Maayavan (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies in Hindi Dubbed

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 12 ਅਪਰੈਲ 2019
Here's the Latest EXCLUSIVE Blockbuster Full Movie 'Maayavan' Starring Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff. Maayavan is a 2019 New South Dubbed Action Movie in Hindi Dubbed | south indian movies dubbed in hindi full movie 2019 new
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Sundeep Kishan plays a police officer, who is severely injured while trapping a murderer. Couple of months after recovery, he resumes his job and during the process of investing the murder of an actress (Akshara Gowda) comes across similarities in pattern of this murder with the previous ones. This takes him through few more characters, who are in some way connected with these murders.
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Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff, Daniel Balaji & Others
Story & Direction: C.V.Kumar
Cinematographer: Gopi Amarnath
Music Composer: Ghibran
Editor: Leo John Paul
Art Direction: Gopi Anand
Screenplay & Dialogues: Nalan Kumarasamy
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  • Good movie but some logical loss After so long 20 years he can't find way to stop copied brain transfer . That time as shown in the movie, technology was way more developed... Or the director want to say that dr. Pramod's research was advanced more than 20yrs ??? I was agree on this with director...any one ??

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  • Wonderfull.must watch. Very briliant concept. No it is not like bogan movie.diffent concept but natuar and possible. Must watch young ones.😊Thank You for Nice Concept🤗😍🤗.

  • Wonderfull.must watch. Very briliant concept. No it is not like bogan movie.diffent concept but natuar and possible. Must watch young ones.😊Thank You for Nice Concept🤗😍🤗.

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