PS5 $500, Release March 2020, MONSTER 4K 60FPS RUMOR. How true is this?

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 19 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Sony skipping E3 was a really big deal but the announcement was in fact leaked prior to the announcement. Something that specific being correct has now got us looking at the rest of the leakers posts. Let's see what they're saying about PS5, and just how true are they compared to what we're hearing already. Here's a hint: Technically nothing is true until it happens. True story.
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  • $500 ain't nothing

  • if ps5 don't play other gen games, like ps4, fuck you sony, i will not buy it. :)

  • I cant believe its been 6 years...i still havent got a ps4 and i got my ps3 when the ps4 launched #broke

  • A 500$ version that has backwards compatibility with a 400$ version without it, i think they will sell really good.

  • Still savin for ps3

  • It's not coming in 2020 at all lol its late this year

  • 60fps isn’t even new anymore. Xbox has had it


  • Ha Xbox on x already has 4k and 60fp

    • weeb spaghetti so does ps4 pro

  • Basically the same rumours as every other PA-tv video

  • when the next playstation is going to have more cpu cores then my current pc 😲

    • but shit video card :) So PS5 is shit and laizy Play station :D only stupit kids can buy PS5... just play gaimes with ps4 saime shit

  • I just got a PS4 slim last week

  • 60fps isn't even impressive. My old ass PC shits 60fps

  • They should never cut off multiplayer for old systems

  • I care more about 60fps than beast graphics, also I want PS5 games to have graphic settings like PCs do.

  • So much for all rumors out there. Was so excited like thousands , maybe millions , for AMD's Next Generation GPU's >> and we got "Radeon VII" that constantly crash and barely beats a 3 years old 1080. Not going to fall for rumors again..

  • 😂😂😂😂😂this is a joke. PlayStation is not gonna get something 4K and then sell it for 500 it should be 2200. That’s the dumbest marking ever, but 500 dollars with probably some trash parts with a Ryzen 5??? Y’all people buy a wayyyyyyy better pc with 500 dollars

  • HAHAHAHAH 4k 60fps for $500! That’s the best joke i’ve ever heard of!

  • PS5 is not releasing cause im pretty sure we would have xbox news first before playstation

  • seems gay

  • I really like the love for the PSVR movement. They have already offered us more than I thought they could pull off. I think they could shave the price point by coming out with 2 different models. Obviously, not everyone is as interested in VR as I am, so why not make a console without the Breakout box as well? In all reality, until we see what exclusive titles are coming out, (which they will plenty of), I don't see any reason to make the jump. Especially if there is no backward compatibility. As gaming consumers, the cost to constantly replace each console with a new one can't be ignored. I am not a PC gamer. But it is starting to become a lot to ask for us gamers to stay loyal. And I don't have any brand loyalty, to begin with. I go where the games are. But PC is more accessible than ever, do I really want to spend another 500 on a console I am going to have for a few years? It's so bad at this point that I wait 2 years to buy a console just to get the upgraded version.

  • If it runs PS4 discs Ill buy it in a second!

  • This is fake news sorry people iv all ready bin tolled official by sonys CEO the ps5 will not come till after cyberpunk 2077 is released becos of developemant contracts

  • Sony has already sated many many many times the ps5 will not come till after 2022 maby but they need to release cyberpunk 2077 first and many other ps4 game like ghost of tusheman

  • You can scratch the March release date prediction, the november release date on the other hand is good.

  • Sony doesn't comply with its customer base that want their products. Aiming to please somewhat. &not listens well to people . Microsoft does. They for sure will have backwards compatibility

  • Ps5: 4k @ 60fps @ 144hz If not then at leasy 4k @ 60fps

  • He predicted Anthem lol

  • Such a misleading title... My old PC can do 4K 60 fps in super mario and other shitty games like it maybe... Now I would like to see Squad and Post Scriptum and others at ultra 4K 60 fps... good luck... And even if it start getting a lot of 4K 60 fps a few time after some games will be 2K 30 FPS... I actually prefer when they make a Single player good game at 30 FPS stable with maximum visuals as they can give, it depends a lot on the game type, FPS multiplayer must be 60 FPS for maximum gameplay.

