EPA administrator says drinking water is "biggest environmental threat"

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 20 ਮਾਰਚ 2019
The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce Wednesday that he believes water safety is a bigger environmental crisis than climate change. Only on CBS News, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler spoke with Major Garrett in his first interview since being confirmed.
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  • Is it so hard to believe that the loose regulations on pollution and recycling are causing both problems? Why does everything have to be "this or that"?

  • Wow... sickening

  • 92% - imagine that this would be your water. How many glasses of bad water would that be per week?

  • What good is water when the climate is failing ... What happens when your major water stations fail due to major events caused by climate change ... This is political mischief paid by his donors to continue to line the pockets of the big phat rich, who care less what we leave for our children,

  • Trump likes to drink number 1

  • Lol climate change. As they loosen our air, water, and food.

  • And the air and water are separate because ....... ???

  • Republicans refuse to fund anything for Flint Michigan.

    • +Silvia Path , Congress would not approve funding. Obama isn't a dictator. Are you stupid on purpose ?

    • Flint Michigan happened under the Obama administration. He should have evacuated the city and brought in the army corps of engineers to fix the problem.

  • This guy is a former coal lobbyist. Was literally paid to push the coal industry's agenda and say climate change is fake.

  • Solutions...filtering systems at the dam's and in irrigation ditches and canals and start putting heavy penalties and higher fines on polluters! And CLEAN OUR DAMN OCEANS OF GARBAGE, and We need Better recycling centers around the United states and find a way to lessen the impact on material consumption waiste, like clothing shoes automobile empty homes etc

  • Wheeler it's ALL IMPORTANT, all of it!

  • Why is it a hazard to drink water? Maybe because all the pipes are ancient and contaminated by rust and risking ppl lives who are drinking it❓

  • Wheeler can't or won't answer questions. What a shock.

  • Climate science deniers don't even care about their own children. Weird and sad.

  • What a clown"

  • "most of of the global warming problems are 50-60 years out"

    • +Ray Bod THANK GOD! HAHAHA ... Let Earth heal and regroup.

    • By then the death of most of the human race will be inevitable

  • Wait untill the people wake up and find out what you all have been doing to the water and to the air we breathe. I hope that day will come very soon.

    • Annie scientists found any psychotic drugs in a lot of the American freshwater systems they don't break down in the water when people urinate them out of their bodies.

  • Water issues can be fixed anytime we want. Once climate change goes too far, it can never be changed.

    • Climate change really?

    • You are busted.

  • Trust cbs to give us the full story. What a top news division they have.

  • Omg 1000 children die every day from bad water. We need to do something there is not one good reason for this. It should not be if the world wanted to it could fix it but all the richest nations will not act. But they could. The Navajo nation still does not have good safe drinking water. Right here in USA. And look at the money in the world. I'm going to do something to help who's with me

  • Easy to believe...