PS5 $500, Release March 2020, MONSTER 4K 60FPS RUMOR. How true is this?

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 19 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Sony skipping E3 was a really big deal but the announcement was in fact leaked prior to the announcement. Something that specific being correct has now got us looking at the rest of the leakers posts. Let's see what they're saying about PS5, and just how true are they compared to what we're hearing already. Here's a hint: Technically nothing is true until it happens. True story.
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  • i stil think its too early to release ps5... i still havent gotten the PS4 yet .. time goes by fast..

  • they only made 100 milion off ps4? that doesent seem like much didnt GTA 5 make like over a billion

  • ryzen+vega no need to be a Genius but 4k 60fps meh don't think so they will aim for real 4k 30fps and maybe performance mode with the ps4 pro res and 60fps lock it's x86 for sure will be retro compatible

  • I played the Anthem closed alpha on pc. All I have to say is it was amazing and very smooth and stable for me atleast. Best game iv'e ever played. Also we all know they could sell the ps5 for $10 and still turn a profit. They make money by you being on the platform and purchasing software, memberships and such. This is the same reason amazon can sell tablets at a loss and make it back through your purchases on it.

  • 2020 is so long time

  • it's at least 3 years worth of entertainment if the console works properly i'd be down to drop 1000 euros on it so i don't mind 500

  • i don't have a problem with the price increase if everything else works fine!

  • i want a ps5 with mouse and keyboard support out the box and special edition command and conquer remastered console i can dream of a brotherhood of nod console right?

  • fake!!

  • lol this is a joke all you console peasants

  • I just want to know will it have a 4k uhd player drive in it like my Xbox one X??

  • If all that you said is in a box, i dont see a reason someone to complain on a price point of 600, count 400for ps5 and 200for the rest on a promo, so here we come to a price of 700-800 range, if they made a KILLER console with gloves and somekind of a kid dream experience, easy 1k

  • If they're including all that into the box including the camera and PSVR2, they can have my 500 bucks.

  • not sure why people complain about the price considering the life span of the console. im all for beefing up the hardware so in 4-5 years when its in the middle of its life cycle games still look acceptable.

  • I wish my Dualshock 4 Will work on PS5. Controllers are fucking expensive

  • I’m happy AF with my PS4 tbh... God of War, Uncharted 4 and RDR2 look absolutely AMAZING! Just focus on 1080p 60fps and we’ll be set!

  • This is good, now we will see cheaper PS4-pro consoles and games as the console gets closer to it's lunch date and pre-orders

  • Fucking Sony money hungry stealing machine i swear, i just want more and more its obvious they dont care about the gamer just money money money!

  • I think 4k 60 is just too far now I think native 30 is more like it because it costs basically 400 for a GPU alone to hit that frame rate and resolution, either way, am still not buying it because I am tired with a paid online

  • For the time its taking for its release , it better have 4 k 60 fps or it will become a joke vs pc's.

  • Yeah I would like it to be called PS5

  • it will be 60fps for a cut this shit.

  • I wonder if the new Elder Scrolls game will be launched on this system or ps4

  • Nobody give fuck about 4k gaming anymore fps is so much more important 120fps 1080 is so much more beautiful and smooth for me and other real gamers u can still have story mode for 4k 30fps and nobody give shit but when u want to play online fps is the most important thing

  • Modern Warfare 4 for ps5 confirmed?

  • 500 is fine. You only need to buy a headset for VR which they would discount over current kits. My plan would be to sell my current PS4 Pro + VR v2, move controllers and camera and buy the PS5 with updated Move controllers and headset.

  • I hope gta 6 comes then

  • Wow, that PS5 is going to be "Thhhhhhhicckkk".

  • Any shooter that isn’t 60fps by 2020 will not be bought by me.

  • 4k gaming would be a massive mistake, OK for video but it's a frame rate killer in 3D that would limit the content too much, it'd basically stand still on content instead of moving forward. It's too much of a performance hit. Expect it to run at reduced resolution for a lot of titles if it's on a 4K display.

