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Hi Friends
My name is Suneetha and welcome to my youtube channel easy rangoli.
My channel is a good mix of all types of rangoli or kolam designs like dots kolam, freehand kolam, sikku kolam, padi kolam, pulli kolam and many more.
Here you can find 1500+ beautiful and creative rangoli and kolam designs and 30+ playlists for daily practise and for festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka chavithi) , Vijaya dasami (Dusshera), Deepavali or diwali, Sankranthi or Pongal Margazhi.
All the kolams ( muggulu ) are showcased with simple step by step tutorials, Hence it is very easy to redraw the patterns for the viewers
and even for the beginners also.
I feel proud for transfering this ancient Indian rangoli art to the next generations and it gives me utmost job satisfaction whenever I saw
many viewers draw my kolams and post them on other social media platforms.
Please subscribe to my channel easy rangoli for regular updates and leave your comments for better organisation of our channel.