Marzia quits YouTube, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?! 📰 PEW NEWS📰

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 8 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Marzia quits PA-tv, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?!
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  • D-dont tell your parents' credit card information! Looking at you nine year olds!

  • I asked my friends where they got their news. One said cnn, one said they did not watch the news, and the last said pew news. I am so proud.

  • it sounds like PA-tv might've deleted all of the donations because they thought the livestream was promoting hate (considering Felix said it's a debate about outrageous things, I can see how PA-tv could count it as that (especially if PA-tv disagrees with the subjects, but I won't get into that)), and their system couldn't figure out how to specify cases and filter certain ones out, especially if the charity feature they put in was new, so they just rejected them all and deleted their channel. and/or they deleted their channel, *then* because of *that* they deleted the donations because they hadn't transferred yet. though they should've just had a link to where you can donate directly to the charity to begin with, and a filter.

  • leda bear

  • Soupy Sales did something similar. Told kids to go get all the $$ outta moms purse and mail it to him....they did. HIYO!

  • Marzia should copy strike this video for using her video so Pewdiepie can finally get all the revenue.


  • 0:25 most respected news women 😂😂😂

  • Sad thing is that Marzia actually quit PA-tv

  • well done, mate. let us beat t-series to 100mill!

  • In case you didn’t know, Pewdiepie is a Greek god. They just keep it a secret. And mrbeast too. Pewdiepie: lord of all gods Mrbeast:lord of the internet

  • the st Jude thing is rough, I love them, but I remember when they skewered Mother Theresa for using mob money to help feed and give treatment to the poor in India calling her a ton of things. Her reply was, if you want the money , ask them to give it back to you... as in the poor. Gary Gigax had his donation from another charity refunded because D&D is evil... =_= damned if ya do why if ya don't! I'm kinda glad I never blew up on here. I rather work with zero recognition, Im glad Marz is doing awesomely.

  • poppy harlows mic is shit bruh wtf is her employer doing

  • Pewdiepie: 13:53 Me: Some people are lazy

  • Put subtitles on

  • When the pedws camera was actually good

  • You're the best Pew!

  • Now let's be honest here if you guys haven't subscribed to pewdiepie on 10 other accounts then can you say that you are really doing your part? 😉🤔

  • I'm glad Marzia is gone.

  • Thanks for the likes guys! Thank you so much. I just need validation so much that I have to point out that everyone likes me! Thank you so much! Edit: thank you so much for the likes!

  • One question ... Did he and Marzia broke up? It's just that I don't see her in any video anymore

  • poppy harlow vs gloria borgler.

  • Sub to pew dislike t poo

  • *Says it in a low creepy whisper* "I love it when you whisper actual factual statements into my ear" lol or you can be like the white House and offer self admitted "alternative facts" which is the "politically correct" way to say bullshit. Politicians and their policies of political correctness bullshit.

  • I like this, been following you for a long time Pewds, this is a nice idea, The news. It's very interesting.

  • Pew News backwards is Swen Wep

  • I was the 400,000th like

  • “Link in the description” help. Where TF is the description?

  • 15:22 Here's what you came here for. YOUR WELCOME


  • Popy harlow is papa

  • Damn it man. Drop some f bombs so you don't have so many ads come on.


  • I watched Marzia's video. It was a beautiful story of how she and Felix moved from place to place and how she was inspired to start her own PA-tv channel. Eventually, she just wanted to move on to new things and experience the world outside of PA-tv. Nothing about mental health or creator burnout. The people who write these articles can be retarded sometimes.

  • I think Poppy Harlow has fallen hard for cutiepie.... Wonder if pewds is aware of this I feel like we should let him know

  • 1:16 starts VoiceoverPete...but can anyone tell me whats the music/tune plying in the background please if anyone knows. cheers

  • Voiceover Pete. You laugh you win!

  • Marzia is so pretty.

  • Pete’s son is more adorable than Ben Shapiro

  • I got a prageru ad with Ben Shapiro

  • Wait r u and Marzia still together

  • can we get pewnews to be a podcast on spotify?


