Bollywood Stars Who are Not Indian Citizen

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 31 ਮਈ 2018
These are the Bollywood Stars who are not Indian Citizen :-
1. Alia Bhatt
2. Akshay Kumar
3. Deepika Padukone
4. Imran Khan
5.Jacqueline Fernandez
6. Sapna Pabbi
7. Katrina Kaif
8. Nargis Fakhri
9. Amy Jackson
10. Sunny Leone
11. Evelyn Sharma
12. Elli Avram

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  • Alia bhatt is the best

  • What yr kya laga k rakhe ho varun video pe hi nhi hya phir kyu ushka pic kya he yeh sabh stop this and this is not the first time

  • Who like alia bhat hit like

  • Akki alia nd deepika k bare m true h

  • 1:53 but her English sucks.

  • It doesn't matter what passport they are holding

  • Hi I love your movies

  • hhh if you go to other countries u can get their passport

  • 😂😂

  • Katrina is Hong Kong &nargis USA fans like here

  • Imran khan💜💙

  • I live in Danmark like The Girl. But i am pakistani

  • I know only sunny leone That she is really vergin

  • এরকম হইলে আমার মা ও বাংলাদেশী না। যে দেশের মানুষ মা বাপ আমরা সেই দেশী।

  • You would have got views if you had not put varun's pic in thumbnail

  • I shocked deepika not a Indian

  • If their not indan how come they speak Indian i think their half Kristen and half Indian . Who think I'm right Like 👉

  • Get lose all the unpatriotic people I'm proud to be Indian proud of my country

  • So much wrong information!!

  • All fo them comming indian backgrond

  • True

  • i think jakline is from forn

  • Why do we worship aliens

  • Soooooooooooo many British passwords right

  • For people in America and Europe they are Indians

  • Maybe they born in Western countries but their parents are Indians. They have Indian blood. Who cares about passports hahaha look to their faces

  • Some come from West to India, some go to West. We have to clearly our past due the higher self knows better he has our data base called fat (file allocation tables) He will realse it and makes us lighter and lighter so happy happy happy inside. That is the purpose of Life.

  • Luckly I hold Indian passport to access the World. It is all game of releasing ourelf. We have to be carefully with our destiny. How I met jab we met. Destiny speaks us it will take us correctly.

  • Lier

  • sunny leone was born in canada to sikh punjabi parents but holds american citizenship look it up

  • Such inaccurate video

  • Only jacquline fernandez is srilankan

  • All nonsense...

  • Sab britisher hai Kya Jacqueline se kuch sikh 😅

  • The topic is not about their religion and races. It is about citizenship. Many peoples not clear about it.

    • yeah you are right ..these people are assholes

  • Sunny leonne Has got Every nationality.. British, american,Canadian,Australian, Jamaican,Nigerian, Kenyen, European..

  • Amritsar is in India akshya is a indian

  • Deepika i love deepika

  • India Pakistan is the biggest market ever to work promote so it is truth people only want to earn money from here but don't want to live ... perhaps they under estimate people ...dislike them.

  • bhosdi k sab bhag k chale jayenge yha kuchh hone wala hoga to sab paise lutne k liye hai yha


  • Are you mad

  • Many people commenting negative on this video but doesn't know what's the meaning of the whole concept... Smh🙃🙃🙃

  • Latest warina husaain tooo .. she is from afgan

  • All rubish

  • Hit likes if u people also like. Background music.......

  • Their name tells whether they're indian or not!😥

  • Not true

  • Alia is indian

  • Alll big stars accept imran All are not indians

    • bhai kya bol rahe ho

  • All those top stars are made in Foreign, advertise in

  • Please what is the name of this song

  • Nice baground music

  • Just cause they have a different passport or grew up in a different cou try doesn't mean they are not indian. I am Indian but I have a british passport .

  • I wanna slap u !!! U idiot

  • All Indian just holding outer countries passport

  • Deepika padukone is Hindu but he is not an Indian citizen what a foolishness ALL SEEING THIS VIDEO ARE FOOLS

    • To be a Hindu doesn't mean is a citizen of the country. Citizen by law is different

  • Having passport does mean you r British...👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Yup i know katrina kaif is not indian citizen

  • Maha bakwas..

  • Opening the video who saw Varun Dhawan pls hit me a like

  • I open this video to see varia (varun and alia)

  • Don't agree

  • Yes so true

  • Her father is a badminton champ who holds Indian passport

  • Hey man. Don't lie. Deepika is a south Indian. Also her parents and she hold Indian passport. Collect the right info.

  • Akki y show off desh prem when u don't wanna Indian passport

  • It's true that Amy Jakson is from America....... My favorite actress😍

    • Amy Jackson is from UK, not America...... even in the video it says she holds a British passport and on top of that she has a British accent and you are saying she is from America? and supposedly your favourite actress?

  • it's not right that video

  • And here I was shocked and quickly rushed to tap thinking they are not Indian origin 😂😂. It's a knowing thing. Even normal people intentionally do delivery abroad to get foreign citizenship. And here we are talking about celebrities bound to be foreign citizens. People from lokal Indian families rarely become Glamorous celebrities.

  • faak new

  • Akshay Kumar biggest hypocrite! Gave up his citizenship n making money out of speeches on how India is great blah blah blah!

  • But in Canada you can be dual citizen 🤔 you got this part wrong Mr. India

  • yeh 3 khans SRK, SK, AK ... bhai yeh pakistani hain ..... its doesnt matter where u were born or grewup , its matter which country gives u name .....

  • Bahraini

  • oh my frnd if they take another passport did they lost their originality

  • Salman khan from pak

  • Send dem al bak

  • 1:31 see

  • 1:31 akshay kumar is indian

  • this person (post master) is murdering the peoples nationality right here in his post... help

  • They all have Indian accents 😂

  • Question marks about Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar & Alia Bhatt. They ars proud Indian citizens.

  • Sridevi also srilankan woman but later she changed her details as a indian. Finally she paid by life for forgiving her motherland.

  • Akshay Kumar are not Indian.....hahaaaaaaaaa...Faltu Chennel dont watch this Chennel

    • you are right

    • bhai I agree with you

    • Pehle English seekh ke aaja samja kya

  • They are so beautiful my goodness

  • So...if I own a passport of another nation..I'm no longer an Indian!!

  • Song name??

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  • Shocked

  • I like the video because I can learn where tgey actually come from

  • I don't think I can believe

  • I cannot believe that they are not indians . They are indian

  • Indian number 1 faker

  • Kya tatti news hey ...yar

  • Varun dhawan is also an indian❤❤❤

  • I don't think ALIA BHATT is britishian because she love her country so much INDIA

  • This is really stupid video. Why do you care if the actor is INDIAN or not. As long the actors do act truly and authentically they ate o? k

  • INDIENS et NOIRS Mon PEUPLE Ma Fierté. I LOVE YOU l'INDE et ses PRINCESSES BELLES sexy, coquettes, souriantes, décontratées, Pierre Florville le roi de l'écriture de l'HISTOIRE de l'Humanité, avec un coeur en OR.

  • Even Manisha Koirala is also not an Indian Passport bcz she is the princess of Nepal 🇳🇵 Nd hold a Nepalese Passport