2.0 - Official Trailer [Hindi] | Rajinikanth | Akshay Kumar | A R Rahman | Shankar | Subaskaran

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 3 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2018
Unleashing the official trailer of our magnum opus "2.0"
Starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson in lead
Music Composed by A R Rahman
Directed by Shankar
#2Point0 #2Point0Teaser #LycaProductions #Rajinikanth #AkshayKumar #ARRahman #Shankar
Lyca Productions presents 2.0 Trailer
-Team 2.0-
Cast : 'Superstar' Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson & Others
Written & Directed by S. Shankar
Produced by Subaskaran
Music: A. R. Rahman
Cinematographer: Nirav Shah
Editor: Anthony
Art: T Muthuraj
Jeya Mohan | V Srinivas Mohan | Rif Dagher | Resul Pookutty | Mary E Vogt | Kenny Bates | Nick Powell | Steve Griffin | Silva | Legacy Effects | Double Negative | Quantum FX | Bosco | Na Muthukumar | Madhan Karky | Rocky
Music on Lyca Music
Hitting silver screens on November 29th 2018.
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  • 101k, dislikes...unbelievable !!!!!

  • OMG. So OTT and copied segments of all Marvel/DC movies. Why do people watch such shit. It's an insult to the audience's intelligence.

  • Tuha girlfriend's zav

  • Please upload karo 2.0 robot movie

  • Nice 👍🏻 movie

  • Very very good & nice movie

  • Movie dekhne ke baad bhi trailer kon kon dekh raha hai

  • Slow movie

  • Who is here after watching full movie on zee cinema/Amazon Prime

  • Wtf

  • bakwas movie

  • Akshay Villain acting so great 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Nice

  • Robot 2 0 full movie upload kare

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  • I'm starting to think all Indians have a screw or two loose up there.

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  • just watched it on net it is ...........All Time Blockbuster what a movie waiting for its next part but plz shankar sir dont be late

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  • "An ornithologist who commits suicide returns as fifth force to wreack vengeance on mankind for harming birds with mobile phone radiation. The only thing that is standing in his way is 2.0, the upgraded version of Chitti, the robot."

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  • its a true thing we should save birds and we should stop killing birds

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  • Amazing Brilliant Emotional movie. Great acting by Akshay Kumar. No words there to express Superstar Rajni. Villain's back story was very touching and emotional. We should really take some lessons from this movie. Save Birds, Save Nature, Save our mother Earth.!!

  • 2.0 movies mera yotube me aplod karo

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  • Its amazing how much work went into something so stupid.

  • Maha bakwaas animations....

  • 2.0 full movie

  • One of the worst movie i ever seen in my life . I watch only 40 % movie ..its intolerant...if i watch till end i think i go to coma ..🤣🤣

    • Race 3 Dhoom 3 Kalank Thug of Hindustan All srk latest movies All karan moves I hate them ...i dont want to spoil my money on this idiot ..actres.and directors ...

    • Haha...race 3 fan spotted

    • i agree...its tamil cinema wat else can u expect

  • Bakwas movie ha is se acha to Carton Billi wale hain 500 cr lagaya khoti da phuda

  • What kind of gay shit is this.

  • Is me bechare pakchiraj ke sath bahut galat hua hai very emotional

  • wtf is this crap !!

  • Every person who is reading this comment is a killer


  • Nice

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    • Most powerful video

  • Haha, villain is so weak in this movie, Focus sirf version 2.0 pe kiya h , Or story v kuch khas nhi h. Vfx achhe h par wo last m Big robot fight m cartoon lgte hai dono. Agar Robot or 2.0 ko compare kiya jaay to mujhe ROBOT , 2.0 se 1000 guna achhi lgi. Mh rating 4.8/ 10 Note - Ye mera opinion h, par Ab ye mt bolna ki hme is movie ko support karna chahiye quki ye Indian movies ka future h. Robot movie 2010 m aayi thi par abhi tak India m usse achhi koi sci-fi movie nhi h

  • 2.O is No.1 movie in 2018

  • What a gr8 concept. story ek number

  • Abe kharab movie hai re

  • Ths movie is nothing but huge shit ha😂 ths indian filmaaker call silvertes or say arnold to act on ths shit movie wtf....ha ha indians headgehog directors.. arnold definetly knew that the movie will be shit so denied... ha

