Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like...

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 10 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2019
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  • if you were a super hero / villain who would you be?

    • Protege

    • BATMAN

    • Unbox Therapy me

    • Batman for sure 🦇🦇

    • Nerf man- his key weapon is a nerf modulus. He never *ever* misses his target. *ever*


  • A $4500 case? 🤢

  • I was just looking at a led zeppelin video when this came !!!!

  • Yea I got an addiction of watching unbox therapy lol yes sir.

  • Holy wood 😂😂

  • Do you get to keep this?

  • Are you serious? you paying 5600 just for a skeleton in the back with bright teeth!

  • So it’s that much money just because of the case

  • That looks like an iphone xs with an out of season halloween case from dollar general.....

  • Trash

  • Lol. I can make that myself with an iPhone. I don’t think anyone would ever buy that. It’s just an iphone

  • Skip to 2:09 for the actual footage of the phone..!

  • So an extra $4000 for a retarded phone look? Wondered how much they paid you to praise this

  • Lew lew I don't know buttt.... You are the best.

  • So........where is this phone now....I'm from the streets.....STREETS!!!!!!

  • Unboxes a 5500 dollar smart phone, talks about X-Men for 5 minutes

  • Expensive phone 😮 cheapest 5w charger adapter😂

  • .... You're not talking about the phone anymore

  • Dude what the fuck is wrong with your channel fuck I am unsubscribing right now....fuck you bitch is this an cartoon channel shithead and why the fuck do you talk rubbish you asshole get the fuck out of my face bitches....😁😁😁

  • 1:15 That's what dollars get you! Thot

  • Love the Bonham intro

  • Better than mark ass brownle

  • Stupid scenario

  • I expected it to be more High tech

  • It's litterally an iPhone x with a different back for 4 extra grand Wow Apple really outdid themselves this time

  • Ew

  • Basically This is an i phone X with a skeleton at the back

  • I don't need my eyes now.

    • For exchange of this smart phone 😂😂😂😂

    • Donate em

  • That skeleton remains me of Sasuke

  • Trash

  • Never

  • The box is expensive😆

  • He said 5600 when the title says 5500

  • For that price you should be getting the fast charger with the phone AND the Air Pods, holy shit... plus the case looks like shit, i'd get tired of that in a few weeks.

  • *sniffs wood Ughhh... That is good

  • Wood 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Me at the beginning of the video: Please don't tell me its just an iphone....

  • This smartphone like a villain addition 😘

  • This phone costs the double of my father's monthly salary.

  • John bomnahm from led zeppelin

  • fortnite bananas bananas

  • The biggest joke phone ever made.

  • What's the specs?

  • How is that,that expensive?

  • You are a rich bitch

  • What is that watch?

  • I don't see anything that worth $5500

  • U just keep telling the superheroes, review the phone tho

  • I lost 5 minutes of my life .. wtf was this video

  • Dude it's just an iphone x what do you meen with the 5500$ phone exactly?

  • Magneto, he seems kind of smart haha!

  • I can buy 5 mx-5s and 1 ebay turbo with 5600

  • 1:05 me after no-nut November

  • I come for the Lew smiles

  • $5600 ...and they send it to you flat lol ...this phone is retarded

  • So when you are done unboxing all these phones...who uses them ? Where does it go ? Who bought the phone with all those huge money ??

  • It looks like trash

  • I learned more about xmen than I did about the actual phone. What a waste

  • His sniff is like a coke head 🤣🤣🤣

  • Have you ever wondered what he does with the products after taking a video of them

  • Wood is good -lew 2019

  • Woooooood is goooooood

  • I'll stick with my One Plus 6T, heck even my One Plus cost more then my project Honda I bought of a junkyard, and the car starts and drives 😅!

  • "Meh" that's all I thought of this phone.

  • not worth it

  • This phone costs more than my motorbike

  • Hm..., look like iphone x...

  • Thats why vivo is better

  • Dr strange

  • Too many links lol

  • i smell sponsorship.

  • That's just stupid way of waisting money....

  • Demonize phone is worth more than my htc u12😂😂😂

  • That's an expensive plastic cover. You know what cover would be even more expensive? A regular iPhone cover with signatures from famous actors, hand signed with a marker pen. Best bit.. It grows in value over time. Because it's one of a kind, unique.

  • Sooo $4K for a crappy plastic cover and a wooden box ?

  • That's a joke. I rather get a Oneplus phone.

  • I love your videos , a small request could you please limit your blah blah ? . instead it will be helping if you could describe the specs if the product you unboxing.

  • 🤮🤮🤮

  • *apple wants to know your location*

  • They copy the iPhone X feutures

  • so you're paying $5k for a fancy case and box? got it

  • *Ur gonna have a bad time*

  • 1:15 why do I laugh at this

  • Ink on documents but can't supply fully

  • hadoro from anime and manga : Gintama ?! xDD

  • That's what dollars get you....THOT

  • why would anyone waste $5.6k on that?

  • "That's what DOLLARS get you, THOTS" 1:10 - 1:18

  • For $5600 you could get a bombass couch with a life warranty! Poor guy priorities, amirite?

  • Wow 🤣🤣 fucking garbage for 5600$ shuv it up hadoros ass broo

  • Best table rapper in the world 0:01

  • Almost 6k and the p20 pro trumps this piece of crap. All the hype just for a skull.

  • 1:15 thats what dollars get you. *TH0T* .

  • what buisness could jack possibly have on the table

  • Expect full review !?

  • Overpricing overpriced phone with custom case,wallpaper,woods and some card with blue handwriting,because it's worth every sniff.

  • MMDXL Roman numeral for 2540 in Decimals. Not sure how it is relevant to the product.

  • This man is a wood addict

  • It's literally just an iPhone.