Marzia quits YouTube, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?! 📰 PEW NEWS📰

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 8 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Marzia quits PA-tv, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?!
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Ralph Retort new livestream location:
Marzia quits video:ਵੀਡੀਓ-KvVOf7Mx5iM.html
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  • are these videos'audio optimized for phone speakers?

  • Not gonna lie his scandals brought me back to his channel 😂😬

  • Too bad patreon is bad due to ban of sargon...

  • one of my friends invited me to a chat and there was fornite porn i said wtf also on ps4

  • this is the closest I've ever come to willingly donating to a charity, too bad I'm broke. my heart hurts, at least give him the fucking money he had already earned

  • I would love to be a PA-tvr because you can spread your own happiness and creativity in some sort of genre plus that can help other pursue in the dreams and beliefs but it takes an immense amount of work & dedication to be successful and consistent

  • Pewds.....please don't stop. I know you'll have to stop one day, but I've been with you from your EARLY amnesia days when you had like 2 thousand subs and I'll die please don't

  • Change change change change. Preeeeeeenup.

  • Did they broke up?

  • Is the glitching on the fake tv so that it doesn't get copystriked? (honestly curious, I have a channel and I'm learning what I'm allowed to put in my videos still haha)

  • This comment section is full of good youtubers. Your official News channel for PA-tvrs and Users. *insert music here* Pew News

  • Pls don’t leave ussss

  • pete is the all time best in voice overs

  • love peeeeetee

  • Wait wait wait.. PA-tv takes 30% of the money donated?! 1) Why do they get that much? and 2) Where EXACTLY is that going?

  • Clearly their sense of humor is specific.. but I dig that!! 😀

  • What is the hell fiver by the way?

  • _T-Siries has blocked you_

  • What happen to MGM?

  • 8 Months of chemo for a child, or politics? hmmmmmmmm

  • Pew News but i heard "Pewnis"

  • Bush did 9-11

  • PA-tv is trying to turn into Nice Try Tube...but you're Too Late

  • Sue them...this is unacceptable business behaviour

  • Wouldn't pew's news make more sense

  • The next great meme war is upon us. NPCs cant meme so they want to take memes from us

  • You know I've been a subscriber to Pewdiepie for a long time when I remember like a 50-min video pewds made unedited about how he and Marzia met and their story like bro ive been here since you had 200k subs. Wild.

  • Voiceover pete's son dying at 6:05

  • What is wrong with being proud of being white ? Are we supposed to cower in the corner and beg for forgiveness?

  • Lmao what if voiceover Pete voiced master chief

  • Keep making amazing videos PewDiePie!

  • You should be able to say what you want regardless of whether or not its offensive. Most of the time its said in jest, or as a joke, such as with racist jokes. And the rest of the time its people saying things that shouldn't be offensive, but have become offensive to the ultra sensitive.

  • it would be like if a horrible racist, homophobic person created a cure for cancer and everyone said they don't want it because of the views of the person that created it.

  • Jokes aside. I think “Gamers” are one of the most oppressed groups on the internet, surprisingly. Except, like, furries, but no one cares about them.

  • When your husband is the #1 fucking subscribed it doesn't matter if she quits youtube or not cause her lifestyle won't change.

  • I have the same shert but the blue on it is yellow

  • I feel like Pewdiepie was hinting about his desire to quit PA-tv without having a reason at the end

  • i assumed marzia wanted to go to university or something along that route

  • It's not just a fight for you to be #1, it's a fight for us, the people of the world to be #1. Its a chance for us to stick it to the man. Dont be a shill, subscribe to pewds, and unsubscribe to t series. Dont let the beast win!

  • *BACK* at it again with the real news

  • Consider becoming.. A person 🤣🤣

  • Brooo.. Voiceover Pete is a legend, come on!

  • 0:12

  • Why the hell do I have the title translated to my language? How do I turn it off?