  • Imagine if ps5 was the first console that made buying a tv to game on obsolete. You just use the VR headset that has the best picture. Where it can be used as a tv and not use it for VR if its a non VR game. Sony, just do it ✌️

  • Less than a year later... Anthem releases in two weeks. Lmfao!

  • $500 is reasonable for the hardware that's going into that box. It can't be marginally better than the PS4, and a $399 PS5 runs the risk of doing this. It NEEDS to be significantly better for anyone to buy it. Most people I personally know with PS4s don't even have the pro version, and for the same reasons I mentioned. They don't feel that the small graphical and framerate improvements are worth the extra price. I think it's a bad idea if Sony decides to launch with games that are on both PS4 and PS5 simultaneously, especially if they don't look that different.

  • There is no, and I guarantee you, no way a 500$ console will be able to run native 4K 60fps. I am excited for PS5 but I hate these irrational rumors.

    • thatone guy emmm it can't run 4k 60fps? And most of the games are upscaled

    • 400$ xbox one x 4k at 60 fps?

  • I called myself a gamer since I play mobile games. Until i get the taste of console games, i would like to travel back in time to slap my own face with a pair of worn out flip flops. . . . . I know. Nobody cares.

  • Idk why anyone would buy another console tbh. Moved from ps4 to Pc two years ago and it was the best decision ive made.

  • playstation 10

  • The price scares you? We buy $1,000 phones...

  • Still no more mmorpg to take you away from reality.... only low IQ guys can fed a life with single player games... games not fun anymore... my 1080ti is just chilling....

  • Get a Damn PC if you want to be playing games at max settings 60fps or higher

  • With phones passing the $1K price range, I don't mind a console being $500 or more if it is powerful enough. I always thought the release of PS5 will be in 2021 based on AMD readiness with Navi. But maybe we can get PS5 in 2020. I HOPE they don't skimp on the specs. My only complaint of PS4 hardware is the weak CPU. Zen 2 variant (rumored) looks exciting and I hope they go nuts with the GPU. Overall, PS4 is amazing hardware-wise. I'm not worried about PS5 at all. Thanks for collecting the info and making the video. Console release cycles are the most exciting times for me. :)

  • Fuck 4k. If your games can't run smoothly at 60fps, then fuck you. Period.

  • How is 4K/60 "Monster"...when that's only twice as good as a we've had for years???!


  • I bet entire world will be buy ps5 so for a 500 for them would be ok , cause no matter they will earn shit load coins

  • Hope is not $500, after everyone joke about that price with Xbox One X been to expensive, and know we are going to be in the same spot?

  • fake news theres no such thing call ps5 its all fake guys wake the fuck up

  • Ps5 coming out 2021.....Back in mid 2018,sony ps4 developer said " we have three years now to get a jumpstart on the next gen" Reason for three years is because ps4 pro dropped not so long ago costing gamers money n the whole 4k tv situation ....So sony didn't want to kill people with a high priced ps5 and having no option but to buy 4k tv so fast especially since ps4 pro still selling high n original ps4 as well....DONT LISTEN TO THESE CLOWNS WHO ARE DYINGGGGG FOR A NEW TOY WHEN THE VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS NOW ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD.....BE PATIENT N ENJOY WHAT WE GOT NOW.........HOS

  • Compatibility will be give on both platforms. Same CPU and GPU family as previous gen, Memory faster on newer gen... Cannot see that compatibility will be issue like Cell CPU from PS3 that had exotic memory / cores combination like PS2 which was also difficult to emulate and hit speed of the exotic parts

  • 499? Fuck it ! Get me two of them 😉😆😆 .

  • I just want to play pubg on ps5

  • All I care about is that the console comes with 2TB memory because my Pro's 1TB is getting filled up faster than I'd like for it to.

  • $500 for 4k 60fps? won't be happening

  • One of the saddest things I've seen from Sony most recently was the stupid, stupid, stupid PS1, remake, well look a like remanufactured wanna be PSone, I have a whole bunch of PS1 discs I'd love to stick them in there fake system, I mean cool, the oldstuff works, but no disc drive, no top loading, non at all.

  • Ye its all about the graphics now some games are not even fun no more tbh

  • Here b4 the ps5 is Out and lame

  • I just hope for backwards compatibility with PS4 and PS3.

