Goku & Itachi Uchiha

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 21 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Video Title: Goku & Itachi Uchiha
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  • Goku easy win

    • No he cant escape on Itachi's Tsukuyomi

    • Itachi win tsukuyomi on son goku and son goku has lost eyes win itachi

    • +mike jones yes

    • Itachi is at a huge disadvantage

    • Itachi is still a better character change my mind

  • They are not fast enough to get a hit in on goku and also not powerful enough to even move him

  • I love itachi but goku will win no sweat

  • Wow. This is good.

  • could itachi fly?

  • Haha ttp lha naruto d'hati..gwe gc ska anime goku jlek bgt..

  • Not a suprise

  • If Jiren can stop Goku with just his aura or with his look... then Goku should have to move. I get that they have to make a story but they’re just making stupid and not how it’s supposed to be...

  • The power levels arent as extremely different as all u morons in the comment section think. This is a pretty accurate depiction of the difference in power. No Krillin and Yamcha would not beat Naruto and Sasuke. They would get owned by them. Goku and Vegeta are leagues above but just cuz u can destroy a moon doesn't mean everything, and Naruto and Sasuke are on moon destruction level anyway. Honestly think Madara would kill Cell but take an L to kid Buu. Narutoverse isnt as weak as u guys seem to think.

  • 8:37 what's that music called?

  • Goku easy clap

  • Make the next video for this because this is amazing 💯👏🏼🙌🏼👍🏽🔥

  • 0:37 song title?

  • Goku has experienced much worse than itachi

  • Oh

  • Goku flicks itachi to pieces

  • Goku cauld destroy the naruto dimension

  • Where’s the part 4

  • Goku's got true sportsmanship But vegeta's a whole different case..... He'll rip them to pieces

  • not surprised but I sm surprised they even touched em

  • This was great

  • Goku can friggin murder them if he wanted to

  • Lmao imagine they kill goku and then he comes back to life with a beam in the sky and then they all just bow down to the true legend goku

  • Light Yagami kills both of them😅😅😅

  • Itachi win Mangekyo Sharingan susano Totsuka no Tsurugi izanami amaterasu kotoamatsukami tsukuyomi on son goku and son goku has lost eyes win itachi uchiha...

  • Goku would rape them

  • Am i the only one who sees the turtle hermit sign on the lady back?

  • Guys we know if Freeza went um well you know.

  • No se porque comento estas boludeces, pero recuerdo que gohan gano una batalla estando ciego, asique le gana izi a itachi (se que esto es contra goku) pero debe ser lo mismo xd

  • 8:17 are you sure jiren vs goku so on and so on

  • i guess chakra is ki XD

  • More more more

  • Shall goku turn super saiyan 4 in this fight?

  • Two Goku the jinjuriki and the saiyan Goku 😂😂😂

  • Goku is just too op

  • Goku easily win 😂😂😂

  • Lmao he wouldn't need super saiyan what bs... Gokus base form is ridiculous... no way Naruto and company would touch him he would block all those so called palms... Lmao

  • Broo. You need to link your beats in the description... They litt🔥🔥

  • Itachi would never beat goku in hand to hand combat he can only beat him using his sharigan whether it a ninjustu or a genjutsu as long as itachi uses his eyes he has a large chance of winning

  • They wouldn't have a chance against any z fighter

  • Itachi would win goku because goku is only physically strong

  • Jiran join the battle

  • Goku’s punch would kill Itachi in one shot, if he didn’t hold back. It’d hardly be an interesting fight. Genjutsu is all Itachi has and once Goku works it out he can close his eyes. With his eyes closed he can sense ki, so Itachi will still be completely visible to Goku and this eliminates Itachi’s trump card. So Itachi loses in every scenario unfortunately.

  • They were all useless against Pain’s almighty push, so Goku can do that without interval and far stronger. So they’d all be rekt in a moment. Even Pain’s planetary devastation would be something Goku could destroy with a punch lmao

  • What if goku got tsunada pregnant 🤰 An it’s a boy that’s half saiyan & half lord 3rd? Yooooooooooo

  • What will happen if Itachi or Sasuke (in this case is it may be Itachi) use the black fire of the sharigan. Would Goku block it with his energy shield?

