Nationwide investigation into theft of gun parts from ATF firearms facility

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 14 ਮਾਰਚ 2019
The theft of thousands of gun parts and some guns from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is now the subject of a nationwide investigation. ATF officials still do not know the full scope of the crime but say the stolen weapons pose a "risk to public safety." The guns and parts were supposed to be destroyed at a facility in West Virginia. Jeff Pegues reports.
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  • Gives cover for the next false-flag. "But... but... stolen!"

  • 00:56 That's not Glock handgun.

  • ATF are above the law. No crime here.

  • All bad! Becareful Muslims people.

  • Guns used in a coup I wonder where ummm Venezuela

  • Inside job

  • Those guns went to mean "Moderate Rebels" in Syria.

  • 1 arrest = 1 snitch

  • They went to Mexico... Operation Fast and Furious.

  • More corruption

  • LOL. How are they a public threat? Are they admitting gun's are dangerous? What does it matter if they end up on the streets when it's already very easy to get a gun? Hypocracy of the government. Make up your minds. Are gun's dangerous or not? If it's a second amendment right then don't say it's a public safety threat. Because pleanty of guns are in the public already. Just call it theft. 😂

  • 0:54 That's not even a glock. Just another attack on the 2nd amendment.

    • +dat boi I agree that it looks like a Mak but I cant make out the magazine release on the heel of the grip from the photos. It even seems to have a push button release so that makes me think it's some old sig instead, but it really is a hard call. Regardless, we shouldnt forget to mention that Not all those peices are from the same firearm. look at the Angle of the Magazine and Magazine-well, they do not match; story may be valid, but that image is certainly not.

    • +Hurricane Hugues Not all peices from the same fire arm. Angle of the Magazine and Magazine well do not match; story may be valid, but that image is certainly not.

    • Looks like a Sig P220.

    • +Hurricane Hugues that isn't a Glock. Its lower frame is a makarov or PP design you idiot

    • +Hurricane Hugues what model is it?

  • Why don't you tell me about my congreswoman Diana Degette. If she'd listened to me 5 year's the Parkland Shooting In Florida Would Never Have Happened but the republican's are listening.

    • +dat boi I didn't know that. Can I read something about it, gun free zones. My first comment was something that could have been done in regards to the background searches to buy the gun. Before the purchase. I bought my first Gun When I Was 18 and living on my own and working and going to college at night and weekends. But like I said I'm Ignorant About Gun Free Zones, and I admit it.

    • I'm glad your can tell the future. I was under the impression that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle said it's impossible to truly know the exact location (or happening) of something. But please explain to me why 95% of mass shootings since Biden enacted the "gun free zones" bill in 1990 have Happened in gun free zones. Please explain.

  • I guarantee y'all it's one of those law & order for others but not us "patriots" types. Prob. has a bluelives matter flag on his 4×4 extra clean Jeep.

  • Fast and furious who’s behind it Obama was he got a pass🤓

  • Next story 77 million in drugs stolen.

  • Sounds like a "CIA stole those guns & brought them to Venezuela" operation 😉😉😉

    • Amen

    • Daniel Reid word!!!! Snowfall