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  • I called Chilai ORANGE when she's GREEN. Ugh - my bad.

    • +Rainos62 I agree, its supposed to be a state of mind

    • How could we watch the movie

    • Congrats on being right!

    • MUI?

    • I been saying piccolo is there for teaching goku and vegeta the dance.goten and trunks being heavily promoted is the icing on the cake

  • Glad I didn't watch this til after I watched the movie. All info was legit but some of those points were better unspoiled

  • By the end of the movie im sure we will see him join goku and vegeta in the series im excited :). Theres alot for broly to improve and ill die happy if goku fuse with him

  • There is no other dimension fight by the way...

  • Where can i watch the movie please tell me!!!!!

  • Broly got whooped

  • Oh yeah gogeta isn’t going to be in the movie even though he’s going to be in Xeno 2

  • broly gets transported back to planet that he was found and then chilai and her friend coming to planet and after som time goku gets there with litle present from bulma

  • 1:39 "film" you mean video XD

  • Toryama is still shitting on Piccolo. Im sick a tired of a Piccolo whos only role is explaining the fusion....

  • I hope when super returns broly can become good and join the z fighters since he’s cannon now

  • We all saw parts of this film. It's called a trailer.

  • So want to see Whis school big boy lol and laugh n his face

  • Broly is awesome. His current outfit though looks like a set of yoga pants, american football armor and old parka. His old outfit is waaaay cooler and has very traditional saiyan looks.

  • It's ok guys, Stan Lee is just training with King Kei.

  • I don’t think broly was losing to Gogeta blue. I believe they were pretty much even and I heard the fight was brutal.

    • +Kenneth Latorre yeah gogeta beats him senseless

    • the entire summary was out by November 14. broly had no chance against ssblue gogeta. at all. no matter how much broly powered up, gogeta apperantly kept one upping broly.

  • Some people really have no brain or can't comprehend what they see. For those keep saying Broly is stronger than jiren (which he could be, we don't know) cause they trailer said so, the trailer says the strongest enemy!. The keyword is enemy. Jiren isn't an enemy, therefore Broly's comparison would be Goku black. (Not merged zamasu). At this point, Jiren is still stronger than Broly (he was much stronger than UI Goku but the technique had him beat). And also, UI isn't a transformation, it's a technique/form. Yes, they can easily go with UI only being used as a base form, or they could also have UI as super Saiyan. We don't know much about it yet. Finally, Goku hasn't mastered Ultra Instinct, he just achieved the complete form, so he will be even more amazing later on. And I really hope that Goku gets this "true Saiyan form" that Kale and apparently broly have.

  • Gine's lines are probably just the ones she says in minus (he looks like you, are you crazy infiltration babies have a low survival rate... ETC)

  • They're definitely going to make another series to follow up with this movie, or rather another movie and a series to follow up the two. Call it speculation but I think I'm seeing a pattern.

  • So if Broly does live, doesn’t that leave a chance for him to show up when dragon ball super does continue or is super done and that’s it?

  • Dbsuper>attack on titan and every other anime.. I ride my goku dildo every night

    • weird flex but ok

  • Boi boi oboi boi boi boi boi boi bok boo:

  • good now i'm more thrilled to watch the movie...

  • They saving broly for a future match with jerin..😖😖

  • GOGETA? Seriously? This is so stupid, a fusion against a non fused opponent is just lame. MUI goku should have been the one to defeat broly, not a stupid fusion.

  • So Piccolo is not even gonna fight. Sheesh thanks Toei

  • God of destruction canadate Broly?

  • How many ads do you need dude

  • What about ULTRA INSTINCT?!!!1!

  • Frieza is gonna wish himself to be taller No seriously im not kidding😂

  • Would be great if broly unlocks blue form and ultra instinct no one would hold a candle to him.

  • They better give gogeta one hell of a memorable first line

  • Broly could join z fighters i would love that rather then him dying

  • It’d be cool if they remastered the original broly theme and put it in the film

  • When does Broly fight Frieza? It’s at a separate time from Goku and Vegeta’s fight with him so I’m guessing it’s before his fight with Vegeta

  • We traded gohan and beerus for whis.Was the trade worth it though

  • What we want is broly to be in z fighters

  • I wanted broly to be good and train with Gohan so we could have the truth gohan back

  • This movies seems shitty. The old Broly films were better and also could fit in as canon, there’s point of redoing that. Plus they had characters like Trunks, Gohan and Piccolo in the fight instead of just Goku and Vegeta. Also I almost forgot to mention that they will never be able to top the father son Kamehameha like the second Broly movie.