  • Is it dragon ball super if it is goku wont even have a scrach

  • Well goku is a saiyan after all

  • Goku solos the entire narutoverse in 10 seconds tops

  • Naruto verse don't stand a chance

  • I’m sorry but naurto is so gay

  • Well it's normal when an anime when the main and only thing that they do is fighting and an anime that has one of the gratest plot ,compare each other , the last one lose in power level. I hate the person that say: "goku will rape em' all ", because seeing goku that beat everyone easly it's not fun and the combat style of the two animes it's differrent. Dragon Ball it's only Who can destroy more thing, Naruto use the brain in 80% of times and there are tactics skill .

  • A more fitting one would of been fairy tail vs naruto.... goku is there God of God's

  • just destry the planet in which itachi is living

  • What is the name of that beat tho

  • Sorry but no one can beat dragon Ball universe

  • Who ever wrote this never saw dragonball z

  • Itachi cant hold it any longer ranout of chakra

  • I wish both vegata and goku was transported.

  • I think most characters goku would destroy but uchihas could use genjutsu and would easily win

  • I honestly think if goku went to al least ssj 2 no attack would scratch him. But for a genjutsu since we dont know for sure how it will affect him, ultra instinct would still continue to dodge enemies while gokus mind is trapped in genjutsu

  • So someday Goku well go to saitama universe hahaha total domination GG

  • nahh!!!

  • I mean, cool story bro, but Goku could literally kill anyone in the Naruto verse with just a single glance, considering he damaged Jiren by just looking at him, while his fists were occupied with clashing with Jiren’s fists. He’s shown the ability to destroy things by looking at them, like when he created a grave for Vegeta on Namek, after Frieza killed Vegeta. In the ToP, he’s clearly so much stronger, and his glance is strong enough to hurt Jiren, meaning that he could literally one shot anyone in the Naruto universe with just a look. When it comes to Itachi, Itachi does have the Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror, but he’s way to slow to actually do anything to Goku. The Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror would be Itachi’s only chance, since genjutsu doesn’t work outside of the Naruto verse, and while ocular genjutsu is debatable, it still doesn’t work on Z Fighters, because of their ki, which would prevent chakra from even touching their body, therefor the Tsukuyomi is out of the question. The Amaterasu is useless. Nagato easily pushed Itachi’s Amaterasu off of his body using Almighty Push, so any Z Fighter could literally just power up and blow the flames off of their body. There is nobody in the Naruto verse who can defeat even Krillin. While some fighters have abilities that could kill a Z Fighter, none of them have the skills to allow them to successfully use those abilities to defeat a Z Fighter, and the characters who even have abilities that could kill a Z Fighter are not many. Soul Absorption with the Rinnegan could work, although none of the Rinnegan users are fast enough to do it, adult Sasuke being the fastest. Same goes for the Gedo Statue. It’s too slow to absorb a Z Fighter’s soul. Genjutsu doesn’t work for reasons I’ve explained above. Trapping any Z Fighter, that is at or above SSJ3 Gotenks’ level from the Buu Saga, in another dimension doesn’t work, as any Z Fighter at or above SSJ3 Gotenks’ level, from the Buu Saga, is able to breach dimensions. Even if they couldn’t, trapping them in a dimension wouldn’t kill them, obviously. They’d just be trapped. While Hidan could probably kill a Z Fighter if he consumed their blood then performed his ritual, he wouldn’t be able to obtain any of their blood, as he has nothing that can make a Z Fighter bleed. Any weapons would just break on their body, including his hand if he punched them. There’s probably a lot of things I’m forgetting, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is absolutely nobody in the Naruto universe who is capable of defeating a Krillin level Z Fighter, or stronger.

