ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 19 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2018
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥Shoutout week ♥.
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Basically I just wanted to shoutout a different person I like on PA-tv each day this week. Not because they necessarily need a shoutout, but just as a kind of nod towards them. Since I call out people constantly on this site for bs, it felt appropriate to balance it out a bit with something positive to the people I like and whom inspire me.
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  • i got zaxby and fk wikibuy ads lol

  • I keep getting grub hub adds

  • Expedia ad

  • I got uber eats ads, sorry but it doesn't seem to be working felix

  • I still got a Tik Tok ad

  • I got an add for deodorant for arms and vaginas

  • I got tik too ads

  • I got episode ad

  • Pewdiepie: “comment down below what ad you got!” Me: I didn’t get an ad, crap!”

  • Eat green pewduepie

  • I got 4 tiktok ads ffs this is like reverse Russian roulette where there's 5 bullets and I got hit with all of them

  • Legit got an ad about cars

  • 0:03 that moment when you want to clap

  • I got all chocolate ads

  • I legit got an add for a Buic after he talked about expensive cars

  • i got a muslim slavery ad

  • I got a Taco Bell commercial

  • I got tiktok and lipstick ads

  • Car insurance commercial

  • Which add did you get? well. police recruitment add... XD

  • libero add

  • Half worked. I got an ad for a cellphone, and Frank's red hot sauce.

  • I got toon blast

  • Pewds was yelling about the car and then I got an ad for headspace the meditation app. I think PA-tv's trying to tell him something.

  • As soon as he said he wants ads on expensive cars I got a Ferrari ad.

  • Fortnite ad

  • Got a V I Poo add lol

  • Anyone watching after the Fortnite stream?

  • I got a squaty potty add and a communist simulator add

  • Got a pewdiepie tuber simulator ad before the intro

  • I actually got a german phone ad...

  • lol he actually played fortnite a few days ago

  • Eat me next

  • *pewds* what ad did you get? *me* nothing HAHAHAH IM SO SORRY FELIX

  • He actually played fornite.

  • If you want muslim wife just email me (i feel im drug dealer)

  • I got a Donald Trump ad-

  • Well i got a coffe ad

  • Got a Ford ad the car gods were not kind

  • I get hach ads

  • got a jeep advert after hearing all abo0ut cars lol

  • What ad? #ad

  • I got a GCU ad

  • no ads

  • The phone thing actually worked 😱 Got an ad for an app to help me stop using my phone so much 😂

  • I got an ad for a Tesla

  • There was an add for fright steak. I don’t get it.

  • Who I should eat next? F* my dirty mind ;-;

  • I got an ob tampon ad in the beginning, fyi

  • As he was saying expensive cars and trying to get premium ads I got an ad for Reese's peanut butter cups lol 😂

  • I literally got FORD ad lol

  • I got a tuner simulator ad that I never knew existed

  • I got an add for survey monkey

  • Nerdcity is fucking awesome

  • Aca studios...

  • felix i got an ad about minecraft i don’t think your plan worked

  • Watch this playlist backwards to see pewdiepie beating Tseries instead of losing in the race for the most subs

  • I got a tampon ad on this video

  • holy shit that add thing worked!

  • i got the alfa romeo ad

  • eat the hulk

  • I actually got a phone ad

  • Grub hub and tic tok

  • Pewds: "I don't know how to critique people's videos". Also Pewds: "MEME REVIEW"

  • lolololol as he was like I keep getting these tik tok ads one popped up

  • I got a car insurance ad.... I guess it's close enough....

  • I got a Donald Trump advertisement

  • I got an ad about bowling XD

  • After you said "who I'm gonna kiddin" a Lidl ad pop out ;D

  • I didn't get an ad Sorry pewds

  • As he was talking about cars I got a KIA ad

  • Lol when you were talking about cars I gotta car ad *Last week I ate a child*

  • i got an uber eats ad so the opposite of you using a nice car, someone else using a trash car

  • I got a car ad

  • Printer called t series

  • I got an add about a shredded midget ...... hilarious 😂

  • I got an Audio store add (it’s a store you can get stuff for your car)

  • sorry for the late reply, but if you come to izmir we can find you some of what you want :D

  • Eat T-Series.

  • I got a royal Caribbean cruise ad is that premium enough.

  • I got an ad about pewdiepie merch Truly a premium ad

  • Guess what ad I got right at 2:44, it's Mobile Royale

  • - Igual o douradinho -U douradinho eh?

  • ben shapiro

  • Gotta honda ad

  • i wanna see pewdiepie strolling around in the meme police vehicle

  • i got a phone case add

  • I got an Uber eats add 😂😂

  • I think you should cool down with the muslim wife comments cause my ad was on how to get educated in Danish military. Dont worry it doesnt seem to work tht well yet ;) plus you have the chair for 399

  • He should eat marzia

  • and the add I got was klara gymnasium.

  • I got a pewdiepie ad

  • Ad for Lang Lang concert anyone??

  • race car add seconds after he said cars :))

  • Got a car add. It worked.

  • Eat T-series so they won't beat you

  • omg i got a car ad

  • I got an ad for lyft

  • i got a honda crv add that literally came the second he said "im never getting those adds" I lold