This is getting out of control...

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 3 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2018
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  • Litterlay i dont watch your vids but seing an army of indian on the rise catching up to an army of 9 years old so i subbed... Spoiler: I ain't racist

  • Neither PewDiePie nor TSeries are number one, Uganda is number one.


  • hmm .god bless you

  • hmm . your mind changed

  • Epicdutchie

  • i need to love this video

  • O Brasil Está te apoiando nessa luta!

  • That charity name reminded me of cryaotic,when are you guys going to do another collab!? sincerely, -every fan that's been around for years on your channel

  • No entendí nada pero chido

  • It doesn’t matter how much people hate or have hated pewdiepie, everyone’s jumping to keep him number 1!

  • Even Logan helped

  • Lol in our school on lockers randomly it saids subscribe to pewdiepiw

  • why are you so precious

  • u sir, deserve a bro fist.

  • Pewds will eventually be surpassed... this is delaying the inevitable.. India is the biggest populated country on the planet (who has acess to youtube) and its a matter of time before they surpass Felix sadly

    • Vitaminose thanks for repeating The Game Theorists’ meta theory.

  • You are the best man. I love you.

  • Nice work pewdiepi

  • I’m making a lot of accounts and subscribing to you

  • Speaking in portuguese?

  • #love from india. Coz you respect Indians.

  • I love you pewdiepie

  • Pewds is WAYYYYYYY better than t series

  • Estoy subscripto a T-Series, me gusta ver el mundo arder

  • From Mexico 🇲🇽 🖕🏼 May you get what you want, I subscribed

  • I was in the dark, not subscribed but in the worst of times I came to the light and subscribed to help the fight pewdiepie vs t-series

  • Stoop it u r playing drama

  • T series is the best


  • T series is the best

  • I want an update on those kids bro

  • Your voice is slightly unpaired with the video

  • Dude... Most of us are doing this for fun as well. This battle has involved us more than ever and we finally don't simply feel like we're viewers. We're not really doing this for you but obviously, we care.

  • I got in trouble I. School for putting flyers up! 😂

  • Im from Brasil and... I really don't care

  • Motherfucker.... Potty

  • 0:56 1:12 My favourite part 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • It is so admirable that you are helping Indian children. You really deserve to be number one :) Greetings from Brazil!

  • Quem veio o pelo lubatv

  • lets do this for pews pie nation

  • Never give up Pew...u never be below T.Series...u always a No.1 Y🔴UTUBER in the world

  • Why do you have the most subs? BTS DESERVES THE SUBS !’!!!’

  • Hola wei solo vine por el titulo en español ::v

  • A big ad for Cry

  • I am from Brazil and i love your channel

  • what makes t series so famous?

  • Who dafook is TSeries

  • Kkkkkkk você é demais mano

  • He is making this so sad......

  • Wow, Pewds is making more of positive impact on India then t-series ever has. Pewdiepie I salut you:)

  • Why is your Title in German?

  • Holly pewdiepie is almost 1 million subs above T-series 😀

  • Hello

  • why does this person come up all the time ? can anyone provide a valid explanation?

  • TryHardNinja wrote à song to ask people to subscribe to pewdie pie

  • Pensé que decía cry el youtuber :v

  • This is why you are #1 and should stay as such.

  • Pewds making the amount of subs in a day that people make in a year

  • Tbh the community coming together like this is heartwarming

  • I am actually offended

    • Cause I’m Indian but he was right we are quite Melos dramatic also he kinda was rude to Indians in general...

    • why

  • You say u make fun of all countries but when Have you made fun of your own country if you have show me the video

  • I am brazilian!We Brazilians are with you!

  • ¿Porque el título está en español?

  • Hi PewDiePie you do deserve this! You have worked really hard on your brand. I found out about you on twitter, someone tweeted about you and I subscribed. God bless you! Thank you for spreading awareness.

  • Awesome, Sir Felix!!!!

  • 76 MILLION

  • KSI and Logan: we have the biggest fight on PA-tv history. T-Series and Pewdiepie: hold my fucking beer

  • Like si hablas español

  • There should be a platform where anyone can do or make videos of whatever the heck they want! And there shouldn't be any copyright issues, if someone has got any, then they can just shut the f up and get out ! The media, the f****ing the media they show us whatever they want us to see! We are sick of those bully corporation! To hell with them to hell with the money maker media! With ya PewDiePie!

  • *love* you indian *friend*

  • Dont cry

  • T-series is better than pewdiepie oh, wait that's a lie. All T-series subs, just go and cry 😢 pewdiepie's subscriber count will rise. T-series is so bad, pewdiepie's vids are so rad Glory is what T-series would of had, but then pewdiepie stops it and we're all glad. Hope you enjoyed this little song and btw please no-one take this the wrong way

  • Me and My friend Printed 10.000 Posters of you and gave them to everyone we saw in Germany 😂👍

  • im not subbed to pewdie or Tserieus, FCK U

  • Britain begins to receive supplies from the USA, March 1941 colourised

  • You should travel to India and make a vlog series there

  • Ridiculous that indians are getting all cheesy over pewdiepie now, he is just concerned about his subscriber base eroding if indians unsubscribe, hence the show off of charity. Cant believe indians are this gullible, phew!

  • subscribing again🤗

  • Jeez! I just saw the most evil, cunning bastard of this era, first start a hate campaign against Indians and then put on a halo by showing off a fundraiser. Anyways why would you care, you have your monies coming!

  • If we 1.3 billon Indian people gonna piss in your country all ur people will get flooded and die in hunger you bloody white fox. Don't mess with us. Jai Hind jai Bharat 🇮🇳🇮🇳 you Sweden you Loose 🖕🖕👎👎

  • A real person has just begun to shout ,love u pewds

  • I am from India. I think the owner of t series didn't care about youtube until now. It's a fact...

  • Anyone is portuguese?

  • Мне бы кто-нибудь помог.

  • Ah yes Lord Pewdiepie of all people to stop racism and racist jokes. Thank.

  • Bố a

  • Wow,Serbian

  • I bet T-Series doesn't even know about what's going on

  • El titulo esta en español?!

  • I've never watched lots of pews cause I'm a mom of two boys so... I feel sort of childich looking at him. But I found out about this over Philip D and man deep respect. I suscribed and I'm sure this good act will get him more subs. This is what the world needs. Take a wild audience and teach them something positive...!!! Respect :)

  • *Y vaya que de todo el mundo se suscriben a tú canal PewDiePie, 😂. Saludos a todos desde Chile ❤️*

  • Its funny that t-series doesnt even care to be no.1 in youtube

  • I've been here since 10 Million subs :(

  • What is going on

  • Love you pewds lots of love from India

  • I cryed for 2 hours when I seem this thanks pewts

    • You really have changed the world pewts

  • be madarchod aaukat se ho ja hindustan ke bare me kaho to tere ma chod denge

  • Y u hate so much t-series?

  • This battle is even bigger than the one at helms deep.