  • Lol if whis is dodging broly's punches is not a fight lmfao.

  • We don't want humor!

  • I.just wanna know if his power was something that shouldnt exist or a power a Mortal can.have. There were tons of videos on it.

  • Wtf dude, they should've made it so that all the Half-Saiyains also partake in the battle against, at the very least, base broly. Gohan not being there is already a minus, I'm not all for JUST "Goku and Vegeta".

  • Does goku go mui tho?

  • Fake

  • Here’s what I think is gonna happen, now I could be wrong , but one quick point , Gogeta will be fused before Gokus gi and vegetas armor are ripped off, Gogeta will beat broly in a fantastic showdown, Gogeta is about to finish off Broly but chilai uses the dragon balls to “save” Broly. Gogeta defuses, and Broly transforms to his final form, Vegeta gets knocked out (sorry) and Goku is left to fight . We then see the scene where Goku blue is standing in front of that giant ki blast from Broly, Goku gets hit and goes back to base form. Absorbs the blast , and we get UI Goku vs Broly.

  • Great showing of vrv

  • migatte no gokui

  • I love the fact Whis just trolls Broly

  • I like geekdom's content but dude always has to act like he's more important than He is. Comes off as arrogant at times

  • I bet that Chilai and Borly will appear in new DB Super series set for 2019, this is why they made such a 'cliffhanger' with Broly saved instead of being killed.

  • Its such a pity that toriyama never integrates funny scenes with Gogeta /Vegito interacting with Bulma , Chichi and the rest of the z -crew and especially Gotenks...

  • what about MUI????

    • +Andre Ware ?

    • +Ayaan Malik Yeah... About that...

    • Thanks dude. I really wanna see how MUI would look in the way that the movie is designed

    • He will put out a video soon on the movies summary. Some photos have been put online from the premier today as well. The spoilers have been all over twitter concerning the movies plot. There is all so hype :D

  • How about ultra instict

  • Tribute to the Incredible Hulk

  • What if Broly becomes friends with goku and vegeta. Like Vegeta, 17 and Frieza

  • I'd prefer a stalemate where Broly basically hits the point where if he doesn't stop increasing his power, everyone is going to be destroyed, and the wish saves all three of them. If Gogeta doesn't get the upper hand, and they barely make it out alive, then it just provides more motivation for Goku and Vegeta to get stronger. Otherwise fusion is going to be the go to method of beating seemingly unbeatable foes from here on out. They'll attain more powerful forms on their own, then have to do an upgraded fusion. Kind of predictable.

    • I hope fusion isn't used to much

  • does gogeta use blue???? also GOGETA IS CANNON NOW

  • For those who said Gogeta is stronger than Vegito is WRONG!!! Let's me explain in order to do fusion dance you have to drop the power to the fusion partner if you stronger than the fusion partner, but the potara fusion does not do thing like that it just fused the power together and does not reduce the power , and the dancing fusion only last 30 minutes but the potara can last to 1 hour

  • Oh you didnt know? Freiza wants to be taller. Quite the wish huh? 😂


  • I really wish Broly becomes one of the Z warriors at the end or in the new show! That would be so awesome!!

  • im really curious about this movie now. so much info

  • Up coming super movies Lord slug Garlic jr Cooler 😂

  • I can see Chilai being a recurring character in the next season of Super. Maybe she and Broly become friends at the very least?


  • I'm glad that Toriyama finally fixed Legendary Super Saiyan. We were always told that it was a form with an infinite wellspring of power that continuously gets stronger. It never made sense how he was originally beaten by a super charged ssj1. Not this time. Broly needs no new forms or some new god power. This is the true Legendary Super Saiyan. This is...Broly.

  • To this day i still dont get the difference between Vegetto and Gogeta. They're both Goku and Vegeta so why should it matter ? And isn't Vegetto a more stable version of Gogeta anyway, so why the "excitement" ??

    • Vegeta's personality is more dominant in Vegetto and Goku's is more dominant in Gogeta. Then there's the fighting styles which is more fleshed out in games. There's also the voices where you can hear Vegituh a bit more over Goku with Vegetto and you can hear Goku a bit more over Vegituh with Gogeta. Although, in Gt (english dub anyway) they both equally overlap each other.