  • I don't like Goku because he's Too overpowered like Extremely that's why I like Naruto more The Characters from Naruto Are not too Overpowered Like Goku

  • Genjutsu wont work on saiyan

  • To many dragon ball fan boys got dragon balls deep in them, if Omega Sharon can blind his ass easily then the rinnegan will have effect

  • Goku's one kamehameha would destroy 10 tails Jinchuriki Madara, Kaguya, And the entire narutoverse ! The power levels are off the charts! No comparison here my fellas

  • Ki or Qi and Chakra are two different things so in short Goku has no chakra so ain't no genjutsu gon work on him fool, yo fools!! Talk bout Normal humans hurt a Saiyajin 🤣🤣🤣(not talking bout the super humans like kurririn, Muten Roshi Sama and gang)

  • all the characters in naruto verse is suck goku can easily win!!!!!!!

  • the intro😂😂😂 YOOOOO

  • It’s to easy

  • I would like all of them to battle me, A tap is enough.

  • Goku will get mind rape.

  • Can goku be caught in genjutsu ?

  • I wann anime of this.

  • Thanks...you are so great with your videos i love them...more power

  • imagine it was vegeta? LOL ... just fucking death all round

  • So glad I found this💯

  • Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star can beat Goku

  • Itachi ganha

  • This manga was bullshit and was made by a DBZ fan and not a DB fan.

  • Is he ask goku to kill him

  • Itachi easy win!

  • when beerus and goku fought, their fists clashing made planets vanish into dust, nobody in the naruto world even stands a chance

  • I love how people are saying goku wouldnt know what genjutsu is when the man LITTERALLY has telepathy lol anyone remember him reading krillens mind to find out what happened on namek?

  • Stop playing

  • Ya know I used to believe goku could merc the entire naruto universe buuuuut the way toyotaro has been writing.... I believe Sakura can single handedly take out the grand priest because she just like roshi, she posses a similar form to ultra instinct... OR ANYONE CAN TAKE HIM DOWN WITH POISON CUZ OF THE FUCKIN GADAMN GALACTIC PATROLMAN THAT TOOK DOWN NOT JUST GOKU BUT VEGETA POST TOURNAMENT OF POWER. So ya know.

  • Lol goku would legit destroy all of naruto easily

  • a god vs a ninja hmmmmm

  • Why do you retards keep bringing up the same “reeeee Goku would kill everyone in Naruto” argument in every Naruto/DB topic? DB is obviously an overpowered anime/manga. Naruto is more toned down... not realistic per se, but it doesn’t have people blowing up universes n shit. Once you go above a certain point, an anime comes to a point where it loses all believability. Goku has a transformation in which he’ll never ever die because of. Power scaling is obsolete as the DB arc formula seems to be: Goku is strong, kills stronger villain. Goku is now stronger, kills stronger villain. Repeat. Shit is garbage now. I couldn’t watch TOP arc without scoffing at everything. It’s ruined for mature audiences. Naruto, however, has years of room for more villains & stories.

  • I love to read a good isekai manga every once in awhile👍

  • Itachi cant fly wut is this thumbnail

  • This literally has to be fresh out of frieza saga goku. Not even hyperbolic time chamber cuz he would still stomp no dif

  • Why did the Author point "ki points" that makes no sense even at a view point of a story to nerf someone, find something else

  • Chakra and Ki although similar are still different, Goku possesses ki, while everyone in Naruto possesses chakra, the Uchiha's possess the Sharingan, which can manipulate the flow of chakra not ki, so anything involving genjutsu or manipulation of chakra doesn't work on Goku or anyone from the world of Dragonball Z

  • Goku is not fucking with Itachi.

  • Goku is to OP

  • love it ☺☺☺Add more plz

  • Honestly I love this story I wish they would balance it out better even though I believe Goku is the better just make it look like their techniques are not so easily dismissed and actually give Goku some torn clothes after his encounter with anybody he needs from the Naruto universe and story is he don't have to win them all just be a Difference Maker like Naruto would be I think that would make it more interesting