Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like...

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 10 ਜਨਵਰੀ 2019
If you were some kind of super villain this would be your smartphone.
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  • if you were a super hero / villain who would you be?

    • Batman for sure 🦇🦇

    • Nerf man- his key weapon is a nerf modulus. He never *ever* misses his target. *ever*

    • Adam Warlock

    • Megamind

    • Thanos

  • Should've come with airpods

  • Lol

  • Ok

  • JOHN BONHAM!!!!!!!

  • Idk

  • There's a dude in China could do that in $5.

  • ... I think i would be Captain Sensible. Id save $4950 and look for a phone case with a skull on the back.

  • lol $5500 skin? and I thought I was high

  • He said ear pods 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • Takes $5 black case* Adds scull* $5600 dollar case

  • “That’s what money gets you, thots”

  • So Not worth $ 5000+

  • The white Apple accessories is a joke for this price. The charging cables are junk and for 5500USD I want more premium accessories.

  • *_* ^_^ #_# $_$ €_€ @_@ ÷_÷ ₩_₩ Now like please

  • Really ... no AirPods for $5600 ?

  • Why not just buy a phone case?

  • I wouldn’t buy it for $2000

  • The phone is like 700-800$ the case is 3,700-3,800 that’s bullshit

  • If it brakes ur money will just vanish

  • So, a $10 hispanic looking case and a wallpaper for $5500. Fucking hell.

  • So basically a normal iphone?

  • Nice they included the iPhone 5W charger

  • Wasted 5 min, barely know anything about the phone...

  • The 💰 that would put me on 0 debt people r spending on a pace of shit phone, unfair

  • Ok so are going to talk about the phone or superheroes? Oh and by the way it was just another iPhone XS

  • Am waiting for this to go viral

  • That's what dollars get you. A thot

  • -So crazy, so luxury... *throws away the packaging like garbage

  • Can it play mafia city?

  • Plot twist: Apple behind that skull tryna suck off those money from you. :P

  • *smells wood* its godly

  • Wait you bought this thing 3 months ago and you'll only make a video now

  • This takes flexes on a whole other level.

  • I would never waste my 5500$ on an iphone's back case😂

  • Looks ugly af tbh

  • At 3:34 this video is shoot on 10 November 🤣😂😜😋

    • Could just be out of sync?

  • This is just utterly stupid

  • Such a great intro! haha got me bangin the sofa. HAHAHAHA

  • Iron man 👨

  • It's sa beautiful as the FIAT MULTIPLA :)

  • A $5500 Ripoff

  • chinese companies will make that into a case and you only have to pay 10 euros

  • May be next time have an actual look at the product whether it's worth unboxing rather than looking into the price tag .

  • If I am ever gonna buy a phone for 5k, it will never be an IPhone.. Only Android but still 5k for smartphone isn't good choice, haha!

  • * sniffing wood *

  • So jack is real??????????? Am I late???

  • You should be in a hollywood movie 🎥

  • Apple fone in 2025

  • No way dis thang is worth 6 large what a joke

  • Wolverine, bring me a cheese pizza..

  • worst video ever.. shit

  • Back with the old school vibe

  • The intro is mindblowing... bonhan my dude... zhhahahahaa

  • Illuminati smartphone

  • Thank you for that 2:09 intro to start opening a box with a iphone on it

  • No Hodor jokes?! 😊

  • Thats wood...wood is good.. lmao x:

  • This guy is an annoying fuck

  • Of course, I never expected to see an iPhone.

  • 1:13 "that's what dollars get you - thot..." well, he was bound to say something right eventually

  • He has a wood fetish !

  • no thanks i'll buy 40xRedmi note 7.

  • my man has a wood adiction

  • that wooden box cost more than my phone

  • That skeleton was fucking awesome. Anyways if I get rich. Lol.

  • Even if i had the cash i wouldn't buy this bs

  • Paying 5500 USD for a back panel of the iPhone XS sounds crazy! I would just buy a Redmi Note 7 for 150-160 bucks and keep the rest cash on my bank account. People, don't be stupid letting others make cash producing just cool backs for phones!

  • Is it real??

  • Why no one is mentioning amazing John Bonham intro you uneducated swines :/

  • And venom

  • Villan joker

  • ok i tried so hard not to say you are dead to me

  • its fugly

  • "That's what money gets you, *thot*"

  • Once again, woods is good

  • Has Tom left UT? Some great episodes on Unbox Therapy with Tom 1. Nintendo Switch Unboxing 2. Karaoke Microphone 3. Electric Shock Lie Detector

  • Another way to waste money.

  • Can someone please subscribe to my channel??? 😥😥😭😭

  • I thought the teeth mentioned PA-tv...hmph

  • This is just... Ugly. Who would pay this kind of money for this crappy case?

  • I have an iPhone 7 not an XS 😔👌

  • Whoa ....I like it baby

  • If it wasn't like Apple was super expensive already...

  • Can it make eggs???

  • Lol the fuck who would buy a iphone in the first place let alone spend 5 grand on a iphone stupid degenerates

  • Skip to 5:34 for the best part of this vid!

  • It's just an iPhone x with s very cool case

  • looks nice

  • We want the good old Unbox Therapy with the latest tech. Thumbs up if you're with me.

  • Put "skull case China iPhone xs" into Amazon and save $5497.01

  • Probably half of that money goes for the box (?)

  • Just Buy an iPhone X, XS or XS Max & Put on a dbrand skin on backside & put a glow skull sticker... Now You Can Sell it with a premium price tag 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Not worth it...

  • It's a real competition between what phone is the most FBI please help me stop it

  • Deam broh you talk soo many shit

  • I would rather have 5 iPhone XS Max's

  • Plz sub me

  • What a waste of money

  • I gotta be honest that carbonfiber skeleton looks like garbage. Definitely does not worth the money.