How long will I keep doing Youtube? QnA

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 21 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2018
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  • If he dosent record a video daily he goes crazy and embarrasses marzia by screaming loudly in public

  • The f pewds i dont know u can read

  • Bitch lasagna

  • pewds you need to cuss again it's kills the memes sometimes (still funny tho)

  • When you running out of ideas

  • plz keepgoing

  • Move to Japan!

  • 11:33 "If I don't even enjoy my own videos, how can I expect other people to enjoy them?" YES DAMN RIGHT PEWDS

  • Subbed, buy PewDiePie is bot stronger than physics. He has not lost yet but im telling you, it's downright fated for him to lose!

  • do a silent hill 2 let's play 😁

  • please keep doing book review. You have great recommendations. I loved the Haruki Murakami book you talked about. Please don't stop doing it.

  • lol pyrocynical

  • Im not 9 year old and I watch you

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  • Drain gang

  • Plz make a book club. I love books

  • i loved the literature club

  • Felix listens to drain gang.... *my head* - "DRAIN GANG BOYS IN THE GUUUTTTTEERR GET A LIFE MOTHER FUCCKKEERRR" If anyone wants to hear good music look up "bladee - it suxx" Felix has a good taste in music. Most people don't like bladee the first time, so listen to a few songs by any of them. You'll come around Shout out: thaiboy digital, bladee, ecco2k, & yung lean

  • Life's not complete until u sub to PewDiePie

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  • I Bought an Honor 8X on my Birthday today ! Finally ! Something that Pewds advertises !🤗

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  • lol, 74Mio abos und dann so ein schlechte Kamera.....haha

  • nice video dear

  • Hay did you enjoy A.S.S.

  • As of now you have t series beat by 500,000 subs. Hoping it keeps up 😎

  • Я один дебил из России который зашел на канал этого придурка?Надеюсь нет!!Good day Americans I am a man from Russia and I want to tell you something that you stupid bastards and Yes in a year you will serve us (Russian) and then your family will die

  • 8:33 What band does he say is his favourite?

  • I like the way he talks. That accent tho💙

  • I love the QnA

  • Niceguy Pewdiepie, Talks about books to 9 year olds, donates to charity, teaches about honesty... and memes. The All Hailed and Well Deserved King of PA-tv!

  • Pewds a Drainer

  • amazing pewds

  • T series is 💩

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  • When he quits I will be the one I am the light of the road to king of yt

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  • 8:04 Pewd stole my childhood.

  • robby told me to START CRAFTING TO WIN T-Series

  • Great

  • When will I quit PA-tv? When I die

  • You should review uzumaki by junji ito

  • i can't believe i bought a phone because pewdiepie told me to

  • While I do enjoy you summarising the books as it is, I can give you a suggestion to how you can make it more interactive with your fans. It might be stupid, but you can have a live reading of a chapter of a book that you either want to read (and can have a discussion about it as you go along) or that you have already read and liked and think others possibly will enjoy as well. It can be something new, people already like when you are calm and just being yourself so I think many will also like this sort of interaction. I remember when Cry used to do reads of stories he found online, and those videos were one of my favorites, not just because of Cry's voice acting, but just the general passion and work he put behind each story he read. So yeah... I don't know, again this might be stupid but maybe it will work for you or you will get some ideas from this suggestion itself. Either way, wish you luck! My suggestion for a good book is The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan, my favourite to say the least due to its detail and imagination of world building.

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  • Pewdiepie you will no more in about one year

  • the adds tho... ):


  • A U T H E N T I C I T Y

  • hi best youtuber in the world

  • Pew and A

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  • P4 and SH2 is the best, pleeease

  • Don’t mind me. Just doing my part.

  • I almost forgot about Michael

  • I'm impressed, Felix! You're a smart, deep guy, not just a comedy PA-tvr! ❤️

  • I love going through and watching all your serious videos!

  • If there was another replica of you but chose another path than youtube, what will it be right now?

  • Wow, you were into Tibia... Geez Where you into it before of after WoW? Its kind of a culture shock if you played WoW for a long time and switch off of it for such a harsh game... 100s of hours for like 2 levels in swords fighting cyclopes..

  • Did anyone isn't gonna mention that Grandaay has made an cameo here? Lol

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  • Watch LeeNichole; she's a booktuber & her format is very engaging

  • Vídeos ruins como sempre

  • Haha love the honesty about Q&A. See it fill up that space between 8:00 -10:00 mins all the time lol. You're a funny man - thanks for the content.

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  • Pewds is a drainer ⚔️⛓⚔️

  • Bruh what is dat phone I’m sure you got money for iPhone X

  • I am watching this on honor 8x

  • I love real videos like this, were you just talk. do more!

  • You should always stay doing PA-tv to protect your throne bro. T series is coming!

  • Pewds lets get a google classroom for Book Literature Club


  • Do not leave PA-tv, T- Series never told you. Your trying to do emotional black mail to all viewers. Best of luck for the future.

  • Since there are about 300k likes, the next Q&A's release date has been shortened by 300 thousand years so it has already been done by a caveman to some fellow tribe members.

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  • It was really nice to know that you are clear in your head of what you are and what you want to do and be in life are maturing gracefully Pewds. Best wishes👍🏼

  • I was here in the ad-pocalypse

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  • Is that the american and Russian flags in a yin and yang form??