  • dont take an L like xbox one at launch

  • I dont mind paying 500$ BUT the problem for me is that it would cost 600$ in India smh

  • They will pull the same shit as the Xbox OneX. It's most likely not going to be native 4K. That is damn impossible with the budget. It will most likely be checkerboard upscaled like the OneX. It's been confirmed that Sony is going to be using Ryzen chips in the PS5, and since consoles use APUs, you can't expect too much power without a dedicated graphics card. If this new PS5 actually does output native 4K in 60FPS I'll be extremely surprised.

  • 500 is justifiable if the hardware is there. I think with AMD's next gen CPU's and GPU's it would be totally worth it. It's pretty much competing with pc gaming.

  • i looked at the title and said bullshit

  • Not a bad release date, either way let people enjoy ps4 a lil longer.. 5 better have backwards compatibility to

  • Price is literally the last thing that is decided on. Fake news.

  • "4K 60Fps". *Drops in 2020* with the cinematic Checkerboarding upscaling cinematic 30fps experience.

  • I'm interested to see the model of the PS5.

  • Maybe they will have 2 ps5 versions. One for $400 and one for $500. The latter having vr. Some may not want vr at all.

  • In 10 years your iPhone will be your game console you just put it on a dock and it runs games. Mobile processors are getting ridiculously powerful every year.

  • Well the release date could very well be true, as I said many times, Rockstar uses the same marketing strategy as with GTA, first year current gen consoles, 1 year later PC, 1 year later next gen consoles. To maximize profits, as people will buy it twice of even three times.

  • (PS5 WAS ANNOUNCED IT CAN RUN 60 FPS 4k) The Ps4 Pro can run 60 fps with 4k 😂

  • I'm not buying 2 versions of a game again when the ps4 came out I bought like 8 of the same games I already had on ps3 so I guess I will only being playing ps5 games

  • $500 is nothing. Get a better job and stop being poor. i spent 4k on my PC

  • 4k 60 fps at what quality? lol you ppl seem to forget there is more to quality than just resolution and FPS lol, at 500 bucks? its gonna be shit.

  • I would like to see a 10-year system. I think everybody that likes console gaming would like to see 10 year systems. Im tired of switching out a perfect good console after only 6 years of being on the market. If I wanted to upgrade my shit every few years ill just get a gaming PC. Am I the only one that feels this way?

  • Whats with all the people saying $500 is not bad for 4k 60fps it will never happen a $2000 gaming computer cant even handle 4k 60fps gaming on some of the bigger games and the people saying Xbox 1 already got this lol you can get a graphics card better than xbox1's for $60 and my 3 year old samsung has better ram im not hating on console ive played console for 20years nearly but i got a pc 4 years ago and the latest console is like a ps2 compared to it console is years behind and game developers are forced to create games able to run on these trash systems because its a bigger audience for them and its sad just wondering what they could do

  • O cool. SO its like an xbox one x. Great...

  • fuck graphics, fuck 4k i want stable fun games, the more games seem to be about graphics, the emptier the games become.

  • You want the PS5 to be backwards compatible. But this is Sony, and they will do something stupid. It will definitely be 500 bucks just because of the success of the Xbox one X. ijs

  • Truly possible..they found that the cpu is holding their performance back..irs holding xbox1x back .almost anything from the 8 core ryzen family will be almost over kill for what their trying to accomplish...the ryzen and its single thread is can compute well for just gaming functions..I'm certain the hardware can do 4k 60...maybe not on ultra whatever generation of ryzen they land at will be good...if its ryzen 3 8 core their flexibility will be immense..its not nonsense to think they could be that far since its developed now..since amd is working with Sony on its architecture...

  • Clickbaited.

  • hey , where did you get those kick ass Earrings, your like a Cool ass rapper!

