Goku & Itachi Uchiha

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 21 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Video Title: Goku & Itachi Uchiha
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  • Goku easy win

    • well physically the answer is clear. but mentally. itachi just has to figure out that he loves fighting and food and use the tsukiyomi on him.

    • Afro you are correct

    • I agree

    • +Heyyy Bighead yeah but were talking about strength speed when they battle and if goku were to use super sayian blue kioken times 20 it would be very difficult for itachi to even take down and if goku was pushed to the limit and he uses mastered ultra instinct its over bc pretty much can counter any strike and he can also strike back even harder

    • +ultramatrixpw even if itachi pushed goku to his limits mastered ultra instinct will eat itachi alive goku would be able to counter anything pretty much his speed combined with his power strength is way too powerfull for itachi even jiren can beat itachi easily

  • goku smashed tsunade!

  • Genjutsu wont work on saiyan

  • To many dragon ball fan boys got dragon balls deep in them, if Omega Sharon can blind his ass easily then the rinnegan will have effect

  • Goku's one kamehameha would destroy 10 tails Jinchuriki Madara, Kaguya, And the entire narutoverse ! The power levels are off the charts! No comparison here my fellas

  • Ki or Qi and Chakra are two different things so in short Goku has no chakra so ain't no genjutsu gon work on him fool, yo fools!! Talk bout Normal humans hurt a Saiyajin 🤣🤣🤣(not talking bout the super humans like kurririn, Muten Roshi Sama and gang)

  • all the characters in naruto verse is suck goku can easily win!!!!!!!

  • the intro😂😂😂 YOOOOO

  • It’s to easy

  • I would like all of them to battle me, A tap is enough.

  • Goku will get mind rape.

  • Can goku be caught in genjutsu ?

  • I wann anime of this.

  • Thanks...you are so great with your videos i love them...more power

  • imagine it was vegeta? LOL ... just fucking death all round

  • So glad I found this💯

  • Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star can beat Goku

  • Itachi ganha

  • This manga was bullshit and was made by a DBZ fan and not a DB fan.

  • Is he ask goku to kill him

  • Itachi easy win!

  • when beerus and goku fought, their fists clashing made planets vanish into dust, nobody in the naruto world even stands a chance

  • I love how people are saying goku wouldnt know what genjutsu is when the man LITTERALLY has telepathy lol anyone remember him reading krillens mind to find out what happened on namek?

  • Stop playing

  • Ya know I used to believe goku could merc the entire naruto universe buuuuut the way toyotaro has been writing.... I believe Sakura can single handedly take out the grand priest because she just like roshi, she posses a similar form to ultra instinct... OR ANYONE CAN TAKE HIM DOWN WITH POISON CUZ OF THE FUCKIN GADAMN GALACTIC PATROLMAN THAT TOOK DOWN NOT JUST GOKU BUT VEGETA POST TOURNAMENT OF POWER. So ya know.

  • Lol goku would legit destroy all of naruto easily

  • a god vs a ninja hmmmmm

  • Why do you retards keep bringing up the same “reeeee Goku would kill everyone in Naruto” argument in every Naruto/DB topic? DB is obviously an overpowered anime/manga. Naruto is more toned down... not realistic per se, but it doesn’t have people blowing up universes n shit. Once you go above a certain point, an anime comes to a point where it loses all believability. Goku has a transformation in which he’ll never ever die because of. Power scaling is obsolete as the DB arc formula seems to be: Goku is strong, kills stronger villain. Goku is now stronger, kills stronger villain. Repeat. Shit is garbage now. I couldn’t watch TOP arc without scoffing at everything. It’s ruined for mature audiences. Naruto, however, has years of room for more villains & stories.

  • I love to read a good isekai manga every once in awhile👍

  • Itachi cant fly wut is this thumbnail

  • This literally has to be fresh out of frieza saga goku. Not even hyperbolic time chamber cuz he would still stomp no dif

  • Why did the Author point "ki points" that makes no sense even at a view point of a story to nerf someone, find something else

  • Chakra and Ki although similar are still different, Goku possesses ki, while everyone in Naruto possesses chakra, the Uchiha's possess the Sharingan, which can manipulate the flow of chakra not ki, so anything involving genjutsu or manipulation of chakra doesn't work on Goku or anyone from the world of Dragonball Z

  • Goku is not fucking with Itachi.

  • Goku is to OP

  • love it ☺☺☺Add more plz

  • Honestly I love this story I wish they would balance it out better even though I believe Goku is the better just make it look like their techniques are not so easily dismissed and actually give Goku some torn clothes after his encounter with anybody he needs from the Naruto universe and story is he don't have to win them all just be a Difference Maker like Naruto would be I think that would make it more interesting

  • This is probably the best thing we will get to a jumpforce manga. I'm still have hope


  • Guys please tell me what is the name of that theme song on 7:32

  • Jesus, this is fucking rape.

  • I came late but goku wins

  • Goku wins

  • goku is wins thats all

  • This is really good.