  • Will if they give us backwards capability with the ability to play all playstation games. Then I’ll buy one at $500 but only if I can do that!

  • The specs will be amazing. The gameplay experience will be even worse than PS4. PC is the only future.

  • $500 is fair to get some serious Hardware In my opinion $600 is to much, and $400 wouldn't get us the higher abilities we want imo

  • So the PS5 is just catching up to the Xbox One X...

  • It won’t be 500 it will be 399-479

  • It feels like the PS4 just came out tho

  • you cheap *&%^ would you sell a Rolls Royce for under 100k because YOU think they cant ... if the PS5 is worth 500 then so be it. dont go under minding people about past crap.. everything is going up .. life is changing tech is inproving and you want to cry about price. last i heard Cheap thing no good and GOOD THING NO CHEAP!!!!

  • One thing we need to talk about is if we will ever start seeing more game capturing software and possible legitimate editors like you can hook up a keyboard and mouse and edit your gaming videos. With the specs I could see something like this. It would be cool

  • Personally I find 400-500 reasonable considering the xbox one x is sitting at 500 now. Curious to see how well this does since the majority of people already have a ps4 even if they stop making games.. the backlog at this point is insane

  • 2tb SSD, 60 fps, 4k standard no less.

  • 4k 60..... I just don't see it.

  • Speculation and rumours is jive turkey

  • My problem is the fact that we hardly got good enough games this generation, and they're already talking about next generation, 2018 was a good year for games finally since.... 2013? come on. and 2019 looks good too but I don't want it overshadowed by next generation console releases.

  • Dude what are you on about. I bought my PS4 launch model for US$ 654.00. Considering the fact that PS5 will be a much better/more advanced console than PS4 it just makes sense that it should cost more. I expect it to be around US$ 800

  • Yes this gets released on my bday month March

  • PS4 Pro was a powerful console, but Xbox One X was an architectural accomplishment for consoles. Because its microsoft... The people that made windows PC, so as long has Microsoft has someone competent like Phil Spencer in charge they are always gonna have the more powerful console each generation now, they're just better at building consoles, smarter at it. However Sony will probably have more games, that's more important to me but I'm just stating this because some of these videos make it sound like Sony will have the most powerful console next gen, but I sincerely doubt that

  • Best games that should be released/launched with the PS5 Last of us 2 Mw4 GTA 6 even tho rockstar said gta6 won't happen for a while And Spider-Man 2 And it should have backwards compatibility with older CD games Ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 And have crossplay with ps4 Stores will run out of PS5's if sony does that Cuz it will be a monster console

  • I would not find it likely that playstation would make ps5 500 bucks at launch.

  • I’m excited just hearing ps5 is topic of discussion

  • Exactly. A $500 box is a mistake. If they need to take out the VR do it, do not over bundle things and only raise the price I.e. Xbox with kinect

  • I dont understand i have a pc and all i do is buy the game aka done did that on the same computer since ps2

  • So basically youre gonna pay 500 for a console with no good games to play =_= .... i remember when ps4 first launched there was nothing to play for months !!!

  • lol my pc thats 2 years old already runs most games 4k 90 fps easy this isnt anything new this amount of power has been avaliable for a long time


  • $500 is OK. I mean the biggest reason people bought PS4 wasn't that it cost $400 ( it was more expensive in my country anyway). The reason was that microsoft screwed up the marketing for their console and that Xbox one was + $100 while being less powerful than PS4 with no good exclusive games (PS4 didn't have good launch titles either, thats why I bought it later..) So if PS5 has "monster" hardware, its ok to be priced at $500

    • Also the E3 advertisement of Internet required and no game exchange to another user didn't help much either.

  • I like sony but I can't afford 500$ console then 60$ for playstation plus and a 60$ for a game

  • The funny thing about consoles is how many times are you going to pay a company 500 dollars for they're console do yourself a favor people BUILD A PC you wont regret it

    • Why play on PC? You all spend more then 500 on your PC setup. Dont lie. Games look worse on PC bc you put all settings on low, and most games are infested with hackers. So therefor I ask. Why?