  • If they don't do backwards compatibility, they're committing next gen suicide. The excuse that it couldn't be done with the PS4 (as they already designed it) won't fly, PS4 Pro was a first strike. Also the $500 price point is playing with fire, dangerously close to PC gaming pricing. Would it be worth paying maybe $100-200 more for longevity? Not a question you want console gamers debating, and it completely defeats the purpose of console availability. Also $500 stops being the average household income's main Christmas present for little 8-9 y/o Jimmy, which while isn't a concern for older gamers, might make a significant dent in sales figures. Particularly if Microsoft undercuts them. Of course it's all speculation at this point, but if true, Sony is being quite ballsy next gen. It might be worth to see what Microsoft does before doubling down on their current plans, which I believe Microsoft will be doing this next gen as to not repeat their Xbox One announcement failure.

  • PS5 will be announced in January-March 2019 and will be sold in Q3 of 2019. Certainly, for sale all over the world for Christmas 2019

  • why can't they just make console's gpu or cpu upgradable like pc?

  • they should delay The last of Us part 2 and bring it out on ps5 instead. it would be worth the wait!

  • Why the issue of a $500 console, phones are $1000+ and we change them every 2 years. I've never understood the price arguments with consoles.

  • Backwards compatibility please. The life cycle of the PS4 was too short.

  • It's too bad that it won't be true 4k and won't actually run at 60 ;( These console companies always claim that they will have 4k 60 fps but it's always scaled 4k (fake 4k) and only 60 fps on a handful of games. If they truly do manage to get fake 4k at 60 fps on ALL games then the console will most definitely cost more than $500.

  • I hope they return to the more retro scene. Good graphics don't make things fun. I think they are forgetting what a game actually is lol. It's not a million cut scenes or pretty water.

  • $500 PS5 doesn't sound as crazy now as it did before with smart phones already hitting $1K. I just don't want to pay $100 per PS5 games. That would absolutely SUCK.

  • The ONLY reason i bought a ps4 is for God Of War and Last Of Us 2. Other than that my PC is my goto. Everyone will have a PC sooner or later in the future 1 million percent

  • Raising founds to buy a ps4

  • The MONSTER part is definitely not true

  • I totaly want a RDR2 remake and not wait a extra 10 years

  • I dont even care about FULL backwards compatible just ps4 exclusives and mayor releases

  • i have a laptop thats 2700 euro's, so what haha this ps5 is just shit anyway.

  • If released in 2020 the ps5 will HAVE to do 4k at 60fps or it will be an utter failure. I had a pc that could do this 3 years ago.. Fingers crossed

  • Not spending a dime on Playstation 5 if not backwards compatible.

  • Ryzen 1 should be a $400 price point. Ryzen 2 would be $500 imho.

  • i Miss lets talk PlayStation!!

  • Poor console peasants blowing shit loads of money on consoles each time a new one is out with subscriptions and other gear You guys slam PC for being expensive but you spend more in the long run and that's why people with brains laugh at you sheep baaaaaaah!!!!!

  • I think $500 is fine. The PS sold for just $400 but that was in 2013. Inflation alone would justify an increase of $50.

  • I just wish they stop with their absurd censorship of games in anime style.

  • why is nobody talking about cyberpunk 2077 ??

  • how about 144 fps?

  • Why would you put the breakout box for virtual reality inside the console. That makes absolutely zero sense and is extremely wasteful and not cost effective.

  • Young and reckless 🤔

  • Only 60fps?

  • I hope it will be backwards compatible with ps4 and that the graphics will be 4k 60 😋 500 a little pricey

  • just the answer to the title, not true at all. not even 2k$ pc's can handle 4k 60 fps well atleast not all games. how true can it be that a console for 500$ will handle it... also NO FUCKING ONE NEEDS wont even see the difference between 2k and 4k if you sit on both at the same position. just go with 2k optimize your console and all parts for 2k and solid 60 fps or even 120 fps on ALL games and you will have a happy community. it could be so easy STOP promising shit that wont work out and is going to let your console sound like a fucking jet engine. that is what i wish for for christmas XD

  • Some of the games aren’t made to run at 4K and those are the games we probably won’t be able to play on PS5 unless they’re added to psnow or the other thing I can’t remember lol

  • $500 most of us wont buy it and it will be ps3 deja vuthey cant be that dumb

  • Making the console $500 and making VR a pack in sounds like a terrible idea. It's no different than what Xbox did with Kinect this generation. If this information is true then I don't think the PS5 is going to take off the way PS4 did.

