2AB Ki Gajab Kahaani - Stand-up Comedy by Varun Grover

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 9 ਮਾਰਚ 2019
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Who says our leaders don't have a sense of humor? At least it can't be disproved mathematically.
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Video credits:
Edited by: Ramit Verma (aka Official PeeingHuman on youtube)
Shot by: Dishang Popat, Nishant Thawrani, Saumya James, and Vivian Castellino
Sound: Sreejith Menon
Venue: The Habitat, Khar, Mumbai
Special Thanks: Kunal Kamra


  • Modi's just explaining the concept of synergy in an overtly simplistic manner with his a plus b square speech. Why does that upset you so much Varun? As far as UP is concerned, when Azam khan was ruling the state, it was the kidnapping capital of the world. This is not comedy. It's just a rant generated from your leftist biases. Recognize yourself and kindly stop filling the internet with crap just coz bandwidth is cheap.

  • why is jnu silent?

  • Jo Rahul Gandhi bolta h ... Wo kya h fir...

  • Whaaaaat every things ok a+b wagarah but it says stand-up "COMEDY" in the title it sounded like a congress press conference I mean wtf

  • Now if something good happens in our country , which everyone knows that happening since 2014...Atleast something ... Then we have comedians...."Aise kaise achhe ko appreciate krde??"

  • Please do not make fun of Mr. Modi, it happens to everyone, so what if he was on drugs that day, its okay!!

    • Paritosh Gupta sasta nasha nahi karna chahiye

  • God bless you

  • Awesome

  • Ab hum kare to kare kya bole to bole kya? Wah maggie ji waha

    • Manish Lohani wah gandu wah Gandu means modi

  • Nasa ka ek equipment hai 🤣 that construction 😂

  • I m a student, i like to write poetry and rap. I am ready to perform too. So if you could help me, soo that 2019 doesn't be the end of people like you, i would really appreciate it.

  • Bhai ne bjp Ko Aina dikha diya 6 min me

  • Aapko maths samajh me aati ho ya na ho, par hamesha yaad rakhna..................... *JAI PUBG* *PUBG IS BEST* aur haan *SHROUD SABKA BAAP HAIN* With love From Mars

  • Abb ye Chootiya bataega ki kyaa bolana chaahie Modi ji ko.. 2 kaudi ka jhaatu comedian..

  • Tujhe Opposition se kitna paisa milta Hain?

    • Mridu Pawan jitna teri maa ko milta hai ek raaat ka Mujh se tou 50 paise main set hojati bari sasti hai teri maa

  • Abey sun, Rahul Gandhi tera chacha hai kya. Modi ka mazaak bananey ke alawa tumhe comedy kitni aati hai.

    • Jyoti Dwivedi modi khud ek joke hai

  • Wah modiji wah!

  • Modi illiterate hai.

  • Koi chacha ko bato k extra 2ab nhi h wo calculate krne per aata hain.

  • Bhosdike Teri comedy ka kuch pata bhi hai

  • U r awesome man.. Matlab kya humor hai very nice. I love the part of yogi

  • Anpadh Modi ka mazak nahin udana chahiye... Bhakt ro denge 😜

  • Pm ko Mt bol abhi tere aukaat nhi hai na Kabhi hogi bsdke soach kr bola kr

  • Chutiya tu..p.m. banega sarpanch ki okat ni aur bat pm ki kr rha h chutiya

  • Modi bakhto bcdoo samjo Jara app kiss chutea k bakht hoo.. Nice video

  • (a + b)² = a² + b² + 2ab This is the formula that dictated our middle school maths :)

  • Varun 'Groper' is back.

  • Send modi to Korea

  • Gaandu saala kuch bhi comedy to hoti nahi or bat karta hai modi JI or yogi JI ki

  • Bhai ye extra 2ab ka kya fanda he😂😂

  • STOP make mockery of Our PM..! After decades, we finally have a Prime Minister who has guts and self less intension to serve India. You can't deny he has produced Results! I have been meeting Government authorities and higher officials, every one now have KRA & KPI. They all gave similar feedback which eventually concluded as "now it's difficult to work in comfort zone as an government employee" The DNA which has been infused with cancer of corruption by congress, especially the notorious "Under The Table Culture" which had directly hit the common people below the belt, now slowly Vanishing. Today's policies are questioning the old administration system of the government for transparency of results.. All these changes are enforcing the System to adopt a culture where targets and dead lines are on top most priority, which is indirectly talking off the so called peace from Govt Job comfort.... Now one has to perform other wise, the respective employee will be transfered to "Hard Station"... It's an achievement, those who used to say "सरकारी काम है, टाइम तो लगेगा" now they have dead lines. Think twice before abusing/demeaning him, what will he gain if he will win 2019 election again, and what will we lose if he will lose this election

  • visit Raipur too.

