2.0 - Science behind Rajnikanth 's Movie | Mobile Phone Radiation Explained by Dhruv Rathee

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 5 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2018
Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar's Robot 2.0 movie has become a big blockbuster. This movie is built around the theme of cellphone tower and mobile phone radiation impacting the population of birds in India. In this video, I will explore the scientific accuracy of this claim. Do cellphone towers emit radiation? If yes, how harmful is it to birds and humans? Should we stop using our smartphones and cellphones? I explain the concept of Electromagnetic waves, ionising and non-ionising radiation and wildlife and bird conservation.
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1 - e360.yale.edu/digest/forty-percent-of-the-worlds-bird-populations-are-in-decline-new-study-finds
2- www.sbs.com.au/news/anti-vax-movement-blamed-for-30-per-cent-jump-in-measles-cases-worldwide
3- datazone.birdlife.org/sowb/casestudy/a-range-of-threats-drives-declines-in-bird-populations
4 - www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/radiation/cell-phones-fact-sheet
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  • Most of the comments here on this video are regarding the 5G test in Netherlands. Please know that birds dying from it was Fake News. This has already being revealed by AltNews. Read more here- www.altnews.in/will-birds-die-as-shown-in-2-0-indian-media-falls-for-fake-news-from-netherlands/

    • mr Rathee...bhai hme in sb report biport science vines me kuch pta ni chlta.... tum bs 24 ghante mobile tower k niche rhekar sabit kro k koi radiation ni he....or uske bad video jrur banana 😏 bda aya duniya ko schayi dikhane vala...

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  • im waiting for your next video... mr. rathee 24 ghante khade rhe cell phone tower k niche...or koi radiation mahesus ni hua or video me khi huyi apni bat sch sabit ki... 😏😏 ghar k upr ya side me tower ni....khule medan me tower k niche aaram krta hua video banana...

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  • this is for all the video LIKERS ..... movie me bhi ek character ne bola thaki koi radiation ni hota or pksiyo ko kuch ni hota.... tab akshay ne kaha thaki kya aap ye bat proof kr skte he cellphone tower k niche 24 ghante khade rhekar ? ......are you ready to do the same mr. rathee as you prove that there is no radiation ... don't mine be near cellphone tower and prove that you are correct....😰.... save birds ..stop cellphone...if you switch off the phone then and then you will be able to feed them and think for them 🐦💓

  • is it possible for u to say how Mr.Acharya resigned...i did not get the whole story

  • if people will not use mobile...how will this guy earn money......😏.... all the cellphone addicted people were looking for excuse to use mobile...now this child is their hero 😏😏 .....what's ever save birds if you like them...atleat swith off the mobile when you sleep.... movie me akshay ne shi kaha tha k log sirf message forward krenge wtsp FB pe...bad me mobile pe lg jayenge...tune bhi vhi kiya....akhir tuje tera pet jo palna he....

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  • Bro nedarland me 5g test k karan birds ki 25% population mar gai

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  • Animals have instinctive behaviour. Humans have confused animals with different types of lifestyles like buildings, technology, vehicles etc which they don't understand. Somebody should teach them to co-exist isn't. Animals are going extinct because of this disturbance which effected their lifestyle (and nature destruction too). Sanctuary's and petting may save them. Humans are no more greater than animals. Expect you can talk and think more. They can eat you too, remember that. You think you are a soul in a body that's another case.

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  • See Dhruv movie is really good. Ek sahi me achcha message diya hai k jitni zarurat ho utna technology ka use karna chahiye. But we also have to be cautious about the birds, environment etc. Its not about blaiming to cell phone towers N all but its about the people who dont care about the nature. Second half was really emotional. But thanks for your scientific clarity.


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  • Oh bhaiii cell phone tower is one of the main reason jiske wajah se birds Kam hue hai... Even I have practically seen it... So please broo don't mislead us through ur videos...

  • Bhut gyani h bhaii tu... Desh ka bhala krna chahiye tjhe... Movie ki bate chor kr.... Kch desh ko aage bhadhane ka kam kr... Kyki tera gyan bhut jada h.. hr cheej hr bat ka answer h tere pass... Bhagwan h bhai tu.. Desh bacha le re baba.. bacha le...

    • Your words- "mere se jyada to ye bhai Sahab funny hai" Your reason for this statement- "har baat ka jawab hai inke paas" Me- 😕 Aakhir kahna kya chahte ho bhai. And btw, according to 12th english grammar book (excellent publication) One who knows everything- *OMNISCIENT*

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  • Hey, I agree with you that cell phone radiations don't cause harm. But there are two points: 1) The movie focuses on how the TSPs increase their radiations so that people don't face disturbances and directly affecting their businesses. That's something the movie covered. The character was not against cell phone usage. He was against the increase in the radiation power than recommended. 2) Birds have an internal compass that detects Earth's magnetic field. Now, if cell phone radiations are within a limit, as you only suggested, then it's fine. But the radiations are way over than recommended, then it starts to affect the birds. That's the movie covered.

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  • The Lung Cancer rate came down because the smokers died not because they gave smoking up.

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    • Prabuddha Mudgal sahi information de toh raha hai wo aur ab kya kiya jaaye. Sabke ghar ja jaake toh nahi samjha sakte na is technology ke zamaane me

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  • I am using a lenevo k4 note from last two years.. i used to make long calls without earpiece.. since April my left ear ( which was the usual side to hear the calls) has shown resistance and a weird pain in my throat started.. initially i cudnt configure but i realised its because of the heat raidiations from mobile... Since den i use either earpiece or loudspeaker.. but i will completely deny that radiation produced from mobile phone is harmless... Its very much harmful..even before robot 2.0 was introduced..

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  • Some things are in the world which is not scientifically proved that means it is not false it may be true. In this video you said that we should not use our mobile phone for long time but what about the birds they are roaming in the free sky and the sky is full of radio frequency. According to human bird size is very small should definitely they will effect more than us. And final thing about 2.0 is a technical movie and the story is also good not bad

  • I dont know either you will see my comment or not. But, couple of years ago, a school girl observes that the wifi signal from routers in school was harmful for claypot plants. She blame that plants are not growing as much as outside.. and that was not due to photosynthesis but was wifi signal. And soon a team from R&D survey that the 5th standard girl was right .

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