  • 60fps at 4K ? Good luck the best gaming pc can barely do that at a price of £2000 plus A console (half built oc) will run 60 fps 4k ? No chance you’d be lucky to get 60 fps at 1080p.

  • I think it's going to be game's that are 4k HDR on PS4 Pro that will be backwards compatible, like your not going to have games that are like GTA IV and COD Ghosts that will be on PS5 because they were meant for 1080p resolution where games like black ops 4 and red dead redemption 2 is on the pro and is 4k HDR. Hopefully it's not all about resolution and frame rates. I just hope photorealism will be the next big thing for the PS5. And yes I know that PS4 Pro is not native 4k lol.

  • The fact that Sony is having so much financial trouble I wouldn't plan on seeing a PS5 at all.

  • I think $500 Is fine because the PS4 Costed $399 but adjusted for inflation that's $434 in 2018 and it may be $450 in 2020 USD so I think $499 for a more powerful ps5 is fine. i just hope (because im not American that they make the exchange rate reasonable to pound sterling unlike apple

  • Of course. It’s all rumors, but it’s obvious that the ps4 life cycle is approaching given it’s already been 5 years of release. The dev kit doesn’t mean anything as Sony moved away from proprietary hardware architecture. My perspective is the ps pro is a test to benchmark possible future hardware advancements.

  • PS5 4K 60 FPS !!!!

  • I really want to be able to play multiplayer without paying for PS+

    • Same

  • It will have backwards compatibility on all PS4 games as it is using same x86 arch as PS4 and PS4 PRO as well as the same directx version 11/12 support. This means all your PS4 games will be playable on next playstation just like all the PS4 games were playable on PS4 Pro this is the exact samething and is likely 100% why they won't call it PS5 as look at all you who are already confused it will be called PS4 something. The reason you don't have support for PS3 games is it used Directx9 and PowerCell arch so those games would need to be ported to x86 to work on current gen consoles. Microsoft is able to bring reg xbox backwards compability due to the original xbox using x86 arch that they are currently using now its the same x86 arch PC has always used. The Xbox 360 used power cell which is why you can put Xbox 360 games in the X as they need to be ported to the Xbox One but since Original Xbox used x86 arch this why Original Xbox games are playable in Xbox One X. The next playstation is basically like what the PS4 Pro when only the PS4 was released and PS4 Pro was coming. It is exact same thing this time around its just more powerful machine. There is no new gen. "Only thing I know is Most of the late ps4 titles will also be in P55" This is about current PS4 games being updated to take advantage of the extra power the next playstation will have. It's like Xbox One X has X enhanced or PS4 Pro has Pro enhanced all this means is not every game will be enhanced but they will all still be playable in the same way they are playable now.

  • It's probably loaded with micro transactions like you gotta pay for the game to start lmao and you gotta pay to open the disc drive, pay to save, pay to load, pay for the disc to actually spin

  • Ps. Lie every time. They gonna give shit after 2 day Broke. Fuck your ps5 I need a console backwards compatible with all ps4 games. Not the bs ps now. For me release this shit on 20xxxxx

  • Nothing new for ps all the PS4 games must play on the ps5. Fuck that. Someone only buy ps for the exclusive.

  • PS6 2024 exists already,'s called a high-end PC gaming machine.

  • PS4 games should still remain the default for ps5

  • all i want is 4k at 60 fps ill pay 500 at launch for that in a heartbeat