10 Bollywood Actresses Who Received Padma Shri Award

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 23 ਮਈ 2018
10 Bollywood Actresses Who Received Padma Shri Award
1. Helen - Helen was given this prestigious award in 2009
2. Madhuri Dixit Nene - Madhuri was given this award in 2008 for his in films
3. Vidya Balan - Vidya's performance in ‘The Dirty Picture’ was awarded the Padma Shri in the year 2014.
4. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Aishwarya was given this award in 2009 to acknowledge her contribution in the world cinema.
5. Sri Devi - Late Sridevi was achieved this awards in 2013, Proud of you
6. Priyanka Chopra - Contribution in Bollywood and Hollywood, PC has been given this prestigious awards in 2016
7. Sharmila Tagore - Sharmila Tagore received an award for her contribution in 2013
8. Kajol - Kajol won the prestigious awards in 2011
9. Tabu - In 2011 Tabu won the "Padma Shri" Indian Highest Civilian Awards
10. Hema Malini - This gorgeous lady received "Padma Shri" in 2000
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  • Central Government are neglecting the great South indian actress like Revathi ,Saritha, Srividya. They are not lower than these Aishwarya and Kajol. Even they contributed more. Shame on indian government.

  • I love aishwarya rai bachchan mam

  • Why they gave to kajol and vidya balan waste choice

  • Kajol u r the best

  • Absolutely non deserving ladies except 1 or 2.... Won't call them actress....😑

  • Rani kangana miss award his deserved this award

  • where is Rani Mukharjee ?? she is boss of acting ever !!! Queen of Bollywood !!

  • U forgot the queen Kangana Ranaut.

  • 124 dislikers are the poor Rani Mukharjee fans..

  • Madhuri must be then President Pratibha Patil's fev Actress, The way She was looking at her, is a sight of a Fan, Aishwarya with Akshay, Madhuri, Priyanka looked Best but Tabu was the most Polite one for Sure

    • and have to say Pranab Mukherjee is really nice gentleman, he was so very uncomfortable with the batches:))

  • Where is Queen of Bollywood Rani Mukherjee

  • Where is Legendary Jaya Prada

  • Where is kareena?

  • madhuri dixit not desarf this award she acting not will

    • ha.aapko.milne.chahiye.tha.jealious.person.

  • Aishu and kajol yevdhya kay khas nahi padmashri puraskar sathi

  • oya ma india government ka bhan ka phuda ma lund mara ....sala kisi male ko b da do ....yaa phudi shirt hona lazmii ha

  • Whare is jinat Aman

  • kajol ko kyu mila padma shri...aise ghamandi aurat ko...nhi milna chaihai....


  • Aajkal tabaayat ko bhi padmashree milta hai. This is very funny.

  • Deepika,Kangana should be there instead of Aish Madhuri jinhone Halke phulke romance ke Alava Kuch khaas Nahi Kiya screen par.

  • Sridevi should get it back in 1986 when she was Declared the Superstar (the Only female till date)or even much before when Sridevi was Ruling down South as A Female Superstar in Tamil and Telegu .. and also the No.1Star in Malyalam Industry. Sridevi Deserves Bhatrat Ratna for Sure. I do sense what I wrote.

    • Your sense is absolutely right 👍👍👍👍👍👍... She was unique artist. So she deserves Bharat Ratna.......!!!!!!

  • Where is karishma kapoor? 😑😑😑😑😑😑😕😕😕😕😕

  • Kangana ranawnt deserves that 3 time national award winner. All other don't deserve that. Why that kajol and priyanka chopra. Shobana and maju warrier deserves.

  • Madhuri not deserve this award

  • thanks imformision

  • late sridevi mam we all are miss you........😢😢😢😭😭😭

  • Alia & bebo is so tallented

  • Rani mukharji is best

    • Gaand jali na

  • Kajol is very talented and one of my favourite actress 💚💛💚💛💚💛❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Very good beautiful nice congratulations to all peoples of world those who work very well and truly hard 😀🎂🚥⭐🌟💑🎀👍👍

  • Padmashri is not the highest civillian award

  • Kajol 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Vidya balan , aishwarya rai, priyanka chopra, tabu,kajol,hema malini

  • Sbse bekar President pp

  • Already they have the awards of film fare, dada saheb phalke award, nandi award, IIFA, IIFI like. They should not do KABJA on other awards.

  • It has become a fashion to award padma sri, padma bhushan etc. Oe more funniest thing is awarding DOCTORATE to film stars, those who doesn't complete their college education.so many exucationists are there those who are eligible for all these awards. I am from Andhra. One cine actress named Jaya Prada, she has in bollywood films also. When Andhra govt announced DOCTORATE to her, then so many exucationists objected that. Directly they had said that in what way she is eligible to receive the award?? Like that awareness should come among the people and they should QUESTION.

    • Shobana is best south actress . Jaya prada is nothing infront of her. Manju warrier and shobana from south india.