    • Haha ass burned fool

    • sahi kaha bhai tatti movie hai. indian cinema ki yahi dikkat hai pehla part chal jaye to doosre part mein kuch bhi dikhate hain saari movies ke sequels aise hi hote hain .ek dum tatti

    • Udhar avengers director ne taarif Kiya hai director ka... wohi gisa pita item song romance dekho..kuch Naya try Kiya tho support mat karo but degrade b mat karo....Arnold asked ₹100 cr...

  • Madari Chod Ye Kia Dekha Rahe ho. Full move Donald karo jaldi 👊😡

  • Yea movie na toh iron man ki gand mar di

  • ऐसे कितने लोग है यहां जो आज भी ट्रेलर देख रहे है 🚩

  • Robot 2.o is super best movie i love this movie all time and plz plz save bird 😭😭☺

  • Rakkho

  • Akshay kumar ka naam bara kyun nahi rakkha

  • Every mom would be so happy if this was true because the cell phones were taken🤣🤣

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  • I am side of akshya kumar.....because he is right....radiation ki bajaha se Birds Mar rahe hain hame esi technology use karni chahiye jis se birds ko koi nuksan nahi pahuche.....I love birds....film dekh k thoda rona ata hai😢😢😢

  • I personally hated this movie. The concept was good except its scientifically illogical.

  • In this movie actually Akshay Kumar was hero and Rajnikanth was villen...


  • super nice

  • 2.0 Good 1a

  • Wat fuking waste of 180m of my life....

  • v lg hi i high gcd gd huh kg hmm OK bb u are more sis u name is park Soo I in Korea and U to sleep

  • Not feel originality like other English movies

    • Unka budget kitna hota hai ..apna kitna..support mat karo but degrade mat karo

  • Good message but the movie is not perfect

  • Sanjiblama

  • . Sanjip

  • Thank you so much sir is filme ke liye wow amazing and god movie story but music sound very very nice and thank you so much ra rahman sir thank you filme producer and director shanker sir thanks all filme members 🤔🤨😉🤗🙏🙏👍

  • Akshay kumar ke har movie kuch na kuch sikh deti hai

  • World is not only for humans👊

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  • Who’s here after watching the full movie 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • I am uploading full movie soon check on my chanel

  • 2019 me kon hai

  • I watch the movie in theater and akshay kumar is right because we have to save birds and earth

  • It was an beautiful movie

  • Resp sir

  • Shiva good movie

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  • Last part of the movie was suck

  • Vfx only bad picture overhyped

  • Full movie download 2.0 download here ......drive.google.com/open?id=1MOMsh5ddH9RM434yAReD5DBu68Br5Btu

  • Who came here saw this movie today in zee tv movies

  • Lakta h akshya ne actor banke jyada paise nhi kama paya isiliye villain kaa roll nibhaya 😁😁

  • 2.0 is the best film by rajni sir

  • Kya iss movie ka 3rd part aayega......???

    • +Rocky A Really.....???

    • Director Shankar s ready with 3.0 scriprt..

