(Deltarune) FULL / Gameplay Part 1 / This Game is Hysterical!

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 3 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
The new game from Tobi Fox Undertale sequel?prequel? undertale 2? DELTARUNE gameplay chapter 1 part 1
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  • Who Came Here For Project Zorgo

  • It said "it's a beautiful day outside birds are singing flowers are blooming'

  • *_were just gonna ignore the fact that he didn’t hug Ralsei?_*

  • your name is pewdiepie:GOD

  • Hi

  • *PewDiePie IS from the Future!* 😮 Deltarune is AMAZING! 😆 Glad you went with not fighting! 😃 I thought every character that came by WAS Sans. 😂 Lancer is hilarious 😛 Great Vid Pewds!!! 😆❤❤❤ *Susie has joined the party!*

  • Susie is barney XD

  • Kris risK

  • The symbol looks like the tri force kris is the human link susie is the monster ganandorf and then theres the prince as princess Zelda

  • Wait, Ralseiriel is the PRINCE..... but how are there unrelated four KINGs? I mean doesn't the king's son or someone entitled to a throne stuff is the prince?

  • 🔴 👑 👢 = 🔴 👢


  • 15:29 don’t you mean a SOUL attack?

  • (Pewdiepie thinks susie is a guys name) me: ok that's bearable (Pewdiepie calls glow shard GLOWS HARD) ME: instantly dies

  • She beat me up, so I ran away...! -Lancer 2K18


  • so many 30 second ads, i feel so proud of pewdiepie and his ad revenue.

  • SaVe STaTiOn

  • Bruh It's FRISK see Remove the F Put the K in front And boom you got KRIS

  • But there are 9 students? How are they groups of 2?

  • its *Cow Mom*

  • It's okay I played undertale too .. I mean one.. 😂😂😂 LMAO

  • Glows hard.

  • Pewdiepie: where is sans? Me: uhhh about that


  • 26:52 rlly...just rlly...

  • When he said glows hard instead of glow shard

  • The Power of Fluffy Boys Shine Within You :D

  • Yes that's all I have to say yes

  • I have no friends to partner with 😭

  • deltarun symbol looks much like the symbol on the hylian shield

  • *Its Sans*

  • This is epic

  • purple dark town hard on the eyes? name anagrams? Sans 2 is Kingdom Hearts.


  • Get rid of alphys eyes then Think of alphys nostrils as her eyes

  • Thanks for doing the intro Felix.

  • Why do you make alphys sound German? Lol

  • 2:07 BuT PEwDiePIE HaS Got nO LEgs!!!!1111

  • Actually pewdiepie is better playing games than reacting to memes

  • Susie is a girl

  • I've never watched Undertale, so I shouldn't watch this.

  • Lancer is the new papyrus

  • Susie is a girllllllll

  • Glow's Hard lel

  • 38:00 is a random time.

    • Neither is 40:00

  • jesus KRIS

  • 35:43

  • You've been playing some interesting games till you came across this one lol what's going on pewds

  • You gaither toilet paper!

  • COLOCA PORTUGUÊS NISSO , ou espanhol , MAS COLOCA >:^!!!!!!

  • i ve missed that intro

  • Spoiler:"This is 100% NOT UNDERTALE WORLD or is it? Nahh it's not this games is chara's mind/imagination/memories".

  • I like your animated video about undertale... that i already know... for about probably a year of a half ago... this... is... 2019 btw.

  • Your legend you well get 100 M SUBSCRIBE I love from IRAQ

  • felix isn't gonna see this, but anyway, at 12:20 the pun was "you snooze, you lose" and he used suzie as a reference

  • So far i like the orginal more

  • Watching this after playing the game and I just realized that the overworld music has the Jevil theme in it

  • I got a pewdiepie ad while watching this lmfao

  • The kris the sousie and the supply closet

  • has anyone guessed that pain in french means bread?

  • Game: select the gender that you prefer Pewdiepie: so many options!

  • Alguém ai é do Brasil?

  • Asreil? Ralsei. XD??

  • *how's it going bros my name is pewwdiepie* MY HEART I MISSED THAT

  • "at least i have a partner." Yes your partner is TEENAGE BARNEY

  • Is this Undertale-?

  • dood when u sayed should i fite or spare u forgot what susie sayed your choices dont matter

  • no undertale two is technically on the switch I might be wrong :/

  • Guys im stuck at the start help me My blood type is 0 Btw what are c and d blood types lol

  • He says pewdiepie so funny😂


  • 21:08 Close enough

  • if earth isn't flat then why did it say in the story "at earths edge" ????

  • Y’know....when they’re fighting....it kinda looks like Kris is holding a giant....um.....never mind....

  • Its sans.

  • Just here giving a racist a thumbs down

  • Alien nipples. Yas

  • I love that you actually notice the TP counter

  • "Select the legs" But Pewds doesn't have any legs. How can he possibly choose?

  • 4:45 "No one can choose who they are in this world." "Your" "name" "is" Pewds: God.

  • It's lancer not sans

  • its suz means susie

  • I dropped my mouse and it went on the like button. No lie.

  • The "Lancer" is so brittish


  • Undertale*anagram=deltarune😎😐😮

  • lancer: **enters game** *lancer replaces sans* Sans: am I a joke to you

  • glows hard.... ok I don't question the king


  • Just got a PewDiePie merch add for his 80 mil club

  • that intro is (g)old

  • holly smoke, Pewdiepie plays deltarune? gotta grasp some popcorn!

  • Pewdiepie's 80 million merch ad popped up. Weird seeing pewds monetized by ... pewds...


  • Undertale reference

  • Still looking for the Undertale NES Port but now the Deltarune SNES port.

  • best part is 26:44

  • Hit the like button if you also want to be PewDiePies friend (This isn't a cheap ploy for likes, I swear!!!!.........)

  • i tried to fart and shit myself