  • Bud bud bud...Rangeen billi...🐈🦁🐯Amit Shah dekhra... haahaa...India &canda 2ab....

  • Ab leftists ko koi corruption case to milta nhi modi or yogi ke baare mein, to isi tarah tatti jokes banake unka mazak uake apni jali gand ko thandak dete hain....chutiye k bachche saale...lol

  • Shukar hain yeh chutiya India mein paida hua hain... Fatkao bc isko...

  • Unpadh prime minister

  • Toh A aur B koun hai... Pakistan and china...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pagl hai kya

  • The recriutres will call you,u just make a vdo and remember vdo should contain only content against modi.........

  • The recruitment of many people against modi are going on.one who is intrested make a vdo against modi and earn a lot bcoz recruiters has lots of money earned by many scam like 2G,koyla scam,adarsh scam and many more.

  • Hamesha jokes ka leya Pm ka nam lena jurari nhi ha tera baap ka noker nhi ha woo

  • I am still confused, why audience of Canada impressed and shouting for extra 2AB invention?..

  • Modiji is high on weeds😂

  • Iski dukan bhi Modi Ji ko gali dene se chal rahi h

  • Yogi adityanath: AVM=ALL VOTE MODI🤐

    • No, Yogi said AWM is best where, AWM stands for All is Well with Modi

  • Anti romeo squad 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bakwaas Bhai

  • Itna bakwas karne ke bad mat bolna freedom of speech nahin hain and tolerance nahin hain..

  • now indian's comedian's jobs are at risk...

  • Ye admi till ka tad bana raha... Tere gano ka bhi aise hi chutiyap banaya ja shakta bhai..

  • Its just Nonsense.

  • a × b = india/2 × canada or a×b = india × Canada/2

  • It means u r a spokes person of congress....

  • mathematics hum sharminda hain... tere qatil abhi zinda hain😂😂

  • anti romio squad is not bunch of single guy with authorization to jail others , actually they are cops from up police kuch bhi bakwaas phelate hai comedy k naam pe do comedy on anyone but dont put up distorted fact sab ko kunal kamara banna jarroori nahi hai

  • sound in space?

  • 5:20 naye de Dunga

  • Tere ko akal hi nahi hai be

  • madarchood tu rahul ka video bhi bana leta,,,, modi ji ne teri bhi benami sampati ko indian gov. ko sop diya h kya jo unki team ko aur unko galiya nikal raha h....

  • madarchood tu rahul ka video bhi bana leta,,,, modi ji ne teri bhi benami sampati ko indian gov. ko sop diya h kya jo unki team ko aur unko galiya nikal raha h....

  • madarchood tu rahul ka video bhi bana leta,,,, modi ji ne teri bhi benami sampati ko indian gov. ko sop diya h kya jo unki team ko aur unko galiya nikal raha h....

  • madarchood tu rahul ka video bhi bana leta,,,, modi ji ne teri bhi benami sampati ko indian gov. ko sop diya h kya jo unki team ko aur unko galiya nikal raha h....

  • Ye ch**iye logo ko PM or ministers q bna rhi h janta jb yaha hmko pdh kr bhi jobs nhi milegi to ese pagal logo ko power me q lana..!?

  • mere do modi jokes ko bhi add krlo apni next show me : Modi : mai bhi chokidar. Bjp leaders : mai bhi chokidar. Bhakat : mai bhi chokidar. Asli Chokidar : to bhodsike mai kaun hu? Modi to Bhakat : ap madarchod ho? Bhakat : no response. Modi : ho ke nahi ho? Bhakat : ha hain hain hain (echo)

  • 2ab mere ko abhi bhi samajh nahi aya. But still I'm gonna vote Modi. No better option available

  • Humra pm chaye wala tha.. Ab chowkidar hai... 2ab... Ye sab nhi padha bechare ne.. To mazak mat udao yaar

  • Nonsense.

  • Ek list apne liye bhi rakh leta.......kuchh bhi bol rha h..

  • Kabhi aaloo ki factory pe bhi comedy karo and hame bhi hansao....sharm bech ke kha chuke ho tum log

  • It's nt comedy It is jst anti bjp agenda🤐

  • Bhk bancho

  • Thanks bhai. You are doing a great job. God bless you.

