Dragon Ball Super Goku Training In Real Life (DBS Parkour)

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 20 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Dragon Ball Super Goku Training In Real Life | Nick Pro
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  • Goku wants you to SMASH that LIKE button!

    • And bring me back when I went to be back with Maya and they win and all of those guys

    • Now all those were the wasn't mine need talk let's get back to where I was where was me so I can do gymnastics in stuff so I can only do like you not fixing the trampoline not heard ground or something so I copied all your things so I can do the Sun from spider-man and do like you do it

    • Jalapenos to tell you so can I have a lot of moved my already did you already copied remove but start for copying you move but actually I don't do some clothes stuff I can do like a kick up and stuff all that I didn't actually see you choose doing because I blink in the other videos but can you please get me in your videos I really want want to like bring myself so I can do like a video with you please okay I'll see you next

    • Guy can I come in your team I really want to go to your place and like do some bad looking stuff in do all of the stones from the movies to my being your video pretty pretty please I can do a lot of some kind of cool moves

  • Can you do stunts from Naruto =P Edit:i learn alot from you nick thank you :)

  • These look hard...

  • Can you please do naruto

  • “ I have to go ultra instinct” fails to do the double back flip

  • I am gymnast

  • hello I wish you luck and be careful because you can hurt yourself

  • Nick Pro I can't wait to see all that stunts!! Love ur channel, u do the best stunts ever!

  • he is in super saiyan Rosè isn't he?

  • a ese maje no le pregunto ni la hora :v

  • Ok okok okok

  • How much does the vest weigh?

  • Next my hero acedamia

  • I do the double Kong in my parkour classes

  • I live at redwater dr 8943 I go to oak hill elementary school ca antalope

  • Pls teach me how to do a backflip

  • No you need the master Ultra instinct

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  • Hi

  • i love you

  • Are you human?

  • ur awesome

  • November 20 is my birthday yay:)

  • I come from Hong Kong and I really want to know how do you practice parkour skills. And have you broke your neck while flipping? I really want answers thank you

  • You can’t do a kart wheel

  • I’m talking about first series but I still love all of the

  • I love dragon ball ever since I was 5

  • The like button will not feel so good

  • you look like a buff version of jacksepticeye 😂

  • I like ur videos cool and cool stunts

  • Can you teach me how to do a front flip when I grow up

  • Hello cink pro

  • Your my fav

  • I looooooooooooove your videos keep it uppppppppppppo nick

  • gravity must be helping this guy instead

  • cool

  • My name is Marcello Gonzalez

  • I wish you could teach me how you do the stunts

  • How do you do those tricks

  • How do you pause a live stream

  • It will be good doing a kamehameha

  • who's ur favorite dbs character

  • Love the vid! The only thing is that in this you look rediculous

  • KAME-HAME-*flip*

  • can any one give me any tips for backflips cause i have done them for over 2 years and still can't land on ground thanks!

  • Nice flips

  • The real question is can you defeat Jiren. 🤔

  • Registering your channel to cross channel hybrid

  • ha you would not survive in rock Lee training

  • I just realized he is wearing goku underwear

  • Almost.every time you do a flip you smack your hands in your legs.

  • "No hands" Why are they still attached then?

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  • the hate you you give

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  • This training seems more like something original dragon ball Goku would do not super

  • To cool

  • Love your channel dude 😍Do some stunts from devil may cry!

  • I subed,turned on notifications and like

  • Nice

  • Hey man how much did that vest weigh and where did you get it? I want one that actually stays on and is comfortable lol

  • Why did you change your hair color I liked it blue

  • Hey Nike pro you could go to skyzone

  • That was so cool when you did a lot of backflips Nike pro Savage like 😃🤣

  • Quem é brasileiro

  • Can you do 4 backflips all together

  • U should be a movie star

  • Good

  • I turned the notations on

  • I think you will get ultra instinct

  • also your a great, I love your stunts

  • Hey Nick can you do a Naruto kind of stunts I'm just saying...

  • Nick do you think jesters content is good?! Lol i dont

  • I posted notification! Ilove it😊

  • Next video is gonna be about FORTNITE EMOTES

  • Your almost at a million subs!!!! Crazy

  • You look nice in blue hair

  • I turned on the Bell and I subscribed and I love your vids and I want to be like you when I grow up and your tutorials help a lot

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  • Hi bitch

  • Hey do the new Venom movie just came out on DVD like 6 days ago so you should probably do that next and if I'm wrong then you have to do all the stunts from random Family Guy episodes

    • PPS you should bring back all of the stunts from Dragon Ball Z from the Android Saga Dragon Ball Z Android Saga

    • Also PS I want you to do a I want you to die forward but end up doing a backflip as high as you can and then I want you to go backwards and do a backflip and try to land it did the exact same thing again but but looking forward by the way my name is Big B

  • do wwe

  • I love dragon ball z and super

  • bring back jesse baron

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  • Dude do some flips from the 1rst deadpool movie.

  • Good know I already did

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  • Cool tricks

  • you are more like goku black now because of the pink hair

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