Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 25 ਮਾਰਚ 2018
Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments
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Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and the crew came back for this amazing anime series - and these are the best fights, Speeches, Quotes and Fusions the show had to offer. From the first Kamehameha to the final Flash, we've covered every episode of every arc, including the Tournament of Power, the Universe 6 Tournament, Goku Black, Zamasu, and Future Trunks - Even the remakes of Resurrection F and Battle of Gods. Get ready to perfect your ultra instinct, and let us know what your favourite battles and scenes in the show are in the comments below! Oh yeah...and sorry guys but Gohan Blanco, Ultra instinct Shaggy and El Grande Padre do not apply here.
#10. Universe vs. Anilaza
#9. The Reveal of Goku Black
#8. Master Roshi’s Last Stand
#7. Father and Son
#6. Goku vs. Kefla
#5. Goku vs. Hit
#4. Vegeta’s Pride
#3, #2, #1: ???
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  • After watching this again I have to say this list is grade A trash.

  • I’m getting goosebumps all over again watching this. Super was awesome!

  • 7-11

  • I loved when Horseradish killed Refridgerator!

  • Nice video you fucking nerd

  • To be fair Vegtio didn’t kill Zamasu.

  • My biggest problem with super is the fights have 0 intensity minus the ultra instinct you vs jiren. I just went back and watched goku vs vegeta fight the first time and realized what was missing was the struggle feel. Watching their muscles swell and veins pop out as they push themselves beyond their limits and then they just scream to let out all they have was just so exciting. Now the punches look more like soft touchs and they're way too smooth no veins no intensity no strain but in every fight they're supposedly pushing themselves. It just felt so stale and stiff.

  • Now I wanna know does Jierin have ultra instinct or is it a strong stasis he has to where he can match it?

  • Heheh *clears throat* wheres Goku & Frieza defeating Jiren???

  • A nice video made for and get more comment

  • My Top 5 Dragon Ball Super Moments: 5. Vegito vs Zamasu 4. Trunks goes Super Saiyan Rage 3. Goku vs Kale and Caulifla/Kefla 2. Goku, Frieza, and 17 vs Jiren 1. Goku and Vegeta tag team Jiren

  • Why I loved the TOP arc? Their skin wasn’t shiny!

  • Where's the rage moment of goku when jiren tried to attack his friends?

  • U should have put gokus rage v black

  • We can all agree that Universe 7 vs Anilaza was a xenoverse 2 fight

  • When #7 father and son came up i thought it was talking about piccolo and gohan not goku and gohan lmao

  • I think you should show more of MUI Goku on #1, but it's still quite agreeable nonetheless.

  • Sooo why isn’t Gohan the main character after the cell saga? Oh right cause toriyama isn’t smart enough to do create anything than new ssj hair colors Ooooh you know what’s better than a compelling plot blue hair!!!

  • My rank 1 would have been frieza, goku and android 17 fighting jiren together and combining their power at last scene where even frieza turns in a decent guy which has been the true theme of dragon ball since it started.

  • Kale and Caulifla likeable charackters? For Real?

  • Personally my number one is Hit Vs. Goku cuz it was just amazing like noone expected kaioken and super saiyan blue or the amazing sound tracks “LETS GATHER ALL THE STARS WHICH WILL LEAD US TO A BRAND NEW STAGE WHERE WE WILL CHALLENGE THE GODS” this will forever be goku’s most amazing battle ever

  • Kefla sucks I know Im not the only one that thinks the whole I'm going to become super saiyen 2 in a matter of seconds thing is bad story writing. Meanwhile the rest of the team took ages to figure it out.

  • Lol gokus rage against Jiren not shown in top 10

  • Where is the whole moment when "Vegeta fails to keep hid promise..?" Dude that's emotional AF

  • Number one should of been goku, frieza and 17 vs jiren, because let’s be honest who else was flipping their shit when they saw that. Watch mojo is trash.

  • Came for 6:54

  • Hype over hype over hype. I almost had a heart attack watching all these episodes.

    • +DC Goku overly excited

    • What do you mean

  • Super is the best

  • Finally a mojo video thats.... ok....

  • Master roshi should be second next being ultra instinct Goku rising from the spirit bomb aftermath

  • "Until We Meet again Guys!"

  • Frieza and goku fighting together at the end should’ve been here

  • Imagine vegito in the tournament of power

  • You left behind the only moment when Goku acted seriously on the hole anime.

  • The fact at 1:44 that you didn’t say “the harder they fall” bothered me

  • My spider-man PS4 combat is like my own ui.

  • 1. Goku and freiza fight together!

    • #Awesome Everything!!! Lmao it’s all good man✊🏽✊🏽🐉🐉

    • saiyan_og I also saw the date after commenting😅

    • #Awesome Everything!!! Apparently this video was published before the series finale. If not then it would’ve definitely been #1 if u ask me !!