  • Just saying leave the guy who has enough power to blow up the planet alone.

  • it's funny i remember i told my friend how goku will take every ninja down in naruto and he was like no no he was so butt hurted but it's a fact

  • Do more please

  • Saitama would one punch kill every dbs shitty character. Come at me pussies

  • Actually I thought about it and said a while ago that the only way they can beat someone from the dbz universe is genjutsu but, I remembered that vegeta was under babidis mind control and still couldn’t control vegeta to do what he wants. I’m not really sure if babids mind control is stronger than some or most genjutsu in the Naruto universe so I’d say mabe the infinite tsunami or whatever that shits called there best bet on winning.

  • Next episode plz

  • Is there another video on this

  • jiren vs itachi

  • Plz Continue This Fan Manga

  • Aw I thought it was a animation video

  • I hope in the end Goku gets to go back to his universe

  • Good coverage of an interesting take! It goes without much saying that Goku absolutely would dominate the narutoverse with sheer strength but I like the weaknesses built in him as a character that the writer might choose to exploit. He's far too trusting and likely very susceptible to genjustu due to it being a sensory deception method of attack. Goku is extremely weak to that kind of attack style, but likely could overcome it albeit with difficulty. The only chance itachi or other genjustu users could have IMO is if they lead with them and blocked his ki/chakra points, similar as displayed in the video, while he's under the effects of the genjutsu to inflict sufficient damage. Beyond that there are a few odd ball jutsus that might pose trouble, like the particle style, but again he's just simply too damn powerful for much else lol. For reference I mention his susceptibility to sensory attacks mostly because of the events in the tournament of power, where master roshi knew goku was poor at handling such attacks so he made every effort to eliminate those opponents for him due to his decades of experience in different fighting styles. I'm sure some will disagree, but hey what's new? xD

  • I have no idea why everyone is up and arms about this they're two different universes obviously goku would win cause they make DBZ characters op as all hell theres obviously no comparison you wouldnt compare the strength and ability of superman to batman and it's the same with goku and itachi but who cares they're both great animes I could see arguing if there was closer power levels going up against eachother but obviously goku is way more insanely op than itachi. Although it would be interesting to see goku under the affects of genjutsu.

  • at least it wasn't Vegeta haha

  • Not gonna lie this shit boring af.

  • More read more

  • Can you finish the story's at least, you always leave us wondering what happens next

  • Goku vs cosmic hulk let's make that video

  • ATTENTION If you type in "Goku sensei" in youtube youll find CHAPTER 2!!

  • Make a part 2

  • Do more

  • Goku

  • The only reason they stand a chance against goku in his base is because he likes holding back and seeing what his opponents can do. If it wasn't for that there would be no debating the fact that the gap between them is unimaginable.

  • Lmao all these fools saying he would beat itachi when al he has to do is fucking look at him in the eye for 1 second and it's gg


  • More of this please please please

  • When the next one

  • Goku stärkste der welt

  • what about hit the time skip vs itachi

  • I need more bro goku ant playing wit these ninjas 😂😂😂

  • Don't forget... Whis told Goku that he rarely thinks. No mental use. No mental attacks.

  • Goku wins because he doesn't think. So Itachi would have a problem with mentally attacking Goku.

  • part 3????

  • Its dumb tbh

  • True fan animation unlike that soyboy MaSTAR

  • Guys, im just putting this out there but.. in terms of raw strength and everything else goku wins in the narutoverse but some jutsu can pierce through gokus heart causing him to die

  • We need a part 3 of this, THIS STORY IS GOOD

  • So glad this is fan made

  • I've never really replied to a video. This is a very cool "what if" situation, Naruto and Dragon ball are the only anime I have ever watched and I would really like to see more! You're doing a great job man. I subscribed to your channel and am gonna wait for the next post. Great work man.

  • These 10 min video way more lit my guy🔥🔥🔥

  • One punch man is pretty strong he's pretty close to a saiyan just needs a whole lot more speed and ki empowered attacks

  • lit!

  • Itachi just need to use tsukuyomi and he wins lol

  • Was there anither already made after this?

  • You’ve came so far bro I remember you at 20k making dokkan battle videos

  • Imma need a new video soon chief

  • 6:42 Kakashi: MAFUUBA!!!! Goku: AHHHH Kakashi: I think we got him, Guy hand me the seal Guy: Uhh.. I thought you brought it? Kakashi: Oh crud Goku: Wh.. What- What happened

  • Goku will give Pain more Pain before Pain can even though him

  • Lol goku vs the akas.. and goku is serious its pretty much over....i dont even have to argue

  • PT 2 PLEASE!!

  • Please do part 3!

  • Itachi would easily win until goku goes God or som

  • i love this manga, even more than dragon ball super or naruto, i m willing to donate u some money if u keep this up, good luck

  • Fuck all this goku fanboys here naruto would destroy him not. Not even in link mode with kurama. Sage mode would be enough

    • dude there both equal because goku has ultra instinct

  • continue with this please!!!