Top 10 lost Hero From Bollywood How They Look Now and Then

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 4 ਅਪਰੈਲ 2017
Top 10 lost Hero From Bollywood How They Look Now and Then
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  • Faisal khan sabse buraa lgg rhaa h faisal ki na jabani ka ptaa na budhape ka 😂😂😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Sabse jyada handsome or khubsurat young menn summit sehgell hai besst acterss lambaai me khubsurti me verry verry smaart summit sehgell 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Shadaab khan Fardeen khan Faisal khan teeno flop ho gye bollybood me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Khans kmm hain bollybood me 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Aftab, jimmy Shergill is not the older his much better

  • my hero Jugal Hansraj ...........................................

  • Just look at jimmys punjabi films he is superb

  • The Now picture is also 6 years back

  • If they are lost then it should be reported to police

  • Mukkabaz Actor jimmy shergill and woh lost actor nahi hai

  • 1.34 Sasta Jason Statom .

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  • Shaddap Khan became Shut up Khan :(

  • They are handsome mens

  • Fardeen Khan exactly looks like his father Feroz Khan.


  • Who says .. Jimmy Shergill is a lost hero

  • Akshaye Khanna and Aftab Shivadasani bahut mast acting kar raha hai

  • I don't accept fardeen khan.I accept only shahrukh khan (srk) , salman khan and others actor and actresses eg Television actors and Television actress.

  • You are right .Jimmy Shergill is not a lost hero because he doesn't work in gym for bodybuilding.

  • Shadaab Khan looks like amjad Khan's father.

  • Wow that's a good sentence

  • R madhavan and Jimmy shergill is a good actor.

  • OMG fardeen khan

  • we must all help the poor actors and actresses in the hospital and streets.The government is responsible

  • Akshay Khanna and Aftab Shivdasani is not an lost actor.He is acting in the films

  • Oh That's really nice. He is not an lost actor jimmy shergill who works in tanu weds manu 1&2.They acted very nicely with R. Madhavan and Jimmy Shergill

  • people gets old no big deal

  • jugal hAns raj to ar khubsurat ho gaya

  • jimmy is not lost actor

  • jugal stiil u look fab

  • i love aftabs looks

  • fardin khan ki to kuch b pic upload kiye h idiot

  • jugal jasraj wow he is still handsome...all time my fav

  • Age badne ka asar to aaega hi chehre per...25 saal me jo chehra hota h wo 45 saal me thodi hoga....

    • Manish Chauhan xxx aa no

  • Jimmy, Aftab have neither changed nor r they lost.

  • aftab is not lost actor

  • aftab is not lost hero....

  • jimi shergil is not a lost hero he still works bro..didn't you see his last movie madari

  • aftab then supr now super

  • Sumeet Sehgal and Arman Kohli are my favorite stars

  • I m pakistani yur smile n yur dimple iz so cute

  • oh that jugal I use to die for him. use to imagine a guy like him in my dreams

  • Akshaye Khanna... As Dashing As Ever... He Haz D Charm Of A Child... My Favorite

  • jimmy is a great superstar & top.actors of Punjabi film industry

  • jimmy shergill is not lost actor

  • jay mata di

  • Aftab an Jimmy are still looking good the rest need to join the gym

  • actor prithvi is also lost. He did a lead role in the movie dil ka kya kasoor.

  • Tushar kapoor KO bhool Gaya ?

  • you missed harish

  • time is invincible nobody can escape

  • Aftaab shivdasani is not lost actor

  • T

  • Aftab is so cute

  • Jimmy shergill is not lost actor he is still in bollywood...

  • few of them are not lost actors. they are still working

  • life,life,life... fucking life never stays the same...

  • aftab still better lol

  • akshay khanna ..last seen in Dishoom and upcoming movie is MOM...he is not lost

  • JIMMY SHERGILL is STILL one of d finest actor in B'wood indsutry !!

  • Jimmy is not lost he is still doing hindi movies. also he is also playing main roles in punjabi movies. He is doing really good. and he does not look that old. I don't know from where you got that pic. admin you are lost, it not then get lost.

  • ek din Insaan Ko Umar ke sath dhalna padtaa h to isliye Insaan ko khush rahna chaiye Jio jee bhar ke

  • time time no fer

  • Jimmy Shergill is not a lost hero.. He is achieving greater heights in PUNJABI movies and so in bollywood

  • yaar umar badegi to budde to honge na common hai

  • Armaan Kohli tab v chutya that ab v chutya he

  • Jimmy Shergill Ko aweyye hi dal diya

  • Jimmy is not lost actor

  • get your facts right dude ...

  • league of lossers...

  • Akshay Khanna looks almost the same.Just his hair.

  • nice

  • Jimmy Shergill kahaan lost hai? Ya shayad uploader hi lost hai😝😝

    • S Thakur yes i agree with u up loader b budda hoga ek din uska moo kala ho jai

  • Aftab is Still young

  • ye log salman khan ke age k hai lekin salman khan still good looking young dikhta hai yin logose aisa kya hai vai mere ko samajhana mai nahi aaya

  • jimmy is now Punjabi films Amitabh Bachchan

  • jimmy not had not lost😝

  • akshay ka to abhi dhishoom movie aa kar by the way usne accha kaam bhi kiya hai aur same aftab bhi

  • same question jimmy kab se lost hero ho gaya itni tagdi performance wali movie aa rahi uski tannu weds mannu & returns madaari kya yaar kuch bhi kiska bhi naam daal doge

  • U people missed Imran Khan

  • Fardeen Khan is not lost. I saw him in Juhu yesterday buying coke.

    • I know. I was just trying to be funny.

    • Prafull Ambekar I think he is lost, because he does not have any films any more, bollywood does not want flop actors they want hit actors

  • jimmy, akshaye & aftab are not lost..they all had movies released last year..really silly

  • Jimmy shirgill is still there

  • jimmy is not lost.... he's doing sensible and logical movies...those are very few in numbers in Bollywood now a days...

  • jimmy and aftab still looks great and they are not lost i think u lost urself

  • Sirf KHAN's ki hi age nahi horahi Bollywood me >>>>

  • Koi lost ni hai jimmy sherhil Punjabi movies main hit hai waise bhi ate hai

  • look the jugal hansraj dont he look like handsome 0person on planet


    • candy yet yeah still so handsome

  • Jimmy is Star buddy, he is very much der, have u lost ur senses.

  • Jimmy Shergil is still very active in Bollywood in good supporting roles and is superstar of Punjabi cinema

  • Fardeen Khan is best and Akshay Khanna best

  • r u fuckn kidding??? Jimmy Shergill is a fine actor...lost! U r lost friend

  • yaar 1:28 akshaye khanna used to be sucha hottie!!

  • Jimmy s still der

  • jimmy n aftab r not lost even akshay appears in some movies even now

    • Sonia dilka rishta

    • Sonia

  • yes. I agree

  • faisal khan looks like gost

  • bhai aap filmo me se kyu chalegaye

  • how jimmy, akshay and aftaab came in lost hero category ?????

  • Jimmy Shergill not a lost hero... go Google​ him