  • Robota pichara roars aaji

  • Bakwash movie 2.0 Bhot torture kiya re iss movie ne

  • Jisne dislike kiya oski mkc

  • very nice movie i love akky

  • Plot Vaseegaran introduces Nila, his new humanoid robot who is his personal assistant, to a group of students. Shortly thereafter, a student's smartphone suddenly starts flying, exhibiting avian characteristics. Before long, cell phones all over Chennai begin to fly away, leaving the city in chaos. At an emergency council meeting initiated by the government, Vaseegaran enunciates that it is beyond conventional science to fight what he considers a fifth force, and proposes reinstating Chitti, which was dismantled in 2010. But Dhinendra Bohra, who lost his father to Chitti's anger,[a] opposes, and the council decides to seek help from the military, thereby vetoing Vaseegaran's proposal. The growing stream of cell phones leaves havoc in its path, killing a mobile phone wholesaler Jayanth Kumar, a transmission tower owner Manoj Lulla, and the state's telecom minister Vaira Moorthy. To prevent further damage, S. Vijay Kumar, the Home Minister, unofficially gives Vaseegaran permission to rebuild Chitti. Chitti traces the mobile phones. Vaseegaran then learns from Chitti that the bird is powered by the aura of a human being, which exudes negative energy. The radiation from the antennae of such signal transmitters and auras of other living organisms are positively charged while those of the dead are negatively charged, allowing the parabolic transmitters to repel the bird. Had it entered the electromagnetic field produced by the transmitters, the radiation from the antennae would neutralize the bird, preventing it from reassembling. Vaseegaran replicates a smaller version of those transmitters to destroy the bird. During neutralization, Vaseegaran learns that the negative aura is from Pakshi Rajan. Pakshi Rajan used to be an ornithologist who owned the now abandoned house where birds would come and live with him. Gradually, high-frequency radiation from the newly set up cell towers starts killing the birds due to the rapid growth of mobile phone industries. Pakshi then visits Jayanth Kumar, Manoj Lulla, and the telecom minister in order to request them to stop their unjust and unlawful activities but it is in vain. He also organizes conferences and protests against the exorbitant use of cell phones but receives no support. Ultimately, all his birds die, and a distraught Pakshi Rajan hangs himself to death from a cell tower. His life energy, along with that of numerous dead birds, combine together to form an aura that manipulates mobile phones into any form through electromagnetic radiation. Chitti reactivates the transmitters and neutralizes Pakshi, storing his energy in a containment circuit. But jealous of Chitti's resurgence, Dhinendra sneaks into the AIRD Institute and frees Pakshi's aura from the containment circuit. The aura enters Vaseegaran, enabling Pakshi Rajan to possess his body and attack humans. Chitti hesitates to kill him, as it would mean killing Vaseegaran too. Taking advantage of this, Pakshi disassembles Chitti. Nila takes Chitti back to the lab and rebuilds its body, replacing its microchip with the red chip created by Bohra,[a] which results in Chitti's violent configuration, version 2.0, being in control. Nila constrains it from harming anyone but Pakshi Rajan. Chitti then creates more versions of its likeness. Meanwhile, Pakshi takes over a crowded football stadium and exposes Dhinendra to radiation from the nearby cell towers, incinerating and killing him. Chitti, along with its army of robots, arrives and confronts him, resulting in a battle between the two. However, its battery drains, and it rushes to the nearest power station. During this time, microbots resembling Chitti, called Kutti version 3.0, arrive mounted on white pigeons and confront Pakshi Rajan, who cannot kill the spectators now as it would mean that the pigeons would also get killed. At one point Pakshi's aura leaves Vaseegaran's body. The microbots then lead his aura to the signal transmission site, where Pakshi Rajan is eliminated. Vaseegaran recovers in the hospital and tells Vijay Kumar, who comes to see him, that he feels Pakshi Rajan was a virtuous person who became a victim of the corrupt society. He also suggests that everyone should limit the use of phones, and conserve the lives of birds as much as possible. Chitti, now restored to its original version, begins a relationship with Nila, to which Vaseegaran gives his consent. In a post-credits scene, Sana asks Vaseegaran over the phone about the probability of mobile phones flying again. Immediately, Vaseegaran's mobile flies out of his hand and morphs into Kutti 3.0, saying, "I am your grandson".

  • After tiktok ban

  • this film is so imotional...tears rolled down from my eyes😢😢..akshay sir great acting...u r real hero👍

  • Vodafone network tower every hour 😒🙁😢

  • whoa soo exciting

  • Robot 2.0,Baahubali,asi films sirf South Indian film industry bana sakti hai Bollywood walo ki romance or breakup se jyada koi aukat hi nahi hai

  • Ane one 3.0 her friends

    • Hay

  • No1. Wow

  • Bhai picture ka to video bana do

  • Who will win ? Terminator vs chitti

  • Plz upload the full movie plz I beg u

  • Best graphics ever

  • Best

  • 2.2.

  • So gm

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  • Supper hit moovi 2.0

  • 2.0 full movies please yaaar

  • Very nice

  • Bas intezar hai ki kab launch hogi ye film television pe

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