"I'm white" Dr Phil #8

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 1 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Black girl goes on dr phil and says "im white."
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  • The mom is baad

  • #Cancel2019

  • 4:03

  • Are u sure

  • A gaggle of African Americans, hahaha that's a new one. 😂

  • If she is white then all those things she said is R A C I ST

  • holy shit the subtitles are golden

  • We don't want her

  • She's white but she's called Treasure?!?

  • 💣💥

  • Is it coz I is black?! 😉

  • I'm a girl I clearly feel it in my veins mfs

  • Kim is not white she is Armenian/Caucasian/Middle Eastern

  • When you go on tanning and you commit black "i am still white"

  • "I'm quoting her, I'm quoting her, I'm quoting her, I'm quoting her."

  • That's the female version of Uncle Ruckus-

  • She should use flex seal white.

  • Explain the gap in your mouth then

  • Wait! You say I shouldn't be fat, my hair shoud be perfect and my mornings perfect just cause I'm white? I want a refound, those things don't happen to me.

  • 3:27 "she's cookasian"

  • Imagine if this fake show is targeted to asians, this would be a VERY different story.

  • I think she is asian

  • That gap between her teeth is bigger than her brain

  • Goddamn.....😤

  • In all levels exept phisical I'm an apple

  • I’m actually adopted from Russia yet that doesn’t make me a single one race I truly do feel bad for this girl 😕 just wow,, I’m white but anyways color didn’t make some one better or wores it’s ther actions that define it

  • I'm straight! And I know that I'm straight! I know it!

  • _Of course, she's welcomed to the Ranch!_

  • 😅. our generation ehh heh 2018 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I think we all need to hit in her head by a hammer🔨

  • I think we all need to hit her head with big hammer

  • I hate her shes stupis

  • I’m good at Math, does this mean I am an Asian?

  • Her: I took a DNA test and I got 0.00000001% white so now I am white

  • shave ur friggin beard bruhhhhhhhh

  • stop get some help!!!

  • This girl is a paid actress I think so

  • I am an Asain I know it I have small eyes and I am great at Math

  • I love the captions in every possible way

  • im green. 😙 (sorry for emoji i can't send lenny face for some reason) (Its a joke btw)

  • If she’s white i’m a t-rex

  • You Caucasian you lose?

  • I can't stop looking at her teeth omg

  • she lived all her life in a lie ..i dont blame her cuz she is shocked..but it doesn't give her the right to accuse black people for being gang members and killers ..she need help

  • Kim Kardashian isn’t even white.

  • XD

  • Kim kardashian is not a role model

  • Basically , I m watching dr. Phil episodes , the pewdiepie edition.

  • lets put whoah vicky and her in the same room and watch what happens... x)

  • "black people are gang." -pewdiepie I can't believe this, UNSUBSCRIBING now! ps. Treasure is whiter than you Felix.

  • She was for real destroying herself for solid 13 minutes

  • Why do i love pewdiepie🤣

  • Libtard

  • now lets just watch the liberals approve her and say "race is an identity", just like they did to gender

  • I feel like IM ALREADY TRACER

  • Teeth sponsored by GAP

  • Omg Yasssss lel , I just love it when Dr. Phil Roast peoples.

  • You can fit Mount Everest between her teeth tho

  • It is 2018 I coud be a dog If I would want Go ; )

  • Well jokes on her because everyone's ancestors come from African origin

  • RIP headphone users 9:10 😂

  • She flosses her teeth with a mattress

  • This is Jim 👱🏻‍♂️ 👕 👖 Jim says that he is a race which he is clearly not (not trying to be racist 😂😂😂), Every like equals one kick to the head for Jim 😁

  • Bullshit.

  • You know. She kinda feels like she's cacasian. I would really like to meet her. She seems like a wonderful person, just a tad bit racist. But I would love to have that dialogue.

  • Felix is so cute I love his weirdness wtff I can’t 😩❤️💝💕💗

  • Maybe I'm Tracer

  • My daughter is being racist against her own race *Ali-A into plays*

  • 6:27 boo!!! 😒 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • "How do these people breed? It's a virus." What do you mean, theeese people? oO

  • 6:17 and your theets

  • She really said “God made one perfect person, it’s me” and she said it with those teeth?!?!?!?!!!!??!?!?!?! She also said she’s respectful and literally proceeded to make fun of African Americans

  • She's dark white

  • *I'm Blue*

  • "Smash like if you enjoy Phil time" *Destroys the like button*

  • 420+666+911+21= 2018

  • 420+666+911+21= 2018

  • Why she has a 10 min ad between her teeth?

  • Need more dr Phil felix IM CRAVING IT!!!!!!!

  • Heil Kardätschen

  • She's blue


  • I'm ROLLING. That windows XP edit at 9:12 had me DEAD. 😂😂😂😂

  • this ain’t it chief

  • Turn on substitles and rewatch the video 😂😂 im wheezing 😆 😆

  • On 9:10 I was wearing headphone My eARs ArE dEad. Th@nk ¥⊙u.

  • She said the n word

  • Cringe fest

  • The whites are at it again

  • I’m white da ba dee da ba dae

  • Can we have woah vicky and this girl in the same room?

  • Dang she has a very dark and nice tan.

  • I’m a dog, i feel it in my bones

  • When Woah Vicky Came On My Heart Found Heaven on PEWDIEPIEs account 😂😂😂😂

  • I’m green

  • Her lips: single Her teeth: *_divorced_*

  • As a representative of the Yoda community we don't even want her

  • It must be the memes! What's in these things? *looks at contents sees it contains dumbness, laziest, discrimination, profanity, murder, world war, aliens and lots o drugs* nevermind then it must be the book!

  • If 2018 didnt happen it would happen in 2019

  • I love how Felix can make a joke about everything That’s a compliment.