  • 7:42 doo doo

  • I absolutely love the cheek pop

  • i wan 2 be youtuber wen i grew up plaeis subcrieb tu mai chanel haahaa

  • I think this dude is trying to steal pewdiepie's fiance

  • White pride worldwide

  • This proves that gamers are the most oppressed group of people in the world

  • ATTENTION EPIC GAMERS Voiceover Pete needs your help to defeat the evil people from Fiverr and acquire that unblock and Victory Royale


  • I mean.. they could use the money to get an education and get a normal job but hey they have “no options” except for business and acting.

  • Fivver is screwed now. Now that it's been reviewed by the king of PA-tv, Fivver can kiss it's ass goodbye.

  • AFAIK The Ralph Retort is/was just a drama channel, nothing to do with freedom of speech just IBS - ie they just tried to shit on people. Still shouldnt be censored tho.

  • Celou část kdy PewDiePie mluvil o končení s youtubem jsem myslela na našeho Jirku ... R.I.P. Jirka Král the YTB channel

  • I wanna see doggy again ;(

  • #IndiaSayNoToDonationFromPewdiepie

  • Pewds gotta get 100 million subs

  • Untill patreon bans him...

  • Wtf was that Sheldon-Joker Bazinga thing?? feckin ded

  • who knew that autistic gamer viewed by 9 year olds would become a news reporter

  • Bottom Line PA-tv is idiotic and greedy.

  • I saw Voiceoverpete in an IRL TV Medical Aid commerical.

  • Is pewds and marzia still together?

  • Patreon "We knew it was a joke all along. Come over to us. We could use the ad revenue."

  • Both gamers and anime fans are suppressed. Gamers have trouble from apparent "influence of games" and amine appearently people can't take anime cleavage, or anime inappropriate jokes that is everywhere in anime and isn't bad at all.

  • song at 2:35?


  • insult me , i won’t get offended.

    • RaidyTJC forget what i said ;)

    • RaidyTJC shit i wasn’t supposed to get offended

    • RaidyTJC that’s my dog

    • You're a lovely person and I hope you have a nice day

    • eww a furry

  • Pewds needs to get on the Ralph retort with jim

  • Is that an ad...on a pewdiepie video...

  • Patreon will probably ban him randomly too, they did it to Sargon.

  • Credit cards out for Pete.

  • Poop pie.. u hacker..

  • But then Patreon failed...

  • Bazinga

  • So basically, be offensive to give to charity?

  • the hell is going on with his tv? I cant tell if its on purpose or if there is something wrong with it

  • ray william johnson quit youtube look at him now ... RIP once biggest channel.

  • you should make a timeline about you life with marzia

  • Pewdiepie is the ww2 veteran grandfather of youtube

  • Eyy back to the *PEUU NEUUS.*

  • Fiverr will never get victory royale for that!! #voiceoverpeteisdabest

  • If racist white supremacists, in their infinite hate, decide to donate a ton of money to charity, bravo, send them a Christmas card. As long as the money isn't like stolen or something, what's the problem? Their money spends like any other.

  • Pewdiepie is quitting is what I’m getting from this.

  • *PA-tv why*

  • Pewd is committing too many *"Unauthorized Thinking"* lately and he has a huge audience base/influence. I bet our *OVERLORDS* have already commissioned a team to figure out how to de-platform him.

  • omg massive love and respect for voiceover pete. i would have never kept it together.

  • Boycott fiverr!

  • 18:57 "consider becoming a person" lmfaooooooo

  • Where did you get that jacket

  • 5 million subs in 1 months

  • I do not do superchats simply because I do not want to give youtube money

  • Greatest Grandpa Ever

  • Does anyone think that Anon sounds like a young high distortion?

  • screw fiverr

  • Voice over Pete for meme review

  • he protecc he attac but most importantly... he supports his waifu bacc👌

  • 13:23 that's why it must be you pewds😢