  • Y always talk about politics sir??

  • Minorities ko khula haath de diya na to wo majority ko jeene nahi denge to better hai control me rakho unko. Mazak ki aad me dard chupa rahe hain apna Grover ji. Bhauk ligea jitni icckha ho aayenge to Modi ji hi 2019 ke election me...

  • Ager koi bolega ki modiji ne galat bola to wo deshdrohi hai🤣🤣🤣

  • I just observed a minute of silence for Modi Jis audience who cheered at his formula.

  • Fully payed script by the great paplu party😂

  • bhosdike unki waja se tere paise a rha hai 😂

  • Cong. Ne kitna khilaya grover bhai. 1peti? 2peti?

  • 1:57 sahi kaha vai....Kuch bhi bhej dete hai WhatsApp mein....itna saara FAKE NEWS felata hai 😷

  • Good to make fun..... But it has logic..... If only people can understand that...... Read a few comments below.... saying... They got offended as a math student.... Nd India Canada.... Nd Aryabhat saying waah modi waah.... Lolz....😁😂 Nice... But if u think... There is some meaning behind what he said.... Nd before making any statement... Let me also clarify... M a mathematic student... And a science student also.... Also nor m i any modi bhakt... So coming to point... Mathematically..... A, B, C...watevr... All are variables... So they can hold ANY value... In this case.... They hold values... India and Canada respectively.... Nd now 2AB... means... their unity makes the two stronger together... Nd individually... also they are stronger... Vch means... A square... Nd B square.... So basically.... If u understand it.... Its quite meaningful... If u dont... Then its just a joke😁😁 Also... I wud like to say... I came across this speech for the first time..... Thanx to one of my friends who asked me to explain the meaning....... Thanks to the same person... U r reading all this😂😂😂😂 U might like to abuse that person😂😂😂 Otherwise... M not even a politics follower.... Jst stating facts and explained the underlying meaning....😊

  • kuch bhiiii matlab kuch bhi .

  • Gajab...... Very good talent.......

  • Indians live in a bubble and accepting and believing everything . Bhakts are on both sides . Indians need to stand up against bhakts of Congress and bhakts of BJP and Bhakts of Left parties.

  • Difficult to judge who is a better comedian you or Rahul Gandhi...

    • +AMIT SHARMA haha... Bhakt... Hope ur khaki chaddis are dry... U will need them ...haha

    • +Jain Ramu awwww... Poor kid... Go and play with your doll...

    • +AMIT SHARMA dude .. stop lying ..haha.. stop it man..bhakt !! Nobody should say a word about modi huh.. tell him to go to Saudi Arabia ... Bhakt... Good luck

    • +Jain Ramu ha ha ha... I was expecting this... Did I say I support modi or bjp... That's the problem with people like you, stand up comedians and media... If you criticise RG then you are a bhakth and if you do the same with govt then you are antinational... I am sorry to say but you need to grow up..

    • +AMIT SHARMA see.... Bhakt !! True colours had to come out ... Good luck.

  • Ooo modi g ke wajah se iska bhi kch acha hua hoga tb bhi iska fatt gya.

  • except your face nothing was funny dear totle

    • Lo bhai ek aur bhakt buraa maan gaya, bardaash nahi hota hai tho dhekna math chooth kay dakkan

  • Which degree does our pm have?? Please remind ??

  • Kown kehta hai modi kisi kaam ka nahi. Ye dekhlo kitne log ke kaam aa raha hai.

  • extra 2ab comes from RSS

  • Ap aur kunal kamra update daalte raho regularly taki humein bhi pata chale pata chale ap zinda hai!!😂

  • Nice Grow Channel #LeavesGreenTrade

  • Bsdk

  • Nasha machine wala best hai, I watch again and again 😂🤣😂🤣heyyyyy

  • Modi-nama (followed by Modi and supporters): if RaGa says something stupid, then say (pappu)^infinity. If Modi says something stupid, then (ignore)^infinity. Btw, what is Modi's exact formula from calculus to ensure national integration?

  • 😂😂super😂😂

  • Sabkuch agenda ke andar...😢😢... complete biased😢

  • suna tha hathi ko dekh ke kutte bhokte hai aj dekha bhi..

  • Rajiv nigam is better than you... No selective propaganda like you.

  • Modi hater BJP hater... Thats what defines you

    • No he is anti modi, anti BJP, anti national, anti Hinduism, feminist, leftist, globalist, pro Islamic, terrorist, pakistani, liberalist, pro Congress and most importantly he is _smart and logical_