  • What about when goku and gohan did their kamehamehas at the same time during the tournament of power

  • Dude you guys missed when beerus destroys zamasu!!! Haki!!!!

  • Zamasu arc was the best hands down. It was original and good.

  • In the manga, Roshi lasted longer, and he even took a crack at Jiren, while using the mindset of what Ultra Instinct is. Way better

  • #1 vegeta "thats my bulma" battle of gods 🔥🔥🔥

  • If vejeta is equal to beerus 50% than goku mastered ultra instinct is stronger than beerus full power who is stronger goku mastered ultra instinct is stronger

  • Where is the OG voice dude?

  • Where is the beerus hakai scene? Lol

  • What about goku and frieza taking ok jiren

  • My Best moment 10 Goku mastert Ultra Instinct 9 SSJ God Ritual 8 18 eleminatet ribrian 7 Goku destruid Beerus Sphere of destrucktion 6 Vegeta Blue humailetet GOLDEN Freezer 5 17 interruptus u2 Transformation 4 ssj2 Vegeta vs Beerus 3 17 devisdaytet vital and kakunsa 2 Trunks kills Zamasu 1 Goku Freeza and 17 vs Jiren My gramatic isn't die best im from Germany

  • 4:05 father and son shows piccolo and gohan


    • 🖕

  • Wait Android 17's sacrifice is not here but you have Vegito vs Zamasu?! smh

  • DBS left the chat.

  • okay so no one care about C17 sacrifice

  • Frieza teaming with Goku to beat Jirin is where?

  • anything to do with cool or top moments always goes to The Peince of All Saiyans

  • They didn’t even mention limit breaker blue vegeta

  • Frieza murdering the universe 9 assassins.

  • Who's here after broly trailer 3?

  • goku and freeza vs jiren was by far the best thing i've seen in super

  • Future Trunks transformation wasnt even a mention let alone top 10 worthy? Loljo

  • I'm really confused how Goku and Frieza fighting together didn't make it

  • trunks turning super saiyan rage should be in the honorable mentions imo

  • I would say number 1 should have been either Vegeta and Goku vs Jiren or Freezer and Goku Vs Jiren.

  • Best of all, number 0, Goku team-up with Frieza to beat and eliminate Jiren.

  • What about when trunks awakens and attacks goku after escaping black

  • My favourite moment is when goku got angry when back told him he killed chi-chi and goten in an alternate universe, the first time in super we saw goku Get really pissed

  • To me Vegeta beating goku black was one of the best moment ever.

  • goku and frieza number one team xD

  • I like this list except that Califla and Kale were not really likable characters. They were over confident Mary - Sue's. Nonetheless, I did enjoy Kefla vs SSB / UI Goku

  • #DragonBallSuper

  • I thought number 10 was gonnna be episode 5

  • When Vegeta beat Black, that was one of the best scenes and it wasn’t even on the list.

  • Ultra instinct is not a transformation

  • You pronounce gohan wrong

  • really no Trunks rage

  • Where’s “that’s my Bulma”

  • No the best moment was goku and Frieza vs jiren

  • Man this show really showed other anime shows the Dragon ball is not to be f***ed with

  • How dare beerus by trying to kill goku by hakai he will get his ass kicked off by goku cause goku got u.s

  • What about goku, Frieza and android 17 bs Jiren?

  • I wonder how many people ' know what dragon ball is but then watch these type of things then they want to see what it is.

  • Super Saiyan Rage Trunks was a moment you guys left out that should have gotten at least an honorable mention.

  • Well after super jiren is stringer than goku

  • I honestly prefer GT

  • i advice tht freiza and goku fighting together could have been in the top ten list

  • The rematch of jiren and goku is awesome and all, but person i think that the #1 pick should have been when goku freiza and #17 fought together against jiren


  • Trash belongs to trash bin😂😂 what a fact?

  • I wonder, is anilaza stronger than jiren?

  • 5:31 Uh,wat?

  • How about vegeta’s speech to Goku

    • I really loved that moment☺

  • One of my favorites was vegeta vs Goku Rosè. When he kicks the crap out of Goku Rose and tells him he’ll never be as powerful as Goku because he didn’t build the body from all his experiences and could never think like him. Then says he could never match him because Rose is a Saipan pretender and vegeta yells I AM THE ALMIGHTY PRINCE VEGETA!

  • What about Trunks killing Zamasu?

  • i dont understand what happen with goku black?

  • I think number one should be Goku and Freiza vs jiren

  • I've watched the entire dragon ball series and films , saga , everything but i miss them too much i was little when those were shown!!

  • Mastered ultra instinct and ssb r the most badass

  • 12:02 the best part of the saga

  • #1 should have been Goku and Freiza's final stand against Jiren.(In my opinion)

  • for me the moment goku and frieza sacrifice themselves and took out jiren was my favourite

  • Nummer 1 was the best fight from whole dragon ball