    • +Leper King it's more like 10 parts. I learned to build a pc by taking one apart that was built for me because I thought cable management was messy.

    • Da Chop Up i do like my pc but like my ps games more

    • +Leper King Building a PC is so easy a cave man could do it only remedial people would think building one is too hard 😆

    • LOL. "Sorry, son, no PS5, but I got you a better deal!! It's a PC build kit for you to upgrade and modify to your preferences. Here's a checklist of 200 things you need to do before you are ready to play!!" LOL. You may as well tell a car shopper to buy a frame kit and build a car, it's that easy and "MORE RELIABLE". You won't regret it!! LOL.

  • Nah 4k 90fps

  • i got a 4ktv uhd vizio d series...i got in 2017 for the fact it does have the least lag on the market...however...all d series at the time can not work with even pro even though it sais 4ktv...apparently u have to upgrade to the e series because of a dolby chip? anyway...if i cant get a pro to work then chances are i cant get a ps5 to work...which means i have to buy another tv...i will wait for post launch...and whatever model they have after the standard lol

  • Bait, but i took it anyways because i'm bored

    • Anthem won't be getting delayed lol it comes out next month and they've already confirmed that it'll be ready for launch day on the 22nd of the next month.

  • camera on ps5 controller?major turn off

  • 4K60 and 1080p120

  • I am very eager to know how will portability be handled. Will it be a streaming service similar to Xbox Scarlett or will there be none at all?

  • Honestly I don’t care how long it takes for the PS5 to come out I just want to have god of war Quality type games to play on it when it does so if it comes out in 2021 that’s fine by me

  • Actually $500 isn't asking too much these days. If it's actually kick ass then it could be worth it. Let's wait and see

  • Another PA-tv clickbait heading......YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!

  • The PS5 has to be $500, and I am totally fine with that. If you want a powerful console at launch with as few sacrifices and bottlenecks as possible, then you have to pay for that resulting product. So long as the PS5 is 4K60 capable at standard settings, with no dips or graphical compromises then I am happy. The console also has to: - have upwards of 2TB internal storage with 1-2 external storage ports as alternative options - it has to run quietly and efficiently - 12tflops - a faster and smoother UI - improved controller / bigger battery capacity ...amongst other things...

  • PS5 has to be one of the dumbest things ive ever heard. PS4 hasnt even reached its peak, doesnt even have its own GTA, and with sales etc doing well why the fuck would they release a ps5 in 2020? If they do they should hop on the train with Apple and expect a huge decline. There is absolutely no need for a next gen playstion until about 2023-2025. I just got the PS4 pro last year, way too soon now or next year

    • +Supreme Commander Thank you

    • JØSĖPH why would you be upset? You are not required to switch to ps5 as soon as it releases next year. Dont be dumb. There will be not much games on it anyway. Enjoy your games for eff sake. Ps5 is releasing next year deal with it. As for me i will be enjoying my ps4 until ps5 slim comes out.

    • +JØSĖPH You're only saying this because you bought and expensive system last year lmaooo

    • +I'm dat Guy yeah let that drop in 2023. Ps4 is good as it is.

    • +JØSĖPH Significantly higher graphics, faster GPU, much better network/online support and stability More entertainment features, better controller, better console design, much more features for the controller, more ways to interact with the game

  • I feel like possibly they will have a $500 version, but that will be the one with the VR box built in. Not everyone wants VR, so if Sony does say a regular PS5 without the VR box built in for $400, or if you want VR right away itll be $500. Just a thought, it probably wont be that, but who knows

  • PSV( v = 5 ) that would be a cool name?? Or maybe not who knows.

  • Stop it will not be March 2020 they always bring the new systems out in like November or December

  • gosh... why on fucking earth will they use eveytime an apu from amd.. i hope so deeply microsoft uses a nvidia apu.. i want fucking performance..

  • I'll gladly pay more for more powerful hardware why do they have to have bargin price? they never used to Smartphones have been $600-$800 for almost a decade and just hit $1000 and it's accepted not only that a successor comes out every year it's ridiculous imagine what Sony could put make PS5 with a $500 or $600 budget it would he amazing $400 or bust is nonsense you can't future proof a console at that price

  • nov 2020 would be ideal, still much more the ps4 can do