Abhishek Bachchan Insults Aishwarya Rai In Public At Sonam Kapoor Reception

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 9 ਮਈ 2018
Abhishek Bachchan Insults Aishwarya Rai In Public At Sonam Kapoor Reception

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  • Who insulted whom. Can't c anything like that in the video.Crap video..

  • Aishwarya looks so so so beautiful

  • OTWGĆyhyhyg

  • Where is the insult. . Lol.

  • Aish ka dress superb 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • This is insult ??? Y idiots u r like this

  • Langur k haat angoor

  • Too bad... sympathy for ash.

  • Understanding couple, cute

  • Isko insult ni bolte bevkoof

  • This is not insult bro.... It's love....

  • Bevkoof log

  • Bohat randi hai ye

  • Report these types of fake videos

  • Abhishek is reallyy supporting husband...your decision is coreect to marry him not salman

  • Media Rights anything in front bcoz anybuddy open dis news and where is insult its respect for women

  • yeh insult thi

  • Abhishek is not insulting her He advices her pose in solo

  • No he did get angry some where thats why he refuse to take photos even when ash calls him many times so its in a is insulting.

  • So how many people insulted you in your life.

  • Unbalanced H/W

  • that is not and insult

  • Very stupid video

  • What rubbish...shame on you guys miss using of media...u r not reporters rather than I call you story writer...it is only happened in our India

  • Isme insult kaha hui kuch bhi abhishek toh aiswaraya ko photos click karwanw ke liye bol raha hai

  • He never wants to be seen with his wife, as if he is embarrassed or something. Every single event, it's the same drama.

  • Are you mad, Where is insult

  • for avoid this situation if i was her i Said: sorry! but i just take photos with my husband.!

  • Where is the insult.???He is a pure gentleman.

  • Abhishek is under rated 😑 he is a good actor

  • Bullshit Media Abhishek Bachchan us a good human being

  • There is no insult instead he tells her to go for solo pic such a gentleman

  • where's the insult? bunch of craps

  • where's the insult? bunch of craps

  • Oh this media news I just hate them coz you think they are saying truth but they are nothing 😏😏😏 cheap media

  • Misleading headline.

  • 0:18 Salman khan

  • Aish looking so gorgeous

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  • Abhishek is quite egoistic

  • Can't Abhishek ever dress up smartly to complement his looks. He is always dressed in an awkward manner. Needs a check by a stylish. Sherwani with a hanging slip and a pyjama which looks like a jeans and black shoes????? That is so bizzare. Then he gets pissed when media wants to take a solo pic of Aishwarya. Well raise your class man.

  • They wanted solo pic. Where is the insult ? Go wash your face whoever made this video. U are in sleep

  • Congratulations Moviez Adda, you have the honor of being my very first PA-tv comment. I have taken the liberty to report this video for its libelous nature and pathetic attempt to profit through unsubstantiated slander; perhaps better classified as garbage/kachara?. This is clearly your recurrent approach to "attracting" viewers at the expense of others. Err on the side of caution as there are certainly individuals with ample time on their hands that can happily defame "Moviez Adda".

  • Did u hear at last reporter said ladies 1st n they had laugh out loud

  • Mucho glamour, pero no se bañan y su olor es horrible.

  • This is Absolutely Nonsense Where is Insult here, People are just desperate to Spread Info which tend to create Hatred.

  • Omg this guy acts like a BRAT! Who hasn’t come to terms yet that that his wife is a bigger star than him. Why would you act like that in front of the cameras? Makes you look more like of a loser 🙄.

  • Davidase

  • 🤔👎💣💣

  • Not an insult!! Very cute and matured gesture ♥️

  • Think the photographers were asking for solo shot; and he just allowed her take the limelight.

  • That’s not an insult he rather supports and forces her for a solo pic !

  • Stop posting videos with misleading titles just to get clicks. Everyone please report this video. I reported it.

  • no he didn't!!! He let her take a solo pic like the rest of the husbands!! Absolutely nothing wrong with that!! Abhishek is a thorough gentleman. He is so down to earth and a very very loving and good son, brother, husband and father. A lot of men can learn how to be a better human being from him. God bless him.

  • All lies media

  • Where is insult?????

  • This is the problem marrying a younger man ☺️☹️

    • Happy Rai This is the problem with ANY south Asian guy who's mother didn't teach him to be secure, pampered him and gave in. They act out when a female doesn't give in to them. They think they have the right to demand and throw tantrums. Insecurity is a sign of bad upbringing and lack of self worth. A female can't fill that gap for you. Saif ali khan doesn't behave like that.

