😮😮😮Funny things that looks similar..😱😱😱 /r/Pareidolia/ #23 [REDDIT REVIEW]

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 24 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2018
Things that looks like other things and its epicly funny
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  • 2019 rewatching

  • This same thing happened when I watched pew news the other day. Gloria looks kind of like Poppy!

  • He hit 86 mil!

  • 4:59 Looks like Notch ahahahah

  • Happy Birthday

  • For some reason. I had a boner too felix


  • Goes back through old videos because I’m bored. Gets turned on by old video and pulls out meat scepter.

  • Picture of Pewds=any white guy with a beard

  • I don’t get the Stephen hawking one




  • Pewds beard/goatee is a pareidolia. It looks like Spider-Man.

  • 8:10 l dont see anything

  • The squirrel was the funniest one 😂😂

  • When you have watched this video so much that you know he’s gonna do a hi-five and don’t get trolled.

  • Take off your shoes if you're wearing any. Now look at them and tell me they don't look like they're screaming in agony or fear.

  • Does anyone else here watch the animal super squad ads pewdiepie leaves at the end of his video just to give him watch time?

  • Patagoniaa

  • How tf do you make the yoshi sound so well.

  • 0:25 That voice crack tho

  • i love pewdiehigh

  • This video in 5 words: *"WHY AM I TURNED ON?"*

  • i got a pewdiepie merch ad in the middle of the video 🤣💀

  • Things that look like each other! *T series* l. *Trash*

  • everything turns you on, you are everosexual.

  • 2:52 Dead XD XD

  • I thought you were a Trump supporter

  • OOF

  • Once you've seen the original content, you can't unsee it... If you see it, of course

  • doing a fortnite dance. ride the pony 9:26

  • 1:14 2:30 3:17 3:40 4:35 5:19 5:55 8:14 9:43 welp, i think we all know what happened after the end of this video.

  • The face rolls looks like a toddler climping their dads head.

  • 1:35 The way he says "Well that's a buffalo" Is so cute for some reason 😂

  • happy birthday felix

  • Thing that look a like Pewdiepie. |. Every European ever

  • He has old man hands

  • Have you ever like reverse can’t unsee

  • wait... he has h-heresy on his t-shirt, w-we m-m-must PURGE THE HERETIC

  • I watch all your videos high so it is kinda hilarious yeah haha

  • Nah, that upside down tiger looks like Big Chungus.

  • I'm so turned on guys

  • 5:45 my dad told me my hamster died at that time of the video, can we get some f's in the comments for my hamster AJ

  • Got mafia city add😂

  • 9:12 thats birdbox

  • that tigers chin was Big chungus.

  • You got some weird fetishes

  • Pewds called it a buffalo when it's really an ox

  • Do you mean seal 4:30

  • Someone help me see Steve hawking

  • T-gay

  • Take a shot everytime pewds gets turned on

  • 2.9k libtards got trolled

  • 7:53 the hero we all deserve

  • i have pareidolia lol

  • I didn't smash the like because it wasn't just him.

  • Sub2willne

  • ;)

  • I didn’t like

  • I didn’t understand the Stephen Hawkins one did u?

  • Looks like a squirrel who ate gluten

  • This is how mafia works

  • If he lived in a box he wouldn’t be homeless

  • "pre fap Revelations" lmao

  • *finger circle commited*

  • I got a tuber simulator ad for this video. pewds has finally surpassed the adpocolypse

  • I watched this video a second time and now this video has how mafia works adds on it

  • Meh these adverts for his gay game

  • I just watched an ad for pewdiepies tuber app, does that mean he just payed himself?


  • thank you kanya vary cool

  • Kinda over using the "why does it turn me on" joke here.

  • 6:30 look at my pic

  • Dolan Dark and Grandayy 😂

  • That happy beer belly looks like Woody Herrelson xD

  • A Belqamar Commercial just played giving show out to pewdiepie xD

  • Peak dead inside humor

  • Stooopet!

  • The belly looks like to tony romo (look it up if you don't watch American football)

  • im sorry felix i couldnt smash like as i was also extremely turned on.

  • its not squerl its squirel

  • Patagonia -Pewds

  • I swear I’ve seen this episode before.... is the joke that he’s already posted this before?

  • Yes I'm baked and yes I enjoyed this

  • I fell for the brofist

  • Is it just me or do I look like a trash can?

  • Dude I'm watching this while high and when you said it would be really funny high, that was a true statement

  • Things that are the same T-series ..........and..........💩💩

  • this might be the best video yet! LOL faces everywhere

  • This was a pretty dumb episode but I still enjoyed it.

  • *8===========D~~~~~~~*

  • I’ve now gotten the same ad 7 times in a row

  • Donald trump is a good president if the other candidate got picked she would have closed mines for coal miners that work hard for there money

  • 8:16 Ya ever been turned on by your *sandwich?* Occasionally..

  • I don’t get the Stephen Hawking one

  • It's actually recycle

  • 4:34 big chungus

  • **Shows sh-t** WOW! That looks like T-series !

  • Make more of these please! It was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂😂😂