  • picollo's role will be him making a epic entrance then get ko'd by onepunch.

  • I’m tryna see broly be berros

  • OMG I can't wait to see wiss fights broly

  • So no ultra instinct??

    • Nope

  • Whis....damn dude clowning everyone.

  • Bro the only reason broly us considered the strongest is cause in the tournament there was no killing just imagine if there was just a plain battle no tournament plus jiren and broly are considered gods of destruction level be serious

  • I really apreciate all the news you put up for us. I always liked your content except for one thing; you always have to see as i told you so and so on. You talk so many times about how you were right or like your sources said. It's like you want us to give you credits everytime. Just one thing i just don't like, because you really don't need it. Apart from that, thanks for all this content

  • Whis dodging and playing with broly alone makes it worth watching

  • Why does someone always want to spoil something? Just wait patiently for the movie to come out like every other Dragonball fan. I'm a huge Broly fan, and I'm not a patient person but searching for early content is only going to make me lose interest in watching the movie because I'll already have an idea of what's going to happen in the movie

  • I feel like it's a missed opportunity to help legitimise some of Super's weaker characters with further development from what I've heard so far. For one this could be a chance to improve the saiyans from the stringbean universe, bringing in Cabba, Caulifa and Kale would have been a nice touch, even for just a few minutes or to simply view the fight. You could even push it slightly and have Kale turn legendary super saiyan even if it's only to fill in the gap between Broly going from relatively weak to godlike and is nothing more then Kale getting her ass kicked. Hell even having the Kefla fusion before the Gogeta fusion to give Goku and Vegeta the idea and to fill in the gap between Broly being SSBlue strength and Broly going beyond could work. It's nice that they're really trying to tie frieza into super alot since ressurection F and Frieza does fit into the lore of this film perfectly but I feel like some of our other former villains could still benefit with some more screen time too. Like Buu... super has done fuck all with Buu over the entire series and two movies so far, and it seems like they will never give Buu the same treatment they've given to literally EVERY other major villain from DBZ who is still alive or has returned from death. 17 just got his shot in the limelight last season- which was great. It feels odd that we have all the past villains getting love (Piccolo- although he's getting some of the least, Tien- he atleast got love in the last film and the series...sort of, Frieza, Android 17, Vegeta etc.) But Buu is getting shit on all the time and Cell is just gone from the planets surface, like Cell has been banished to the same place Ja Rule was banished to.

  • That Mean Broly Was Vegeta ENEMY Not Goku So This Mean Vegeta deserve finish broly more Than Goku

  • I don’t care about anything else, as long as they keep the same ki blast sound effects for Broly they used in the original film I’m satisfied. I’m a simple man.

    • Adan Hernández-Abrego Agreed, I’m sure they will. His ki blast sound is one of his coolest traits that fans know him for.

  • Good one Daniel cool information and quiet alot

  • Idk why would you make a video like this why spoil it for anyone and yourself I’m convinced you just want views

  • Thank God. If they killed my bro after all this character development, i would've raged harder than broly at the end of trailer 3

  • Let's gooooo!! Can't wait for this movie

  • Yeah you think people would stop with the spoilers, but no..

  • Why are u posting a spoiler video for a movie that hasnt been released?????? Why does it seem necessary for db community to do that?

  • If Gogeta beats Broly... wouldn't that make Jiren stronger than Broly? Since I highly doubt Vegito or Gogeta would beat Jiren, I mean even MUI Goku struggled a bit against Jiren so 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • They need them against the demon realm that attacks during the preliminary Universal Tournament that is requested by the other Gods of Destruction

  • No mastered ultra instinct?!? Smh

  • Cheeelay saves broly

  • Gogeta is freaking strong. Probably close to to vegito level. Vegito is stronger than limit breaker Jiren.

  • So there is no MUI?

  • So I'm guessing no mastered ultra instinct goku

  • RIP in Peace x100 Piccolo

  • Broly needs a girl. That will calm him down

  • No nut November failed

  • So no ultra instinct Goku?!😩😢

  • Guys I’m pretty new to DBZ, but who’s stronger out of Gojeta or Ultra instinct Goku??

  • Would UI GOKU be introduced in this movie cuz I feel like his not and it kinda maked me sad Tbh if I dont get to see it but I am pretty happy about this whole thing

  • Will Goku achieve ultra instinct.?? Although it is confirmed that gogeta will appear does Goku still use Mui???