😮😮😮Funny things that looks similar..😱😱😱 /r/Pareidolia/ #23 [REDDIT REVIEW]

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 24 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2018
Things that looks like other things and its epicly funny
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  • 6:08. That's woody harrelson

  • hey isn't it pewdiepie's birthday on october 24th?

  • this video was uploaded on pewds birthday actually

  • 10:08 what was that quick snippet of song?

  • 4:38 PewDiePie is a furry confirmed.

  • Pewds your making me potent

  • 🇸

  • Said he was turned on one too many times...

  • 8:20 I’m so turned on by that

  • 3:28 looks the punisher symbol on the tree

  • wow! pewds you are soo funny! *clapping* *ironi*

  • Ahaha I was watching this around my grandma and she said “what’s wrong with this man? He is angry!” HAHAHHAHAHAHA


  • Im capman


  • Anyone else go smoke a bowl at 7:03😬?

  • "Who looks at their ?CUP BOARD? like that?"

  • At school I wrote on my white bord with a really dark marker and I said sub to PewDiePie and now the marker won't erase but I'm happy about that

  • Need more of this 😂

  • When he said squirrel cumming, my phone was ag 69% .3.

  • 💩

  • Retard

  • morrrreeeee pareidolia.. :D

  • Just gonna leave this here to remind y'all that he never ate the promised picture...


  • Paradolia like people seeing bigfoot hiding in a bush

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  • holy shiz pewds, 4 ads on this vid, congratz

  • My channal is better than this pie pie

  • That stephen hawking had me in tears damn hahahaha

  • When Felix says Oh God that turns me on *Marcia walks in and sees you looking at lotion in the shape of a cat porn*


  • Happy birthday pewds

  • 9:15 The other ones look like they’re looking at him in aw/terror.

  • I entered vid then left quick to look it up then come back to vid then he all ready look it up for us WTF 😂

  • This is actually so funny

  • Ok so pewds can’t pronounce cupboard

  • -

  • who else got a huge bone from that ham

  • as soon as he started to say “that house is up to no good. or it just smoked some weed..” i busted out laughing so hard. listen, i was baked while watching this video and he just kept on talking saying “if someone where high and watching this it would be hilarious” it definitely was 😂😂😂

  • 6:06 is actually Goatse (sorry)

  • Almost there for 500 million likes

  • 10:08 why are we still here.... just to suffer

  • The back of a Chinook helicopter with it's cargo door open looks like a cute but alltogether bewildered frog.

  • #Rip

  • happy birthday felix

  • The rock one gets me every time

  • Hej Monika hej hej Monika

  • USB-Chan is sooooo tiny!

  • R.I.P Grandayy

  • I did get a college humur add at the end

  • me this december 1

  • Your face looks like 💩💩

  • Happy Birthday PewDudePie

  • Yoshi!

  • your all videos very bad😈

  • Oh no!! USB-chan, you will never be unseen again.

  • Why am i disliked? I didnt even click it

  • 9:32 looks more like jeff the killer

  • Damnn nobody said happy birthday to him

  • I came here after the 2x video and it's going by fast

  • 1:54

  • Don't know why I haven't subscribed before, these videos are hilarious!

  • You dedicate your life to making people laugh. You give yourself to brighten everyone's day. You will always be the king of PA-tv because you are a good person Felix.

  • 6:11 looks like woody harrelson

  • Ah you got me good with the bro fist fake! I face palmed hard. Haha.

  • hello I'm Brazilian I have a channel on PA-tv I'm almost knocking my goal if you can me of a force write if you like and activate the tinkle of the notifications tamo together thanks to all the USA that can help me

  • That thing he did starting at 0:25 , does he watch the Philip DeFranco show?

  • Carrot bout to drop orange justice

  • I TOTALLY fell for that bro fist :|

  • I tried to adopt that puppy. Too late he happily has a home.

  • Best stop it in the f-king world 2:15 , just repeat it several times.... Enjoy

  • 2:28 it’s actually a squirrel nutting

  • 3:38 I also see a happy bearded frog flexing

  • 6:09 Woody Harrelson to be precisely right.

  • im high

  • That voice crack at the beginning tho lmao

  • The joker yogurt looks like the villain from the lego movie

  • One of the coolest *text* hoodies I've ever seen. Go hug a 🌳 today Felix, you earned it.

  • That Grandayy bruh :v

  • This was such a good video, loved it.

  • Pareidolia *Tik Tok | Cancer*

  • rchrrjoihedefikejoejowojwuunwihhiwjwiwijwiiwwjwjkwnjnjwwnuwnuwnuwhkuliubcfuibefch oijhdwexdewnjkuknjqshqgjirgqffipjfqiovedefjielifqewhrlnefuiwrhfqnpidoejfjideqoqreweiwfjifoeefoiqeiqegoirguorrwgupofwrunporepuoqrenuorgopuqrwcpougqpogugqdweqwdepgiowdedwegupodweioneefgpuoiogpegioprfqferrfpgiiofgwrqgiroiojoiojiqwpigogoifeqpgiooqfwegiwqgrogedigdofqwqgwpiofgoirigriqiegroifewgpiogwkgkagfirirgigfogoirgqiogwjrgirhihorigufgr7wihrhguihpourewouggeidweoigedouuoeruhrhriehfjrihorwowefwfe hierguodgwvriiwuegrioefwedeweecdouhodweowdeu

  • Thanos shoo

  • Lol i just notice that felix and i had the same birthday date😆😆 lol

  • I still don't get the Stephen Hawking one, halp

    • Oh Nevermind

  • please do another episode of this i genuinely enjoyed it

  • I’m late but happy birthday

  • I’m high watching this. It’s hilarious.

  • Woah pewdiepie turns 30 next year and I turn 18. Its crazy to think I've been watching him for since them bo1 days

  • Your first video was a Minecraft video

  • I kid you not in the middle of the vid I saw a Motorola ad and the camera looked like a face

  • 2:36 this is it, chief.

  • Trassshhhhhhh , money cant buy lifeeee

  • 0:17 But Dolan dark is better

  • Pewds want A billion likes

  • What do I do if I am turned on too

  • 9:33 for me,that doesn't look like joker, it looks like *Jeff The Killer* ,which makes me not want to open it 😂

  • Mesothelioma

  • Loving the new content Pewds! Keep up the good work!