right there. I wonder what he read, make him forget everything

  • *5:40** T-series recording a new video*

  • 2:27 "Unnoticed kill"

  • Did that hippo laugh?

  • I like how calm they are when someone got killed brutally

  • 9:07 oooo, Sweeney Todd would be impressed

  • Cheese... what a trash. I wonder what can be an excuse to make such a garbage game in 2k18, seriously, after being able to make much better games almost decades ago. AI is non-existent, facial animation too, boring missions, obsolete graphics.

  • Thy they are not moving lips while talking?

  • Lesson learnt:I'll never get my beard shaved from a bald guy ever.

  • Boring game af

  • India 😋😎

  • 10:53 The rise of the wicker man.

  • Almost fell asleep watching these 4min kills

  • that shaving part is so satisfying wtffff

  • Agent 47 assassinating Stan Lee in a Pair of Shorts and Turning him to a Cocaine Brick ..., u hired the right Guy DC.. now I've seen everything.. EVERYTHING!!!

  • Okay I seriously have to buy this game now!

  • Game is crap.

  • Come on guys... Maybe she just ate a batch of bad Pakoras... Seriously?? I'm the only one who gets it on account of being Asian!! LOL!!

  • I don't feel like a pre-determined solution should be in compilations. To me, the crazy ones are where even the devs never planned for that to happen.

  • Never done your shave with a baldy with a barcode barber !!!

  • The new hitman games have great killing methods and large areas but they lack the old dark feeling of contracts or the epic feeling of silent assassin and blood money

  • I heard Karen bowman from wildlands :)

  • This game looks like early 2010s pc games . Nothing new but still i will play this

  • Looking at this game I can't help but think RDR2 irreversibly messed up a lot of hard work done and still to be done by other game developers.

  • Seems like this game really holds your hand. This video illustrates that the developers clearly went for very straightforward cinematic kills, instead of encouraging the player to explore the map and be creative like the older games.

    • You still can. Just disable the guided "story missions" feature.

  • Can I do

  • How to download that games on android phone

  • Have y’all seen the rake kills?

  • Never trust a bald barber

  • just need a new Hitman Blood Money

  • Better than Hitman Absolution. There are so many tricks and ways in killing enemies.

  • Real talk, why he wearing a hairnet?

  • Lol 😂 that use of Hindi/Urdu dialogue was a masterstroke 👏 Kudos to the team of creatives at hitman !!

  • No. 10 Rake

  • This one with the hippo was brutal asf

  • you know this game like assasin's creed

  • Still.. Blood money is the best..

  • Why would the hippo do that?!

    • They’re extremely territorial and aggressive

  • Is this for the PS2?

  • Why everything in India & Mexico is shown yellow?

  • 7:25 assassination of the CEO of T-Series

  • Look at this game guysਵੀਡੀਓ-WP1HNXB0M-o.html Its Amazing

  • Johnny sins can really do anything

  • yay, somebody got killed by a machine activated 2 meters away - accident

  • Honestly these people put themselves in danger. It ain't 47 fault that they are a bunch of dumbasses.

  • well thanks for showing us the whole game, saved me some money

  • I was already weary of bald barbers, but now I am paranoid O_O

  • haha luol dis is so fani

  • Is this game based on India

  • 5:47 only Indians will understand tge dialoge and like because its in Hindi

  • 4:39 so brutal

  • "Theres been a horrible accident"

  • 2:32 *People freaking out and running* "Hmmm whats in the sports article?"

  • The shave kill is literally the reason I will only shave my face and no one else is allowed to.

  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Top 2 crazy hitman 9 kills

  • Im bored watching a highlight reel... Sheesh

  • Can someone explain that last clip

  • I've played the first and blood money hitman game . im undecided if I should buy this game, it does look awesome. Who ever has played it is it really Worth it?

  • Brooo this 6:3 jacked bald white dude just chilling in some Indian market like it’s nothing 😂

  • The pyrotechnics one gives me anxiety... imagine if someone did that

  • Don't mess with a hitman with a baldhead

  • nice my dude3>

  • He's shaving him without any shaving cream!

  • I'm fine with ads I'm fine with buffer But when the ads buffer I Suffer Edit: If you know where I got this from your a legend

  • IGN proving they deserve the lack of respect they get

  • is this a full game or are they releasing in chapters again? just played the first season super fun

  • With all this hard-core promotion of this game, i still cant find any reason to buy it... Look boring af, i miss the days of Blood money & silent assassin

  • 1. Leave a like 2.sud 3 . Turn on notofocashins

  • Hitman2

  • The gameplay is so smooth but the cutscenes and some of the bad guys’ dialogue is just awful

  • 11:30 SHES SO HOT!!!!!

  • Martinez looks like that Cortez b...

  • Sale bhadwe 😂😂 in Mumbai mission I played it

  • They used the parasour sound from ark for the hippo

  • the kills are very artistic, but I think that after the level of suspicion needs to be enhanced much more. Everyone moves in Miami story except Hitman who is the only person there being cool a.f.

  • get the game cheaper on g2a

  • boring game

  • Hairnet on a bald guy seems legit.

  • 4:48 Me every times I play PUBG

  • The graphics on this game are so bad

    • Compared to what? RDR2? It's an AA studio doing the game - of course it won't have the best graphics. It's hella fun though. You play Hitman games for the fun and creativity, not for graphics.

  • I'm so happy that their did this game alright ! and we can play the Hitman 1 missions

  • Hitman2 ? this isn't Silent assasin!

  • new speciality: red snow.

  • 4:52 when you don’t get enough vbucks from your uncle on your birthday

  • It's not Hitman 2.!!! Hitman 2.was for PlayStation 2!!! And this Part is the fifth!!!

  • 2:30 i just love the fact that everyone just panicking and the target burnt to crisp while barcode assasin Baldi just sitting and reading newspaper

  • hippo eats human... lol

  • why is there no blood and gore in this game?! boring as fukk! especially at 9:04 i got very very disappointed.. all the deaths are quiet lame and sloppy animated.

  • Didn't even include the best one, where you pose as a corpse in a casket and stab the chick that comes up to "say some last words"

  • may aswel just buy the punisher on ps2, youll have more fun

  • I just want to see the deaths not the talking in between

  • so y'all just gonna burn Missy Elliot to death at the end foul...

  • Meh big dlc to the following of the first Hitman like come on now this is garbage

  • That first one was a very concrete approach to the situation.