  • It's not insult . It's respect.

  • it was not insult,, but abhisek did not seem happy like what he should be with his beautiful wife.

  • Isme insult kaha hui.. Kuch bhi bolte ho..

  • Love Abhishek's attire and look. He looks amazing.

  • I jast see love betuwen them And respect😍😍😍😍

  • Pahle abhishek ka lo fir aishwarya degi....lmao😂😂

  • He is the pappu of bollywood

  • Its no insult. He knows aishwarya is famous world wide n also in bollywood she has worked more than him so its obvious. I like what abhishek was wearing. Good pair.

  • He didn't insult her. He just wanted her to have the limelight.

  • He just a daft cunt like his dad ashwaerya too good for him and his family they backwards biggest mistake she did is married he thinks he's better no way in any way he better than her he and his dad are clowns they should be in circus not Bollywood if she married sulman Khan she would made a good coulple but makes takes do happen

  • Beauty queen

  • Ek baat samhh nhi aati..ye har wakt apny baal ko sawarti kyu rhti h..aur kuch jyada hi bemtlb ka hasti h

  • Shut up...u guys need some thing or the other to gossip... We rather see they respect eachother like any normal husband n wife...long live their relationship 🙏

  • Abe isme insult kahan respect he

  • Media wale to maha chutiye lag rahe hain. Kisi ki ijjat nahi karte. Sharm karo.


  • Yeah hello .. what insult ? They look gorgeous.

  • Median shouting only ash name so he let his wife take more pics . Some guys don't like to be clicked more like ladies. . Moreover he looked kind of upset with some tears eyes . Kind of done with some unpleasant arguments. Hmm

  • i think she misses the attn she use to get n abi just doesnt care for it.

  • Is not insult...... U bastard better die u hollycrap medias

  • She is a wife; not just some woman on display. She was indeed insulted by this low life of a "man."

    • Cynthia Meirah Voormeij dont talk crap! he is letting her have a solo pic just like all the other husbands did and he is a very supporting and loving husband.. they have been married for over 11 years now so you keep your nose out of their blessed life and worry about your own!!

  • For getting d views. U make such a worst Headline. 👎👎

  • He just wanted her to pose by herself on the carpet! You know, he wanted her to have some "me" time up there in the limelight. Although, I must also add that she looks really pissed off, in this video. They must have had a spat or some such.

  • wow you guys reach more the american papparazzi lol

  • Ye tou koi insult nhe he

  • The media is making them to argue. .by saying he insult her ..abi is a gentleman

  • mumbai film mafai - LIES ABOUT THE BACHAN FAMILY - WHY DONT YOU SHOW SOME OTHER failed actors who ARE NOT MARRIED - those bitter exes

  • Insult??? You dont know what insult means . Aishwarya is lucky to have gentleman like Abhishek bachan

    • Yes you right

    • Be/ rose Maryminati I believe you. I’m sure you know them personally 🙄

    • Nonsense, Abhishek is lucky to have Aishwarya as his wife, he has mistreated her in public before too...may not be this time... He is an egoistic for no reason. While Aishwarya is humble & down to earth. She really deserves much better

    • Insult likha tabhi click kia na dekhne ke liye. This is the tactic.

  • Where is the insult?? Kuch b??? Anything??? I think having this type of fake media is an insult to India. Bloody crap!

    • Dumb azz this ain't media channel. This is som troll brained person like you who opened channel to make money

    • Pari rai 🤗😍😘💖

    • laura radut 😂😂yaa that's wat I said🤗

    • Pari rai i don t see nothing about insult really

  • Abhishek ne galti se lambi wali baniyan pehni 😂

  • it's not insult he showed respect to her wife for photography

    • Right... Abhishek is a very nice person

  • But where did he insult her?? He just told her to go for photos. Stupid title.

  • u media guys wont stop this till they get divorce..

  • It’s time to ditch all the media’s which spreading fake and unwanted news.. I don’t think that here Abhishek insulting Aishwarya.. hey they are husband and wife .. why media’s are always focusing on their personal life ..?

  • Im here for background comments from paparazzi

  • It’s called Respect

  • Pathetic channel to stoop low

  • Hahaahaaa avisaikh reaction & she is jst making her hair

  • total fake video plz don't upload fake video total rubbish

  • Indian media are so cheap 😝

  • No one is beautiful like aishwarya in film industry..

    • No one else wears makeup as much as aishwarya wears.

  • He's not insulted her he knows media wants ladies picture more.