  • Why should any film star is selected for these honourable awards like padma sri and etc????what great job they had done?? For the sake of money they had acted. whatever they do, it is only because they are getting remuneration for that. I request the committee members to have a look on those who are growing food grains, who are doing social service, who are doing their level best to bring the society to come forward. What RESPECTABLE readers, am I wrong?????

    • They are given in the field of arts ..BC itna knowledge toh rakh le..

    • You are absolutely right...... Social reformers are more deserving than these artists..........but these social reformers are also conferred to these honoures...... this video is just about actors....

  • Congrasalutions to you all of you

  • Bohot actresses ko aapne miss Kiya Jaise Rekha Ji Rani Mukherjee Karishma Kapoor

  • Kajol mam u really deserve this award.

  • padma shri is not india 's highest civilian award it is bharat ratna.

  • D youngst actress hu got this award was Ash...😍😍😍😍 ...wow all r so gud😘😘😘

    • NIKITA NAIR C S oh got it 😊😊

    • asad gondal I think both were of age 35 wen they got this awrd..but among 2 Ash got frst..tat wat I meant

    • NIKITA NAIR C S ... no .. vidya is youngest of all

  • next Kangana Ranaut

  • madhuri 🙏

  • Suchitra sen the pride of Bengals who also received this award... Where is her name

  • Rani muiheerjue also deserves this award

  • Congratulations all the actresses mentioned in this video Proud of all 10 of you Jai Hind 🇮🇳🧡💚💕💗🧡💚🇮🇳

  • I don't think kajol nd tabu deserve this award

  • Even our art sir (teacher in kendriya vidhyalaya AFS station yelahanka Bangalore) received Padma Shri award...2 years back...

  • Why film actress n actor need these award , they don't do anything for country but for film industry, these award is belong for those who have done something n died for their country. These awards not belong to the film industry.

  • Great

  • aishwarya and sridevi deserve this award ...😘😍


  • Shame on you you forgot Jaya bhaduri, Durga Khote

  • PC 💓💓💓💓💓

  • Why not Rani Mukherjee?? She did wonderful films

  • Vyjantimala ka kyu nhi dikhaya

  • Rekha g ,Rani and Kangana deserve 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Firstly late Nargisji and Rekhaji is out of this list...secondly I think you cannot compare the body of work of Sharmilaji..Helenji...Sridevi...Madhuri...Tabbu and Kajol with the more recent VidyaBalan..Aishwarya or Priyanka.They should have been given much later coz Padmashri is not a filmfare or a National Award.This again puts the credentials of the Award giving system in our country into question.

    • Well explained, Thank You

  • Deepika next

  • 0.55 sec jst watch there should be "her"instead of "his"

  • Priyanka Chopra omg love you miss universe

    • She is miss world

  • Aise faltuo logo ko award kyu diya jaata hai ...... Mujhe aaj tak samjh nahi aaya

  • Wow..I love and respect all of them.

  • Jaya bachchan won the padma shri right

  • kajol surgery ko kahan dena tha rani deserve it

    • +Hema Kodepaka aaj wo thodi acchhi ho gye ho gye hai Rani toh har film mai gorgeous thi

    • +Hema Kodepaka no aaj woh thodi white ho gaye hai rani toh pirani filmien b gorgeous thi

    • Even kajol deserve it

    • 💖💖💖💖rani and katrina💟💟💟💟

  • Kajol is best

  • Aishwarya Rai n Sridevi👌👌👌👌👍

  • deepika also deserve this...

    • Ruko yar..Itne jaldi nahin milta he..Madhuri,Kajol etc ko 20-25 saal baad mila he,only Aishwarya and Priynka ko 15 saal main mila he.Deepika ko bas 10 saal hue he..wait.

  • black,mardaani,KKHH,mehendietc

  • Rani also deserve

  • what is padma shri?

  • Deepika also deserve

    • Paravathi wil also get,dont worry..

    • +Siddhu she have average acting talented . Did you know about parvaty menon . She is best talented young actress in india.pa-tv.com/tv/ਵੀਡੀਓ-6YBDFWmsd5Q.html

    • May be she will improve and be deserving after some years.

    • +Siddhu she is not deservse that

    • She will get after some years..

  • Where is rekha,raveena ,rani mukher g and karishma kapoor???😑😑😑

    • Rekha ji ko mila he..But he forgot to add.

  • quen kajol

  • kajol love you ppe

  • Why South Indian Actress don't deserve this honours?????? South India had iconic Actress like Savithri, Padmini, Jayalalithaa, Dhevika and so many.... They were never honoured.... Very biased.....

    • Shivasankar Rajendran . Vidya Balan ,Hema Malini are Tamil girls and Sridevi is half tamilian.

    • Mahek Fathima he mentioned telugu actors who worked in all languages and i ll prove that both savitri and svr are most talented than any of bollywood counterparts in acting. Perhaps they’re very weak in lobbying. Hypocrite bollywood is very good at that. We’re accepting that we lost in lobbying when compared to bollywood.

