Dragon Ball Super Goku Training In Real Life (DBS Parkour)

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 20 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Dragon Ball Super Goku Training In Real Life | Nick Pro
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  • Damn man, I've been watching your videos for quite a time now, and everytime I'm AMAZED !!! This is so impressive !!! GG, really, it's awesome, YOU ARE awesome ! Please keep doing videos, I'm really enjoying it :D

  • If you have pink hair the you are ssj rose

  • So cool

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  • Please do stunt from Kung fu panda 3 I really want you to recreate them

  • good job!

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  • Would a weight vest even really impact this? Since this is mostly about momentum?

  • You are so cool!😱❤

  • I love your vdiou

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  • How do u do this

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  • Best of the best hero is Goku !!!

  • Do a combo like jumping over one block then do a back flip over one more block and finally do a 360 back flip off the wall

  • Can you do stunts from Naruto =P Edit:i learn alot from you nick thank you :)

  • These look hard...

  • Can you please do naruto

  • “ I have to go ultra instinct” fails to do the double back flip

  • I am gymnast

  • hello I wish you luck and be careful because you can hurt yourself

  • Nick Pro I can't wait to see all that stunts!! Love ur channel, u do the best stunts ever!

  • he is in super saiyan Rosè isn't he?

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  • How much does the vest weigh?

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  • November 20 is my birthday yay:)

  • I come from Hong Kong and I really want to know how do you practice parkour skills. And have you broke your neck while flipping? I really want answers thank you

  • You can’t do a kart wheel

  • I’m talking about first series but I still love all of the

  • I love dragon ball ever since I was 5

  • The like button will not feel so good

  • you look like a buff version of jacksepticeye 😂

  • I like ur videos cool and cool stunts

  • Can you teach me how to do a front flip when I grow up

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  • gravity must be helping this guy instead

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  • My name is Marcello Gonzalez

  • I wish you could teach me how you do the stunts

  • How do you do those tricks

  • How do you pause a live stream

  • It will be good doing a kamehameha

  • who's ur favorite dbs character

  • Love the vid! The only thing is that in this you look rediculous

  • KAME-HAME-*flip*

  • can any one give me any tips for backflips cause i have done them for over 2 years and still can't land on ground thanks!

  • Nice flips

  • The real question is can you defeat Jiren. 🤔

  • Registering your channel to cross channel hybrid

  • ha you would not survive in rock Lee training

  • I just realized he is wearing goku underwear

  • Almost.every time you do a flip you smack your hands in your legs.

  • "No hands" Why are they still attached then?

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  • the hate you you give

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  • This training seems more like something original dragon ball Goku would do not super

  • To cool

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  • Hey man how much did that vest weigh and where did you get it? I want one that actually stays on and is comfortable lol

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  • I think you will get ultra instinct

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  • Hi bitch

  • Hey do the new Venom movie just came out on DVD like 6 days ago so you should probably do that next and if I'm wrong then you have to do all the stunts from random Family Guy episodes

    • PPS you should bring back all of the stunts from Dragon Ball Z from the Android Saga Dragon Ball Z Android Saga

    • Also PS I want you to do a I want you to die forward but end up doing a backflip as high as you can and then I want you to go backwards and do a backflip and try to land it did the exact same thing again but but looking forward by the way my name is Big B

  • do wwe

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