  • Voiceover pete is so wholesome

  • It should be call “PA-tvr News”

  • Asian Andy is going to die from this

  • Pewdiepie needs to make pewtube where all the bullshit PA-tv has dosnt exist

  • Man those two were such a good couple WHY?

  • Attention all memers Voiceover pete is in grave danger to help him send your moms credit card number and help Voiceover pete will get a epic W

  • the fundamental issue with the donations is. if youtube themselves wont accept the money bc of who said what when it was donated(which you agreed was smart) then youtube cannot channel said money into a charity because the charity themselves like to know who they are receiving funding from. its like a ethical torch being passed on. since the money is tied to certain messages most ETHICAL organizations would not accept the money. fun example:if the u.s funded and helped north korea build a nuke.......that's why news places love to twist youtube apart, its an endless source of stories............why wouldnt you just keep to the easiest content at hand. on the happy side good for voiceover pete! he just seems like genuinely good dood

  • 9:47.

  • #InternetFreedom

  • Got banned and started the kid entertainment channel you fulfill my passion for animation hope got success one day very soon

  • My story is almost smilir to voice over Transfromed into youtube still in noticed

  • i have already watched goodbye youtube by Marzia. I shouldn't have watched it before this video.

  • Teacher:You should watch the news Me:Pew News?

  • 17:05 probably Thea And Crainer channel

  • im zipper, but im a gamer zipper gamer, but i can still help dr.

  • help voiceover pete

  • "Life is more then youtube" -Bigest youtuber on the platform

  • Bro I legit got a pewdiepie ad before watching the vid

  • filthy frank was a huge success as an artist after he left

  • #justiceforpete

  • Best father son duo ever

  • 13:30 well said, good sir

  • Get ready pew to be milked by marzia Italian tana. I used to have Italian girlfriend too and they are the worst bitc#3$ beware their innocence

  • I love this so much it’s content cop mixed with drama alert👍🏻

  • Better Call Saul vibes

  • You guys are the true warriors of this generation guys!!! is nice to learn from you how to slow down this big companies... Great to see the amount of support from everyone in community to boost his confidence:)

  • Just. Take. The. Money

  • Subbed to pete

  • so pete asked for a credit card number how many times in previous vids? yet this one time he asked about it(joke-nly) in this new video and that broke TOS? wtf? o.o

  • You don’t Count as a gamer if you play undertale.

  • Man, the girl who runs this show really looks like Pewdiepie.

  • So did pew and Marzia break up?

    • Lirin thank you

    • Hadley Alex no they’re engaged

  • wait i got a pewdiepie merch ad.

  • F

  • I wonder why Gloria Borger poppy Harlow and pewdiepie look so similar, they even have the same chair for $399

  • Welp you did it, so im subscribing

  • What's wrong with saying "White pride worldwide" ?? Why is it that Asians, Africans, Latin Americans and literally every other race are allowed to be proud of their race but white people aren't. That's pretty racist I must say

  • Thanks for speaking the truth Pewdi. Ur the man

  • Why don’t people get banned from PA-tv for promoting communism?

  • Ironic, got a fiverr advertisement before watching the video.

  • Someone in JF's chat sent me here.

    • Wilburious love JF


  • My mom: Can you turn the volume down? Me: I'm watching news!

  • true respect to this man who truly is a role model and is leading the nine year olds in the right direction

  • How is white pride world wide that bad I get that the people saying it are doing it to be jerks but it’s not like they are saying white power or anything even though people saying black power are doing the exact same thing

  • So...did you broke up with her...?

  • Geezz a couple days you have wasted your life

  • Voiceover Pete is using undertale against me ah

  • How the hell is the mic floating


  • Engagement ring ad when talking about Marzia 🤣

  • This dude does commercials where he pretends to be a doctor.

  • Boycott fiverr

  • There is something seriously wrong if Marzia _isn't_ pregnant by now

  • Men lets not use fiver such a jerk they are like seriously dude like men world needs to ban them from everywhere f them

  • About the offensive super chat donations, it makes perfect sense to go to charity, because it is the absolute troll the people who write them (the hate donations), this way the money they use to promote hate goes to something good that helps kids. Pewds is right, just take the money and put the politics aside ... it's that simple.

  • Everyone quit fiverr