    • Mahek Fathima Bollywood is mafia, sex, illegal affairs, minority appeasement, hypocrisy, and arrogant three khans. Nothing new to be expected. Only few jems who’re keeping bollywood alive.(not khans) Bollywood copies stories songs not only from tollywood from all southern film industries and also bengali bhojpuri oriya also.

    • Savitri is there

    • +Mahek Fathima I am talking about South Indian actresses only from the beginning.... You don't know the difference between Tollywood and South Indian film industries. And simply blabbering from the beginning.... Don't waste others time....

  • Where is Rani ?

    • Aditya ke bedroom..sucking his cock.

  • Thnk god every one has wore nice dress

  • Sridevi deserve Padma Bhushan or more than that. Definitely not only Padmashree

    • I can’t understand y Kajol or tabu or Vidya Balan deserve Padma Shree ? They don’t deserve at all.

    • +Naveen Ravi kumar ....She is biggest actress of all time......No one can match even the feet's level of her............Many narrow minded people of Bollywood & poltics had a lot jealous towards her....because she belonged to south industry.... And in eyes of these narrow minded people how can any actor get so much stardom everywhere........that's why she was conferred with such small honour.....

    • She is lady super star . Not great actress.

  • vidhya balan n prinyanka looking gorgeous

  • Anyone notice that for mahudri it was writen him

    • avneet kaur yeah

  • Rani Mukerji also deserves the award

  • kajol really deserves the award

    • +Naveen Ravi kumar Rekha ko Padamshree mil chuka hai......2010 me.....check history.....

    • +movies fond great khali is only known indian in hungary.

    • +movies fond kajol is average actress . But she doing her best. Still she is not oustanding actress. Dwayne johnson is more famous than denzel washington but who is better?.

    • +movies fond world wide ? Indian celebraties only famous in india. I am living europe. I am born in malayalee indian family from cochin. But i was born in oslo and living budapest. Indians gives more importance to cinema . I am filim making student in here . That's reasons i watched indian films from deferent languages. I could understand hindi, thamil and telungu are trash. especially telungu. Marathi, malayalam and bangali are making good films. especially malayalam. They knows real intention of cinema . That cinemas have theme, acting, good stories, use full massage about present world. Most police films show s great investigation stories .

    • jordan abraham Im a malayalee and I know Malayalam actress very well.Kajol attracted the world wide attention through her movies.

  • Misss rani 😭

    • Gaand jali na

  • India ja gandi dresss baleya no e awrd ni deina chahinda shame that we are indian aise awrd real life mein jo heero hote hai un ke liye ye awrd hote hai

    • Sab ko milta he award, P V Sindhu ko bhi mila he..actresses ko art filed main mila he for their contribution..

    • correct Bro ,really shame

  • Why karisma kapoor and juhi chawala not awarded with padma awards.

  • Sunny leon ko milna chahiye... Saala bakwas video banake dusro k comment like par paisa kamate hai..

  • Manisha koirala also deserves the award. ..she has done great movies

    • Great movies..kya fayda..Most of them are flops..You people won't go to theater and later shout yar she is deserving.

    • yes it is true

    • Ya true..but I think coz of her nationality she hasn't be awarded..

  • Every actresses wear Saadi 👌

    • Not every actress has worn a sari. Tabu has worn a salwar

  • 1. Helen 2. Madhuri dixit 3.vidya balan 4.aishwarya rai bachan 5. Sri devi Ji 6.priyanka chopra 7. Sharmila Tagore 8. Kajol 9. Tabu 10.hema malini

  • in logo ne asa kya kia h Jo inhe Padmashree mil raha hai yeh log toh Paisa Leke videshi company ka Juta at Karti Hoon Padmashree to Rajiv Dixit ko Milna chahiye jhina Ne Desh Ke Liye Apni Jaan gwAdi

  • rekha,juhi,rani,karishma, pretty, deepika also deserve thus award.aishwarya ko bohat attitude hai.

    • Rani ki gand main do thappad na dun main..Award chi..who will give award to that bitch.

    • Depeeka ?! Hahahahaha she is nothing in front of those actresses

    • Bhai har director kehte he Aishwarya is very down to earth,even actresses like Anushka,Deepika,Kangana bhi Aishwarya ki fan he..

    • Dinesh Solanke ....Tho kya puri film industry ko hi de dho award....

  • rekha,juhi,rani,karishma, pretty, deepika also deserve thus award.aishwarya ko bohat attitude hai.

  • Sridevi mam is legend

  • Yes we proud of Sridevi mam

  • Priyanka chopra 👌👌👌

  • they all are beautiful actress

  • helen ko kiyu mila h padmashri koi batayega mujhe plz

    • Aditya Rao kis baat k liye prestigious award ye baat puchi pagal

    • Aditya Rao tu pagal

    • Pagal niche Likha h padhti nhi ho padho